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Undo version 29 update

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I intensely dislike the version 29 update and want to restore version 28. How do I do that? Windows 7 laptop

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What don't you like about it? The design? The interface you see in Firefox 29 is a major re-design (first one since Firefox 4) of Firefox's user interface called "Australis." We could argue about the UI similarity between 29 and Chrome but what good would that do? Main point is that Firefox is still way more customizable than Google and way more secure.

If you don't like the new Australis look, you can revert back to the view before Australis using the Classic Theme Restorer addon

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I want the download status bar at the bottom just above the task bar & this version doesn't allow that.

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For the Status-4-Evar extension you should use the 2014.04.27.21 version from

edit: now it is version 2014.05.03.06

Okulungisiwe ngu James

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"We could argue about the UI similarity between 29 and Chrome but what good would that do?" Of course it will not do any good. The idiots who designed the UI thought that the Chrome look was better than the Older FF. However, they forgot to ask the users what they think. I'd bet good money that the majority of the users would say that if they wanted something that looks like Chrome, they would use Chrome. As far as FF being more secure, it is debatable. Besides, what good is secure when it is not usable?

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Since the FF folks will not answer your question here is the link for the US version for FF 28: (Removed link to outdated version) It took some digging but I found it. I read in one post that reverting to the older version will not fix the FF problems, but I know it will fix one major problem: The stupidity of the FF people who think that we would like what they are shoving down our throats. FF is becoming the unpaid version of Microsoft!

Okulungisiwe ngu user633449

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Please don't post links to Firefox 28, it has known security holes. Only Firefox 29 should be used. to change the interface please use

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Are you telling me that Firefox 29 does not have any security holes? Are you willing to go on the record? I have been using FF 28 and I had no problems whatsoever. I guess it was good until yesterday! You guys are a joke. Changing the interface does not bring back the status bar. Instead you have to use an Add-on! I wonder why we need Add-ons for features that keep disappearing every time there is a new FF update! I guess FF must be using ex Microsoft developers!

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I'm not saying that 29 has no security holes ever, I'm saying that it fixes security holes found in 28, and those holes are now publicly released, so you shouldn't use 28 anymore.

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Instead of ranting about how you don't like Firefox 29, why don't you just download 28 and be done with it? You're wasting your time if all you are here to do is complain about 29's UI design. What's done is done. You don't like it, downgrade. I've seen a lot of threads about this and it's like I told you, downgrade if you want to but be known about the risks you're taking as Tyler mentioned above.

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What "jjj11" is trying to convey is that the new design has been forced upon Firefox users and caused a lot of headaches in trying to get it to work how you want it to. the add-in Forecastfox is a prime example. I've spent a couple of wasted hours of my precious life trying to get it to work but all to no avail. It appears on the toolbar but then vanishes after a Firefox restart.

It would be interesting to see how many Firefox users are entirely happy with the new GUI and how many are thinking of changing browsers.

As to your offhand reply to "jjj11", as a "moderator" you should know better or perhaps you should go back to "moderator school" to learn how to deal with people.

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Hi Mildrew, I think ForecastFox is one of the few major extensions that requires the Add-on bar. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can use an extension to re-create the Add-on bar. Either:

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@ raemie
You can revert back to 28, download is here:
See Install an older version of Firefox
But like mentioned here, you should be aware that bug and security fixes that were done with Chromefox (aka Firefox 29) are not there anymore.
Plus I am not sure (yet) if you can install 28 over 29. So it really is all on your own risk when reverting back.

Link to FTP site removed by moderator and replaced with link to related KB article. aw

Okulungisiwe ngu AliceWyman

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I can understand some people's desire for the new UI, and I have no complaints about that. But that's not for everyone.

I'm a FireFox user specifically because of the security and customizability, and the performance (speed). I've got my FireFox working exactly how I'd like to have it work. How often can you say that about other software?

I'd like to have a way for FireFox to use the standard window decorations that come with the host OS. The add in for 'Classic Theme' is good, but doesn't go as far as using the actual standard OS window decorations.

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I agree with eohrnberger-

I am in the camp that says I want nothing to do with 29. Like many others it took me countless hours over the years with each upgrade to get my browser back to working and looking like I wanted it to. I disable and turn off a lot of functions with every upgrade. I spend hours undoing the changes that the programmers here think are a good idea and see what others do.,Mozilla never never asks us what we want, the changes get made and its too bad if we do not want them or hate losing great functions.

The usual excuse is security flaws. But I have used Firefox for many years. I am active on the net and I have never been hacked, I have never had a virus and my computers have never been exploited. Nor have I avert seen any software that fixed security issues that never had more popup. However, this current version upgrade looks like it will be so difficult to get my system back to the happy place it has been for so many years that it is just more than I can handle. It appears it may actually not be possible to do no matter what I try.

The Mozilla folks should understand that the proper way to make these sort of changes is to make it as easy as possible for those of us who want to keep things familiar to do so. As a user I do not give a hoot about the code etc. All that matters to me is that the user interface is easy to use and not overloaded with so many features most people will never use. Think about microwaves. How many people actually use most of the buttons on the control panel.? Most of us push cook or defrost, set the time and push start. We never ever use all the other junk.

So far I see every reason not to upgrade ever again. I watched the video, I read the explanations for being about how I might be able with a big struggle and lots of work almost to get my system back to where it was. Well, no thank you, I decline to upgrade. Moreso than with any upgrade since I downloaded version 3.0, I will simply draw the line here and say when version 28 no longer operates on my system, I will look elsewhere for a new browser. What I will never do is download 29. I just cannot take it.

So, as it has now been for a few years, my setting will remain "Never Check for Updates". This has proved to be one of my most favorite settings on the browser. Please do not take this one away too.

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I wholeheartedly agree with Two tanks....This upgrade farce is so true of many software houses nowadays...Whether the program is free or costs an arm & a leg the developers rush headlong into creating new interfaces which don't need changing in the first place...They take absolutely no notice of how the end user feels but like Governments use "security" as an excuse for show-boating their "skills"...I've been on the web since the beginning and more then likely before these so called developers were trickling down their mothers legs...All we ask is to show some concern for the hard core of users and don't keep trying to pee them off all the time.

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Security is not an excuse, it is a legitimate concern. But it isn't the only reason to upgrade. If you aren't wanting to use Firefox 29, please do switch to another browser. May I suggest Chrome or Opera? Thanks!

Okulungisiwe ngu Moses