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A website keeps opening when I open Firefox and it is clearly a phishing site. How do I block it?

Since yesterday I've had the following page: https://go.net-dz3.stream/flix/index-en-nflix.html?country=CA&td=www.sundownerstravel.com&br=Firefox&isp=Firefox… (funda kabanzi)

Since yesterday I've had the following page: https://go.net-dz3.stream/flix/index-en-nflix.html?country=CA&td=www.sundownerstravel.com&br=Firefox&isp=Firefox&cep=9n4HnbeZLCdnJzW-ZP5n9O9Iqzt-NCmWCKd5aFIYCQY4sUzYyC7t3YxZP_wiyTniVyKD7G0XeRpJ6Ns-mGsDl8d46hRTsOMT-BdW3cT9Ybj4BBU5mFIN2X6vE3wW3F9d8WZtdGU5sRuLnNKV9E5eOsUbdZJwPPHTgdRml-xfh21zpHWrSADLTSy5mefYFRa_bBfcrXNnuW4k_hqPsaGazSil8cLpPE_nODhBm5OGdoUosRsQGN1nhgszacVIP4qP&2=1975&1=6602932457161360092&3=1975-da8f03az#

open itself as the first page when I open Firefox. (And no it hasn't made itself my automatic home page)

After I closed my browser yesterday, every time I reopened it, it did not open this page, but again this morning upon my first time opening the browser, it opened this page.

Trouble is, I cannot seem to find a way in Firefox to block this page from opening anymore. Is there really no way in Firefox to block a specific page from opening?

Additionally, how is it opening this? I use Norton safe web and it doesn't recognize this page as a phishing site. Not sure where I picked it up but I do a lot of online research for work.

Thanks Tracy

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