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10-12-2023 - for the 118.0.2 update all external links on posts to news articles in facebook are no longer accessible on all WIN 11 systems tested.

Today is 10-12-2023 and as of the last update to Firefox (118.0.2) external news links on posts in Facebook or Facebook messenger no longer work on WIN11pro64 computers a… (funda kabanzi)

Today is 10-12-2023 and as of the last update to Firefox (118.0.2) external news links on posts in Facebook or Facebook messenger no longer work on WIN11pro64 computers as indicated through testing.

There is only an "I beam" indicator and frequently the posted news article links; and images do not appear when using Firefox (however they do appear on other browsers; no issues detected). As noted, this anomaly also applies to Facebook messenger external news links. Based on timing of this update 118.0.2 and the repeatability of the failure on various computers (with WIN11) and the absence of any other changes to all of the computers, all indicators are that this is not a Facebook issue and as nothing else on any of the computers has changed the 118.0.2 has an apparent issue. (In summary this effects every one of the 5 WIN11pro64 computers I have tested with the Firefox update, so far)... the only change to ALL OF THESE DEVICES was and is the Firefox update (118.0.2) .

In addition have tested Firefox and Facebook on 2 additional computers (WIN764pro) - to keep comparative balance; on 1 win7pro64 unit the Firefox app was not updated and on the other win7pro64 system it was updated to 118.0.2.

And after that round of testing the outcome was conclusive - the Facebook external news links work seamlessly and without issues (NO UPDATE TO FIREFOX ON ONE COMPUTER with WIN7pro64 and an UPDATED Firefox (118.0.2) with WIN7pro64 on the other)... both systems worked and the noted failure was not present.

These tests conclusively indicate to us internally that updating the WIN 11 units to 118.0.2 was a mistake.

Additionally for further comparison for this note - with Firefox update 118.0.2 Facebook external news links DO function on Opera and Chrome (for both WIN 7 and WIN11) all computers tested are the original 7 ... I have not tested other browsers for compatibility nor have I tested other computers, as the data seemed conclusive.

NOTE: If you are planning to respond please do not 'guess' (SWAG) at what you randomly speculate the issue(s) might be, as that would be an unproductive use of everyone's time... if you don’t have a proven solution you don’t have a solution, thank you.

If there is someone with knowledge of the 118.0.2 update that can offer an intelligent and proven solution please do so here...

but haphazard proposals of random unrelated experimentation without tested basis...or the concept of incorporating unproven suggestions such as maybe you should "change this" or "reinstall this" or "blah blah" when (I reiterate) the only changes to six (6) of these computers is the update 118.0.2 nothing else the seventh computer has an older version of Firefox and win 7 pro64. 118.0.2 functions correctly with win7pro64 and on Opera and Chrome browsers.

All intelligent proven workable input is appreciated because as of now Firefox for any and all of the WIN11 computers here Firefox has been removed from our approved list; as further failures are unknown.

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