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Tab bar to bottom FF33.1.1

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Downloaded the update to FF 33.1.1 only to find the TAB bar is now at the top rather than the bottom under my bookmarks.

Tried the solution I have used in the past... about:config / tabs / browser.tabs.onTop but the 'browser.tabs.onTop' isn't listed for me to be able to change to 'false'

In the past when I have done that the tabs revert to my favoured position but not with the new release of FF 33.1.1.

Can anyone suggest a solution ?

(I do wish that when updating Firefox would not interfere with the users previous settings or if thats too difficult for them, make it easy so you could just 'drag' all the toolbars, tabs bars etc etc into the position you want them)

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more options

That preference has been gone for at least 7 months now.

This extension has an option for tabs not on the top.