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Mozilla-Windows vista severe CRASHINGS

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  • Igcine ukuphendulwa ngu AliceWyman

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I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!! IT KEEPS CRASHING ALL THE TIME!! ALL THE SECONDS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! it all started with SEVERE crashings of the Adobe Flash and the Mozilla always crashed...also with the Shockwave.... the Mozilla keeps NOT RESPONDING either its Google,facebook or other report.

 I UNISTALLED flash,shockwave,google etc!!!! reinstalled !!! nothing.... defragments and all the TuneUp utilities stuff Antimalwares etc...... UNISTALLED PROGRAMMS etc..
well.... what to do?....    my OS is Total:232 GB
                                                       fREE space:144 GB

i cant even type properly.... cause its... Crashhh.........

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Hi Calculius, With Vista it seems the only way to use Firefox is in SAFE Mode. Even though Mozilla Firefox 'Getting Started' page (and other pages) says that SAFE Mode for Firefox is 'nothing to do with Windows Safe Mode' that is an unhelpful self-contradiction. Re-boot your computer or re-start it by selecting Safe Mode with Networking. I am using Vista and this is the only way I get anything like normal internet browsing, email etc (fast typing) possibility.. Try it & let me know. Thanks and good luck,

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^ that's a bunch of foolishness. Firefox works fine with Windows Vista for most users!

We're sorry to hear that Firefox is crashing. In order to assist you better, please follow the steps below to provide us crash IDs to help us learn more about your crash.

  1. Enter about:crashes in the Firefox address bar and press Enter. A Submitted Crash Reports list will appear, similar to the one shown below.
  2. Copy the 5 most recent Report IDs that start with bp- and paste them into your response here.


Thank you for your help!

More information and further troubleshooting steps can be found in the Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly) article.

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sure,Im about to do what you recommend. Although i believe its sth "more major" concerning my PC not only with Firefox but it started (and continues...) with multiples over and over again crashes of the Flash Player and with the Firefox 'not responding',also this happened a lot with Shockwave.

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ive tried the Safe Mode,Nth happened of course,nth more "neat" in the usage.. it kept Crashing the same "slow" way... i'll try it again!!. Thanks!! i'll keep you updated.

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maybe its a bug or sth.... or my hardware.. or my internet connection(?) HERE ARE THE PASTED bp's- from 24th - 28th of December--------------------->

bp-78a0ccbd-65a0-4d32-89eb-9332d2131228 28/12/2013 3:09 μμ
bp-e251014f-e29f-458e-a735-610aa2131228 28/12/2013 3:09 μμ
bp-d56a37eb-314b-4344-98f3-a9e8b2131228 28/12/2013 3:09 μμ
bp-f0572205-bb0d-4824-8f7f-b040e2131228 28/12/2013 3:09 μμ
bp-8b2240bc-0fe5-4826-a9cd-12aea2131228 28/12/2013 3:07 μμ
bp-a0cfeb15-b96e-4442-8255-604ea2131228 28/12/2013 3:05 μμ
bp-8fdc743f-df16-43dc-9bf0-5cb5b2131228 28/12/2013 3:03 μμ
bp-949a646c-ee77-4d24-b366-d7c602131228 28/12/2013 3:00 μμ
bp-09c593c8-c493-4b35-b94e-1b0652131228 28/12/2013 6:16 πμ
bp-5a304bed-8fde-4c28-af6b-ffe4e2131228 27/12/2013 4:21 μμ
bp-b48c5cc5-b123-4137-8057-3ed5e2131228 27/12/2013 4:20 μμ
bp-44275249-4bec-406b-b6a3-c28c52131228 27/12/2013 2:00 μμ
bp-662d4f24-6766-4dfb-9449-a256f2131228 27/12/2013 1:28 μμ
bp-47eb4743-0ef5-4010-8b31-177752131228 27/12/2013 1:23 μμ
bp-5dc5ff0c-8edd-4d9a-bcfd-4bbf62131228 26/12/2013 10:31 μμ
bp-cab6949c-f754-4373-a9ee-2fe542131228 26/12/2013 8:08 πμ
bp-e3e2f135-0f25-4b7a-837b-dbdea2131228 25/12/2013 10:20 μμ
bp-62d58636-aa6f-458d-8347-3e32c2131228 25/12/2013 10:08 μμ
bp-290a0b0c-e227-488b-a087-2c4ab2131228 25/12/2013 10:07μμ
bp-f965ecad-d286-4100-a0bb-e1b0b2131228 25/12/2013 9:33 μμ
bp-6a1a44f4-f7b7-41b9-b441-43fe52131228 25/12/2013 8:45 μμ
bp-68f50cef-a092-4852-832c-ac6052131228 25/12/2013 8:12 μμ
bp-bcb15bea-12f9-4661-9655-f12b12131228 25/12/2013 6:59 μμ
bp-fc768faa-cec4-482c-ba89-80de22131228 25/12/2013 2:55 μμ
bp-fb994f8d-4c28-48d7-9e27-0ae352131228 25/12/2013 1:08 πμ
bp-dabe5239-eb72-4a99-b510-cbcee2131228 25/12/2013 1:04 πμ
bp-7712d881-48d8-4bf5-9a35-783862131228 24/12/2013 11:10 μμ
bp-5100f7cd-5ffe-4728-9495-97dc72131228 24/12/2013 10:24 μμ
bp-cd22669a-e6f8-4bcc-904c-cb17a2131228 24/12/2013 10:23 μμ
bp-b4477207-e5f9-493c-8734-7b6e22131228 24/12/2013 4:35 μμ
bp-dcd88a3d-77dd-4f9d-bd21-5b2d92131228 24/12/2013 3:50 μμ
bp-c1d9917e-3541-4aac-a294-4d3502131228 24/12/2013 1:24 πμ

Okulungisiwe ngu cor-el

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Apparently those crashes are related to the Adobe Flash plugin.

See this support article, read the paragraph titled Disable hardware acceleration in Flash

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ill check it out and see what happens.

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@CALCULIUS You might want to try some alternative methods that you wont find on here.

I composed a blog concerning this with all the documentation . These are click and fix solutions that I have had success with. Feel free to check them out:

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nOTHING was improved concerning my problem.
What happened those days of absence.......
INSTANTLY after dsabling the Hardware Acceleration...the PC from malfunction started to functioning..... but...after some hours it started over again the same things. 

In the 1st of January now,when i opened my PC it started working a bit better again,but...... till the time im writing these...the Flash KEEPS crashing over and over again,but not in the same tempo i must admit. i'll paste the last five last crashing reports in a following reply.

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i m checking your reply.Thanks!

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@CALCULIUS did you try my link?

Try to disable the plugin-container.exe , that might help you.

Best Regards

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ILL TRY IT!!,when i got some time,cause this thing HAS EXHAUSTED ME.Ill keep you informed.

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You may wish to try disabling Flash Players protected mode. The recommended method as posted by Adobe themselves is to edit one of the configuration files.


  • if you try a BAT method promoted elsewhere will you be able to reverse the change ??
    Probably not (Unless you are already capable of using the manual edit method).
    So that may not be a wise move !!
  • Plugin Container
    My understanding is we stopped promoting the suggestion to disable this because
    1. Firefox is then likely to crash itself, rather than just the FlashPlugin
    2. Adobe now only supports Flash as running in the Plugin Container
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We are eager to investigate any reproducible successes and

  • File bugs if it helps to get fixes or investigations.
  • Promote your ideas more widely; if we see any evidence of the method working reproducibly.
 These are click and fix solutions that I have had success with.

Are you able to document at least one instance where your prefetch fix can be show to prevent Flash Player related Crashes. Giving details of the situation prior to trying that, including

  • The Steps needed To Reproduce or observe the crash (STR)
  • The Crash IDs generated.
  • Confirmation that the STR now do not result in a Crash.
    (For comparison after the event it may be of interest to induce a crash on the same now trouble free system by using an add-on & post those IDs)

You did ask oops some of us to test your methods, but we were not the ones experiencing the crashes. We can not test if we can not reproduce the crashes.

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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N.B. I tagged thread as escalate and off topic, as trying to obtain confirmation of an example of the prefetch solution method in use.

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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@ John,

As far as the BAT file goes, in my blog postings i DO refer to the manual methods in the adobe forum and in these forums as well... DID you Read the blog?

Secondly, I don't seem to recall any instances where we ENABLE protected mode back again? IF so please site the url

Thirdly related to the bat file, is i created a VIDEO tutorial concerning this method, and in there are details of what it actually does, which is much more detailed then a set of instructions.

As far as disabling the plugin-container.exe and doing prefetch files deletions. You ONCE again might want to look at my blog, as i posted at least 3 urls from this forum where people have had success with either deleting the prefetch files, or disabling plugin container.

There are also listed some users who i listed in helping tested with my methods, those are the persons i have successfully helped via a PM, so feel free to reach out to them. ONCE AGAIN its all a matter of looking at what i posted in my blog.

IF you take some time to look into my methods, you will see that there something in common between deleting certain prefetch files and disabling the plugin-container.exe . I'm not giving you the answer since you don't believe in my methodology because you don't understand why it works, that's why until now i have ignored certain posts.

All my experiences are in my blog, and i do say in my blog that " this fix will NOT work for everyone " which i do not really see ANYONE in here with the sac to say.

I provided a radically different approach for users to attack this matter vs the commonly canned responses. Why would we keep having users jumping through hoops trying all these things when clearly here is a BIGGER issue here that we seem to be ignoring.

As far as trying to understand why my methods work, i am not going to try to reverse engineer Mozilla Firefox, just like you are unable to provide a reason why certain things resolve end users machines.

Unfortunately i believe i have provided too much information here as it is so please make sure you take some time to read the information within the blog first before stating there are no examples of my methods not working. I last added those links about 5 days ago


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I am in the middle of something else and can not answer your comments all at once but will make a start.

As far as the BAT file goes, in my blog postings i DO refer to the manual methods in the adobe forum and in these forums as well... DID you Read the blog?
Secondly, I don't seem to recall any instances where we ENABLE protected mode back again? IF so please site the url 

I am not saying you did not mention the manual methods. I am only pointing out that if a user must use a BAT and it is not able to follow the manual method they are then stuck with protected mode disabled.

As to re enabling protected mode the clues are in the Adobe post. (My underlining, but bold is Adobe's own emphasis.)

 .... or temporarily disable Protected Mode.  We strongly recommend that Protected Mode is manually enabled once this issue is resolved.
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@Carm I MUST INFORM U THAT I DISABLED the plugin-container.exe and the whole system GET WORSED day by day actually.Today Im in hte part of "completely destruction " maybe.The PC needs 'thermonuclear energy' to move.

  Can you show me how to enable it?
Ill chechk the things @john99 is showing.
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For test and troubleshooting purposes I wonder if you would be able to try

  1. Creating a new profile.
  2. Run that in Firefox's safemode.
    (Note that is one method of following Ed's' (advice) to disable hardware acceleration.)
  3. Disable all plugins except FlashPlayer
    • And a hunch: Ensure in particular Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape
    • Have you any need or use for Shockwave Director ??

I am aware that using a new Firefox profiles is not the easiest of things to do but then your problem is one where easy solutions have not; so far; helped.

I did explain (above) that disabling the plugin container may not be a good idea & I see doing that made things WORSE .

Using multiple profiles is not something we shout about on this forum. It is I think considered too advanced. It does have some dangers in that you may accidentally delete profiles for instance. It is however possible to manually backup profiles, and that may be a good precaution to take. I would also strongly suggest that you follow this good practice (At least until you are proficient enough to manually recreate and modify profiles)

  1. Normally use the locations suggested by Firefox
    It is easier and safer
    • Always use an empty folder
      Other contents disappear when the profile is removed
    • Never nest profiles within each other
      As above,delete mother, lose child also
  2. Do not rename profiles
    Confusing, profile names and folder names mismatch
  3. Do not delete profiles
    Just remove shortcuts if not in use. Delete the wrong one and you lose settings, passwords & bookmarks etc

Uses of multiple profiles include

  • Testing, with clean or temporary profiles
  • Different users, or different work type within the same OS account. That may include different bookmarks files &/or a different set of addons.
  • Running multiple Firefox versions &/or multiple instances of Firefox simultaneously.

There are other methods of creating profiles but the best is probably to use Firefox's built-in profile manager.

Read up some of the articles, and if you want to try anything and are unsure post back.

edit made link to Eds post

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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@john99 Im about this moment to try the RESET FIREFOX.

Im studying the thing with the "profile". And Ill keep you informed.

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