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Firefox does not Sync my bookmarks from my PC to my Android Phone (Zombie problem is back again!!!)

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I'm using Firefox 18.0.2 on my several PC's and synch works fine between them. But on my Smasung Note 2 (Android 4.1.2) Firefox could never synched bookmarks from PC. However opened tabs seems to be synchronized from PC to my mobile phone. But none of mbookmay PC rks seems on my Phone. I got no error message after synch operation on my android phone. But no bookmarks synchronized.

All options including Bookmarks selected under what to synch menu. I also tried only to select bookmarks, but helped.

I'm waiting this feature to work during a few months, through different firefox PC and android releases, now as a final hope I'm contacting with you.

My synch usename is buyukbang@gmail.com and I'm using default Firefox server.

I'm sure there is a bug blocking my bookmarks to be synched to my Android Phone , I really want to help Firefox devs to fix these bug.


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I have the same problem. However I think this is more belongs to Samsung ether Android. I moved to Samsung Galaxy from Motorolla (also Android OS). On Motorolla the sync worked perfect. I guess may be some permissions not defined on Samsung Android implementation. I like firefox and want stay with. The sync is really important. Please help!

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I'm using my Samsung Galaxy Note II as rooted, so I don't think it's related with permissions, but after reading your experinece with Samsung and Motorola, I started to suspect Samsung Android implementations.

By the way, I noticed that after uninstalling Firefox from my phone and wiping all settings with Titanium Backup program, then installing Firefox, setting up Synch on my phone again, synch works one or more day, than stops again.

So Synch actually works but only "sometimes" or until it is broken by something and stops until a new clean install???

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Nothing to do - moved to Chrome - works perfect

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I have the Same Problem.

I believe the issue to specifically with Cyanogenmod 10 in relation to firefox.

I am no android specialist but from my new hobby of trying to sync firefox -

Cyanogenmod 10 is the base for the Galaxy Note 2 as well as my Smartq x7. This version of cyanogenmod has sync issues with facebook as well that got included into the manufacturer ROM. It's mostly the ROM fault but maybe mozilla can work around.

Does that help support at all?

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