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TB won't work with account

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For decades have been using Eudora with PORT 110 SERVER

Verizon wants me to migrate to PORT 995 SERVER

But it won't work for either Eudora or TB 24.5.0 for Macintosh Eudora "fails authentication." TB just keeps "connecting" until it times out

This seems to be a well know problem with Verizon PORT 995 since circa 2009, per Google searching I've done.

BTW how do I activate verbose Task Progress and Error Messages for TB ?

Trying to delete my Saved Password in TB to make sure it was entered correctly, but cannot find out how. THE ANSWER FROM VARIOUS Q/A ON THIS SITE QUOTED BELOW IS WRONG:

THERE IS NO "Tools" choice and using those keys does NOTHING on a Macintosh. Version of TB is 24.5.0

ALSO there are two different "Tools" menus. They have different sub-options. One is the drop-down on the upper tool bar. The other is hidden in that mysterious symbol on the right, having 3 parallel horizontal lines.

>To see what you have saved in Thunderbird go to Tools-Options-Security->Passwords-Saved Passwords > >No Menu Bar with Tools? Press the alt key or F10 to make it appear.

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

I figured out the problem. Those IDIOTS at Verizon gave me a DSL modem that has a FIREWALL which blocks ports 995 and 465. I had to manually edit the firewall script, once I got deep into the modem's interface.

The modem belongs to Verizon. The modem has custom Verizon firmware But they seem to have forgotten it exists.

NONE of the emails for the last 6 months telling me to change my email settings said anything about having to modify my modem.

In half a dozen phone calls to Verizon Tech Support, NOBODY told me about the modem issue.


Hello MattAuSupport -- I got the email notification with your info, but of course, I could not read it until I got TB working... And I see its here but on "page 2" which I never noticed the "page button" to go to...

Funda le mpendulo ngokuhambisana nalesi sihloko 👍 0

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EDIT: there is no "OPTIONS" choice under TOOLS.

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EDIT: also, I have read dozens of answers saying "check your settings" but they are AFAIK as Verizon told me to set them. AND TB automagically sets them up when configuring the new account anyway.

If anyone wants to give me ALL the EXACT settings, I will verify them. The instructions from Verizon are hazy on SSL/TLS and password (clear, encrypted, etc) and thus guessing at TB's use of terms in its option descriptions to match Verizon's intent is a possible source of error.

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That thread is about finding where my password is stored so I can change it. Just in case TB is failing because I entered it wrong.

Which is not the case. I DELETED that account & am trying to create it anew -- but TB keeps saying it fails verification "is my user name or password wrong" which they are NOT since I've tried it 5 times.

Why is Verizon refusing to work with TB?

BTW looks like TB will not save the PW until the account is verified.

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Lets get some things set correctly.

1. Passwords can not be saved for account that do not exist.

2. Disable your anti virus program while setting up accounts. Rebooting into safe mode with Networking is the easiest as anti virus program lie about their status. Apple instructions here

3. Port 995 has been the "standards" port for about 10 years. 110 is for unencrypted mail connections see below (this forum makes a mess of tables)

Default Ports: Server: Authentication: Port: SMTP Server (Outgoing Messages) Non-Encrypted AUTH 25 (or 587)

 	Secure (TLS) 	StartTLS 	587
 	Secure (SSL) 	SSL 	465

POP3 Server (Incoming Messages) Non-Encrypted AUTH 110

 	Secure (SSL) 	SSL 	995

5. Anti virus program have difficulties with encrypted connections (they are hard to snoop and they resort to man in the middle hacking techniques. Hence disabling them per item 2.

6. The Macintosh menu differs from that of Windows as does the menu for Linux. Make yourself familiar with that difference, it will make your life much easier as about 99% of instructions are written for windows (about 80% of users). See,_Linux,_and_Mac basically Tools > options is Thunderbird > preferences on a Mac

7. Thunderbird auto config data base here shows the pop settings as requiring SSL, which is in keeping wioth the port reference.

8. Comcast have a fairly comprehensive how to here

9. Logging can be set up per

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Yes the table is munged. Can you give it to me line by line if I've got it wrong?

Confused that the Outgoing data seems to be presented first. I know that you have to establish the Incoming connection before the Outgoing.

Seems to say that Incoming PORT 995 needs setting "StartTLS" and "Secure SSL" in the TB option settings?

And of course the Outgoing port is Verizon's weird 465.

I believe I have tried that. Also, just noticed that although I have deleted the account from TB -- so there is NO account -- TB is "connecting to pop.verizon .net as I type. Weird behavior, just tying up clock cycles on my computer.

Will create my account again...

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OK, TB's automagic setup chooses "SSL/TLS" instead of "StartTLS." incoming authentication is "autodetect" Outgoing is "Normal Password"

RESULTS: probing server; "failed to find the settings..."

So changing to StartTLS... which causes the Authentication for in & out to change to "autodetect" and the SMTP port to "auto"... Failed again...

Changed SMTP to 465... which seems to cause the SSL option to change to "SSL/TLS"

TB changing things that I did not change is very confusing... Failed again.

HOLD ON --- changing between 995 & 110 causes TB to change the SSL option. choosing StartTLS forces port 110. WTF ???

I CANNOT choose 995 AND StartTLS in TB.

Now even more confused.

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Noticed the munged table seems to be presenting the data in a DIFFERENT ORDER than in the TB entry screen. Here is the automagic fail:

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Well, there was supposed to be an image uploaded. wtf ???

well, Preview shows still no image... but no option to cancel this post....

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POP3 pop.verizon .net 995 SSL/TLS autodetect

SMTP smtp.verizon .net SSL/TLS normal password

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And wtf... why did the message failware munge all my separate lines into two lines ??? how the hell are people supposed to present information with clarity when the board is effed up like that?

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pop.verizon .net

995 S




smtp.verizon .net


normal password


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I have half a dozen notifications from Verizon telling me to migrate to POP and SMTP.

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>2. Disable your anti virus program while setting up accounts.

What anti-virus program??? I'm running a Mac; I don't need one.

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Ask Verizon about the correct server settings and follow their instructions.

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Exactly what I did. Phone tech gave same settings as they did in the numerous emails.

They also say that if I can access the mail via their web interface, that the settings are correct since the web uses those settings. Whatever that actually means other than bullshit to baffle a customer when they don't have a clue themselves...

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Oh, and since they "do not support" TB they have no instructions for how.

I did happen to find a guy who remembers something about Eudora, but even putting in his best recollection it still fails with the new settings.

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Please Macs have had viruses for a while now, hence all these guys selling anti virus products for Mac and Android. Do you need one? I have no idea! but stating " I don't need one I have a mac" is no longer entirely true, and non helpful in this context.

Have you tried Mac Safe mode yet? Have you examined your firewall? Is Thunderbird allowed? Are the ports to be used open?

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My Mac pro friend says I don't need anti virus software. Have more faith in Saint Steve...

The System Prefs / Security / Firewall is ON, but NOT set in Advanced to "block all incoming connections."

Are you saying I need to enter the port numbers to be allowed into that box in the Advanced pane? How ???

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