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I need to combine 2 sets of bookmarks in one computer. One set was just replaced -- how do I get it back and add it to the second?

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I am combining the contents of 2 computers into one new computer. I did a file transfer from the first, which transferred all of my bookmarks and passwords; when I did a file transfer from the second, it replaced the bookmarks and passwords that had already transferred. I want BOTH sets together as one Bookmark list in my new computer. How do I find the set that has just been replaced and add it to the second transfer?

One last thing -- I can still access the computer from the second transfer, but the first has been wiped clean. I wish I had known that the bookmarks would be replaced before I did the second transfer.

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Keep this in mind, when you are restoring a JSON backup it will replace existing bookmarks (same thing with swapping in a places.sqlite file). When you import in HTML format, those bookmarks will be appended to the existing bookmarks.

I think what you need to do is to recover the backup from just before you attempted to add the second set of bookmarks - hope that Firefox automatically backed them up before you replaced them (very strong probability that was done if you closed Firefox between the two restorations, but if you didn't close and restart Firefox between those actions it may not have happened). That should give you the bookmarks from the first PC that is wiped clean. -

Then do an export into HTML format on the 2nd PC that is still operational. Import that bookmarks.html into the PC you are working on, to add them to the existing bookmarks.
Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks -> Import & Backup - Export HTML... - to a USB stick
Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks -> Import & Backup - Import HTML... - from file on that USB stick

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Thanks for the reply. I just tried it, but, unfortunately, none of the 5 restore points would give me back my previous bookmarks. I'll try one more time, but I think I've just lost them forever. Really frustrating.