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User authentication fails while redirecting from IdentityServer4 to website

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Dear Support Team, I am running two websites based on ASP.NET Core: MVC and Identityserver4 as SSO. I am facing the following problem: when I need to authenticate a user on the MVC website, I redirect them to identityserver4, where the user goes through the authentication process and is being redirected back to the original MVC website. Identityserver4 website works correctly. It authenticates users and redirects them back to the original MVC website page by using redirectUrl. Chrome and IE11/Eedge return the MVC website page where a user is authenticated, while Firefox returns the webpage where the user is not authenticated. However, in case I refresh the webpage, Firefox displays that the user is authenticated.

In my opinion, the problem is in the way of how Firefox caches web pages. It just shows me cached webpage after redirect instead displaying a new page where a user is authenticated. I tried to set request headers "Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache" and checked them in fiddler4. Unfortunately, it did not fix the problem. I would appreciate any assistance with this problem.