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Verry big problem when loading certain websites

Hello, I have here a serious very strange problem and I do not know what to do. I'm on Xp here for +15years without any problems sofar that I have not fixed but the time… (read more)


I have here a serious very strange problem and I do not know what to do. I'm on Xp here for +15years without any problems sofar that I have not fixed but the time has come that I have now here a big strange problem. The problem is that when I surf to certain sites is that my browser hangs and I can not load any pages and the wheel keeps on spinning. Then I must close it and FF stays hanging in task manger and so I must close it there as well. This sounds familiar around here a so pose but I have done everything I can that I know off and I know a lot to fix problems. I have done it all and the strange thing know is that it does it with every browser EXCEPT the old Internet explorer on Xp. That seems nothing to worry about it and I can go on browsing like nothing is happen but every other browser hangs. Name them all... I have tried it. Also when I start in safe mode... all the same. It hangs except IE. So it is no program that I have installed or what so ever and I can browse all my pages that I browse and now off and no problems but in a while it hangs with a new site when searching for something etc....

Also I have here every good security program on Xp like Kaspersky, Emsisoft,... and many more on XP (not all of them running off course) but they find nothing so my pc is clean of infection. until now I have found no infections throughout the years that I'm on Xp so this is also not the problem. So what is the problem here? I have also W8 and there is everything fine but here on Xp... I will give the link that I have found today where I can make this error appear very fast and always. This is a little bliss for me because in the past I cannot get this error every time. Some times I thought even that the problem was fixed because I get no problems for a while but now I have found it so make it every time. The link is It is a link that does not work but that is not the problem. The problem is that when I click on this link it stays on loading but never loads but the real headache is that when I want to open other tabs with other sites all the sites does not load. I see it loads for about half and than nothing. It stops and I get to no other pages until I restart the browser. Then is everything fine. I get also no errors in the logs here except the error log of FF.

So If the error is also when in safe mode what can be the problem? I have it with a few websites until know so there must be a connection between the OS, the third party browsers and some sites? I do not know. I have tried also every network program to fix all the things that they can fix but nothing works. I think it is a Xp problem here but the strange thing is that IE is the only browser that not hangs when doing this.

Have anyone a clue what this can be?

Kevin z. from Belgium

Asked by KeZaX 4 years ago

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