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Firefox 30 won't start, hangs after closing (Bug1004476)

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Hello, everyone!

I've filed a bug report here: The problem is that after installing Firefox 29 with no profile at all and installing any addon that requires a browser restart (NoScript for e.g.) Firefox restarts OK, but after closing it and trying to open again I get a message: "Firefox is already running". I can see in the Task Manager that there is already Firefox running in the background. I've found several people complaining about this issue. Here: And here:

Thank you in advance

Modified May 13, 2014 11:01:46 PM BST by John99

2nd Update. (Comment by a moderator)
Engineers are working on issues that have been identified.
The known issues are problems with Firefox hanging on closedown resulting in Firefox not restarting unless the hung process is killed.

Workaround ensure Firefox is NOT set to clear History on Close down
Use NewButton New Fx Menu → Preferences → |Privacy| Firefox will: [Remember History v ]
See also my post downthread /questions/997918?page=2#answer-572501 ~J99

 Modified June 5, 2014 12:26:07 AM BST by John99

3rd Update

A fix is now on the Beta Channel Fx30b8 hopefully in a couple of weeks that will be on everyone's Release of Firefox30.

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

Strange, but I cannot reproduce this isssue anymore. Maybe there was something wrong with my profile when I accidentally reproduced it under Firefox 30. I dunno. Really strange.

Well, if it doesn't affect anybody else I think it's time to close this thread.

Funda le mpendulo ngokuhambisana nalesi sihloko 👍 0

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Ok. Not tech savvy, but I am having this problem as well.

Is there another version or patch that will be released soon that will fix this issue?


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Hi SubMariner,

Does your problem stop if you allow Firefox to remember History ?

As you say you are not tech savvy you may as well wait a couple of weeks for the Fx30 Release which with any luck will contain a fix for your problem.

If you want a fix now upgrade to the Beta channel. Note there is no need to uninstall the current Firefox Fx29.0.1 the Beta will install over the top of it but do NOT use any option to remove personal data in the install process or you will destroy bookmarks and passwords.

If you need more help,or if you have a slightly different problem please start your own question.

  1. use /questions/new/desktop
    • Please try to follow the prompts to include full troubleshooting information
  2. Post back here again to mention if you start a new thread.
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Hi John,

By default I do not allow FF to remember any browsing or download history. So I guess my basic answer to this would be "no".

I will wait for the next release & keep my fingers crossed that the issue will be resolved with that version.


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Firefox 30. The browser hang with the option to clear history upon closing. It happened not at once but on the second or third closing. I let Firefox some reasonable time before trying to open it up again. But alas :( P.S. Debian Linux.

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By the way it is confirmed by others and someone has started a new 30 branch bug report here:

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I guess this thread should be also renamed to match version 30 or something like that. Thank you.

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That sounds like bad news you are still having problems ?

There are often reports of hangs. The ones reported and hopefully fixed in Fx 29.91 and Fx30 existed for a few versions.

By all means rename this From Firefox 29 won't start, hangs after closing (Bug1004476) To Firefox 30 won't start, hangs after closing (Bug1004476) (As the thread owner I guess you are able to edit the title of your thread, if not I can do that for you)

In fact if you have a hangs in Firefox 30 and because this thread is getting long and difficult to follow it may be worth starting a new thread. (By asking a new question using /questions/new ) If you do so please

  1. Include full troubleshooting information. Try to follow the prompts, there is a green button to semi automate the process. (That assumes you have a working Firefox when posting the question)
  2. Post back here once you have started a new question and cross link the threads

I presume you still have issues yourself with this hanging in Firefox 30 ?

If that is the case then do you only see this

  • If you set Firefox to clear History when it closes. (It is hoped that problem was fixed in Firefox 30)
  • What happens if you run Firefox as a Windows Administrator
Multiple people report that closing Firefox works fine when run as Admin. 
Hangs on shutdown when run as a normal user. {bug 1023964#c4)
  • Does it run ok in an Administrator account ?

If you are seeing problems maybe file another bug yourself. Try to ensure you give good STR preferably starting from a clean profile in Firefox's safemode with all plugins disabled

As you may have noticed bugs filed need STR or at least a crash signature that is seen very frequently. If not the bugs rarely make any progress the engineers need a problem that can be demonstrated and seen by them before they can work on fixing it.

Possibly you are seeing something different to others now. Maybe you could try crashing the hung Firefox process and trying to generate a crash report, then you can report the Crash ID

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In Windows I'm Administrator. In Linux - normal user of course. That's all I can say. Seems that I can't rename the topic. Please do it for me.

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It is probabaly worth trying to get Firefox to hang on closed own in safe mode and with plugins disabled. If you can do that then use the utility mentioned to crash it and File a bug using the CrashID and link (You may need to log in to your bugzilla account to make the link work properly.) Please post back here on the forum if you do file another bug.

OK Thread title changed to include 30 I was not sure I know question owners can edit their own questions, I was not sure if that included the thread title, apparenltly not. I know edits can produce confusion and there was mention of considering allowing edits for instanc in the first few minutes before other posts were made.

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For other threads on this, there is a way to tie them together in the bug: See Also field please add the link of the thread for more information. As for this bug there is also a mention of disabling the antivirus software, but it looks like there are a few STR, is this correct?

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This particular bug has never really been active or confirmed and is only likely to be ignored or marked as a duplicate. (I do not have bug edit privileges - I have never asked for them). Some related fixes were in Fx29.01 but some are in Fx32. The bug needs someone with reliable STR willing to test with in Fx29 to 32 or mozregression.

The bug does not have confirmed & sufficiently reduced STR. I am not sure the OP has any spare time#c13 for this there is however a quick confirmation step by crashing Firefox whilst it is hung which should enable the engineers to figure out which is the appropriate bug in this case.

Related sumo threads may well have problems seen by question owners that relate to other bugs. Many sumo threads are messy and have multiple posters, and relate to multiple bugs.

It took a while to get good STR for some of the related bugs. In some cases IIRC the problem appeared intermittent or difficult to reproduce. Sometimes

  • seen best if Firefox was set to clear History on close down.
  • it would depend on the addons involved
  • and/or the actions taken prior to close down whether or not a hang would be seen.

There are quite a few related and duplicated bugs with a bit of a dependency web.

I at one time #c14 suggested it be considered a duplicate of bug 970923.

  • 970923 -> Bug 1005487 (+9 marked duplicates) --> depends on
    • Bug 965309 -> Bug 1010784 - Assertion failure when reusing sync XHR in worker. (Fixed Fx30)
    • Bug 1006478 -> Bug 965309 -> (as above )
    • Bug 1008148 - Use AsyncShutdown for PageThumbsStorage.wipe() -> Bug 985655 -> Bug 1014473 - WARNING: At least one completion condition ... (Fixed Fx32)
      • 108148 depends on Bug 985655 -> Bug 1014473 (Fixed in Fx32)

It is now suggested #c17 it may be Bug 1023964 - Shutdown regression Firefox 30 (Firefox is already running, but is not responding)

  • First of all it needs ruling out that it is not one of the above web of bugs or confirming it has the expected crash signature of the new bug.


Let's wait for opinion from guigs2 first of all.

My personal suggestion is that perhaps it may help if you follow the suggestion

And post that crash ID both in this forum and in the both your own and the new bug report.

  • I note bug 102394 has been associated with
    Multiple people report that closing Firefox works fine when run as Admin. Hangs on shutdown when run as a normal user.
  • I did not notice mention of the setting Firefox to clear History causing this.
  • also note associated Signature: @0x0 | __RtlUserThreadStart | _RtlUserThreadStart

If you do not get that particular crash signature it may be worth testing with Fx32 to see if that solves the issue for you. If it helps note it is possible to install Fx32 as an additional Firefox Browser version.

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            • EDIT after rereading this thread, using a new profile is only needed to confirm any new users coming to this thread whether or not they also have the same steps to reproduce or if they need to start a new issue/thread.

Okulungisiwe ngu guigs

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I don't want to jinx myself or sound premature, but so far updating to FF 30 seems to have solved my issue with the browser hanging.

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Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

Strange, but I cannot reproduce this isssue anymore. Maybe there was something wrong with my profile when I accidentally reproduced it under Firefox 30. I dunno. Really strange.

Well, if it doesn't affect anybody else I think it's time to close this thread.

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I will close this thread as you suggest.

It is rather a long thread now and you apparently no longer have the problem using a new profile.

Thanks for your help in investigating this issue. I will mark your last post as the thread solution.

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