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how can I get the tabs back where they belong beneath the address bar , NOT on top ???

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how can I get the tabs back where they belong beneath the address bar , NOT on top ??? they are on top, which puts the address bar at a variable position depending on how many tab rows exist - makes a moving target for navigating to across my dual 24 inch screens I tried your "solution" using about:config and setting or whatever to false, but that had NO effect Maybe because TabMixPlus is installed? It does allow putting the tabs all the way at the bottom, but I don't like that either. PLEASE, give me the address bar at TOP with tabs under that!!!

Also, I don't want FlashGot to be at the right of the address bar!!!

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

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Youcan drag and drop the buttons, navigaton bars, organize as you want, see:

Maybe TabMixPlus not permit that you customize the toolbars, try first with it enable, if doesnt work try with it disable:

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Diego - OK on control-dragging the FlashGot. BUT, I disabled TabMixPlus, but now DESPITE having = false, the tabs are back on top, and only one row with scrolling - so it's worse than ever. What an awful, overly complicated mess Firefox is becoming.

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Use the same method and organize the toolbar.

You can drag and drop the navigation bar above the strip tab

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Can not select/move either the tab strips or the address bar strip

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Firefox 29 features a new interface that makes numerous changes to the toolbar area. One of the changes is that Firefox no longer has a built-in option to move tabs to the bottom of the toolbar area. Someone might be creating an add-on to bring that back.

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Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

You can look at this extension:

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@cor-el: Thank you very much for the link to Classic Theme Restorer Add-On It works great for exactly what I wanted!

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OMG! Why design in something that is totally stupid, with no option to make a sensible design appearance. The tabs should (obviously) be next to the page, not divorced from it by various menu and address bars. Get this idiocy sorted so that either the sensible option can be quickly sorted (and kept with updates) or make the sensible option the default

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When I have the customize feature on, the "hand cursor" (meaning I can move that item) doesn't display over the location box, i.e., I can move everything else above the tabs, to the menu bar, except the location box. How do you move that?

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Hi LeeU, Firefox's built-in customization feature does not allow you to move the other toolbars above the tab bar. There are two ways to place the tab bar below the main toolbar:

(1) Custom style rule. See:

(2) An extension. For example, Classic Theme Restorer. See:

Whoops, I meant to add: "I think you need to move the whole bar.

Okulungisiwe ngu jscher2000

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Thanks, jscher2000. That did it! The tabs are now above the pages and just below the title area, just like it used to be. It's was so simple, no need for an extension!

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why should we use yet another add on to get the tabs back at the bottom? Big mistake. Moreover, why make FF look more like Chrome? If I wanted Chrome, i would have installed it long time ago. FF 29.0 is NOT an improvement. Nasty piece of mud.

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An add-on is NOT appreciated... Period Why doesn't FF ask their users what they like/dislike before making huge changes. Why isn't their an option to toggle the tabs on top or bottom? shouldn't be such a big deal for them to get it right,huh?

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event tried to fix it in about:config - the option "browser.tabs.onTop" is there, but it doesn't WORK... is that cr@ppy or what?

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Hi sherlizz, a lot of user testing went into the changes, but obviously people do not all agree on the best layout.

Sure, it would be ideal to continue to retain 100% flexibility in Firefox, but every option adds to the amount of testing and fixes as other things change around them. Mozilla is a small, not-for-profit organization with a big mission and has to make tough resource prioritization calls.

So tabs on the bottom, which was the pre-2010 style that many users have stuck with, now require a custom style rule or extension to implement. The sky is not falling. Support volunteers have stepped up to show the way, and add-on authors have brought us a choice of different solutions.

Which is part of the point: the global Mozilla community is much bigger than the product team, and the advantage of software designed for openness is that if a door closes, someone (often more than one person) will open a new one.

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Hi sherlizz, you wrote:

event tried to fix it in about:config - the option "browser.tabs.onTop" is there, but it doesn't WORK...

Old preferences you previously customized may linger in about:config even after they stop working. If you right-click the preference and choose Reset, eventually Firefox will delete it.

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What galls so much is that v29 is marketed with the proclamation: "Don't like the default arrangement? It's easy to customize." But, as this thread shows, this is NOT TRUE.

Maybe the programmers have wanted to simplify matters. But why chose a perverse, illogical standard layout, not now a default but how 99% of FF users will use the browser? Of the 3 tab positions, (a) above address bar, (b) top of page, below address(etc) bar and (c) bottom of page, (b) and (c) are logical, (a), the chosen one, is perverse. Why on earth was it chosen? Clearly not as a result of (to quote) "a lot of user testing went into the changes"

I trust these concerns are being passed on to the people who can actually implement remedial actions! Poor show if, as suggested, it's in an attempt to keep up with Chrome!

Which confuses me. According to prior instructions, the deference to Chrome goes as far as naming a system file userChrome.css Is this evidence of infatuation of the rival system?

Okulungisiwe ngu henryfm

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Hi henryfm, Firefox changed to tabs on top years ago when Firefox 4 was released. Everything that could be said about it, profound or profane, likely was already said. The question now is whether Mozilla should take resources away from other projects to maintain this option. If it's important to you, make your voice heard on the input site. Either:

Regarding the userChrome.css, file, which is in a chrome folder, why do you think this has any connection to Google? It long predates Google hatching the idea of its own browser. It even predates Firefox, going back to its precursor, the Mozilla suite in 2001. (Maybe perhaps further than that.) Since chrome means the part of the browser outside of the page itself, it certainly was a logical choice for Google to use, but they didn't invent the word, any more than Microsoft invented the word windows.

That of course is neither here nor there. This is tech support. Let's focus on the product in front of us and what you can do with it today.

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If they don't fix it it's outta here. My god it is horrible, everything about it is awful, faded tabs, tabs on top of the address bar - which is the real kick in the balls problem, along with a myriad of other annoyances too numerous to mention.

In the meantime I'm going back to 28 and to hell with this version. Why do they always screw up a perfectly great app? They seem to be following Google in that regard, they keep buggering their own stuff up as well.

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