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29 looks just awefull, how to completly revert back to 28?

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I did update to FF 29 and to my horror it just looks awful and makes no sense at all anymore :( Seems somehow FF thinks it's wise to make it look like other browsers :( I did try the "old look"-add on, did try the add-ons to get buttons back on the bottom (which is the most logical place for them), and so on. But the overall look just stays awful :( Until there is an option where I can get the real and logical version 28 layout back, where is a complete version of FF 28 so I can use a logical layout FF browser?

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I think I'll be switching to palemoon too.

This is what my address bar looks now in firefox 29.0: as I'm on this page.


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Thank You mikedeboer for the help !!! Much appreciated!!

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@ Mike I actually do not care that it is some versions behind. For me the most important thing is that a browser works good, that it's use is intuitive. And that is something that is completely 100% is broken with FF29. Even the support page where Mozilla shows how to get the "old look" a bit back doesn't change that.
About the trusted: didn't Mozilla start that way too sometime ago? ;)

But besides this all: FF had a massive community who really did build their internet-use on the FF browser. And with this horrible FF29 look, they feel let down. And I do not blame them. FF got big also because of it's users and now these same users face a layout they were always running away from.

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I also tried the about:config tip to put the tabs back on the bottom where I feel they belong. Problem is that browser.tabs.onTop does not appear in my about:config!

Also I really miss the yellow star that tells me I have already bookmarked the page I'm viewing. Have already bookmarked some web pages for the second time this morning. Now off to download the add-on to make 29 look like 28 and if it does not do the job will try the Pale Moon. FF 29 is not making me happy this morning.

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Thank you. I will give you a screenshot of what FF28 is set to look like for me, where the icons are, and so on. It's a very 90's look, but that was the look I was familiar with before I had my stroke.

In fact, I'll use this screen to do it with.

I hope that's at least a start.

And yes, there are a number of us out there with _cognitive_ disorders who require the same user interface to be used over and over, or we are unable to compensate. It's miserable, and the best we can hope for is for people like you to take the extra time to help us.

Ed Becerra stroke survivor since 1998

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Pale Moon (from the screenshots) is STILL too advanced. I require seperate forward and back buttons, a home button that looks like a house - and is COLORED like one, need to avoid pastel colors (I have problems perceiving them).

In short, in order to be able to use a browser, I need it to look as close as possible to the screenshot I posted. No more, no less. Under the hood changes are okay, but menus, buttons, positions and such MUST remain the same, or I'm unable to see them.

I installed Chrome six (yes, SIX) months ago, and I still cannot use it. My muscle memory is trying to click on all the spots I know from Firefox 2.0 even though they're not there.

SIX MONTHS of training. And I still can't do it.

People are essentially telling me "We know your legs have been amputated, get up and walk anyway! Who needs those silly crutches or wooden legs? Use the POWER OF WILL!"

And it's making me furious.

Just to make the point a little further? For my mail program, I'm still using Eudora. Yep. From the 90's.

Ed Becerra

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I just installed the full version of 28 over 29 and THANK GOD it worked!

I'm back to sanity!

I will stay on 28 and look at other browsers. Been a loyal Firefox user since the beginning. As an IT tech I have firefox installed on thousands of workstations. Will have to rethink what to do for them when they (and they will) start complaining to me.

Well they ruined Thunderbird and now Firefox. Wow... that's all I can say. I'm in shock. If I knew "what" I was upgrading to, I would have turned it down.

Sad day actually because I thought I could always depend on the Firefox to the Chrome alternative.

BTW all my addons now work again!!! Wow... what a mistake Mozilla.

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@ SPTech
Agreed, it is a sad day :(
And there is only one reason I can think of why they did this. The growth of the use of FF as browser was declining. So, they decided to follow the wisdom words: "If you can't fight them, join them.". And they did, resulting in this Chromefox there is now.
And sure, Mozilla is giving all kind of options to alter the lay-out but that can only do so much. The core of FF29 is still there and some key things are ruined completly.
For my info: you did install 28 over the 29 install? No un-install of 29 first? Cause I want to revert back too. Trying and testing the PaleMoon browser as alternative now, but although it handles and looks really good, it has some minor issues which are not working for me.

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Yes @ SPTech. Did you uninstall first or literary just install Firefox 28?

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@ EdBecerra
Sadly, I do not have a solution.
Only thing I can think of, is to install an older version of Firefox that works good for you, that still has the lay-out you can work with. Or can work with just a few add-ons and not the complete overhaul of the overhaul that Mozilla is suggesting. was mentioned here and there you can find all the Firefox versions. Maybe there is a version that suits your needs?
Big disadvantage that is also mentioned, is that these older versions do not have the bug and security fixes. So if you choose an older version, you should be aware of that.

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Pale Moon is currently just third-party builds of the Firefox ESR builds currently based on Firefox 24.0 with the current being 24.5.0 esr source. The ESR releases are targeted more towards Enterprise users in mind and not regular users.

Also meega if you want to be taken seriously you may want to stop calling Firefox 29.0 as Chromefox just because there is some resemblance.

Modifié le par James

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Why? All over the net FF29 and Chrome are compared. In all kind of reviews the resemblance with Chrome is mentioned. So they came up with the term Chromefox which I think is fitting.
About not being taking seriously: I do not care ;) If you see my answers you will see that I am. Maybe not positive at all but serious nevertheless. If my use of the term Chromefox makes me not be taking seriously, so be it :)

Edit: about the reviews.
Most of them do compare the FF29 look with Chrome. That is just a fact. Mozilla made that choice so don't complain now when we/they say/think it looks like Chrome and give it names ;)
But I have to nuance that statement: the same reviews praise the new look, doubting the new look or are just hating the new look. So the opinions about the new look differ greatly on the net. There doesn't seem to be a consensus about it.
But in the same reviews is also comes clear that rather a lot of them think it is strange to first make a complete new look and then make an official Mozilla Support page on how to get the old look back.
So, it's not all negative ;)

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James said: "...if you want to be taken seriously you may want to stop calling Firefox 29.0 as Chromefox just because there is some resemblance. "

Sounding very defensive there, Jimmy. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and LOOKS like duck, then it must be a duck. F29 does NOT walk like FF, sound like FF, or look like FF, so it must NOT be FF. Hey, at least the public is still using "fox" in the COLLOQUIAL term for F29. Hmmm, since there is no "fire" in F29, maybe it could be called "Squibfox"!  :D

At a meeting of my county Grand Jury yesterday, there were complaints about F29, so I passed on the link where FF28 could be downloaded.

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This thread will be closed as it's gone off-topic from the original post.

Moderators: Feel free to re-open if you feel my closing was a mistake/not needed. Thanks

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