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Lolu chungechunge lwavalwa lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

get rid of in tab

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dont know how but i have coming on each time i click on a tab, and not my home page, i cant find anything anywhere for and want to get rid of it, how do i do this

dont know how but i have coming on each time i click on a tab, and not my home page, i cant find anything anywhere for and want to get rid of it, how do i do this

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This extension will reset the NewTab page to the default - about:newtab, which isn't your selected homepage.

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Thank You Ed~! This worked for me, 1) change option for startup page. Don't miss the pipe | 2) remove program with Windows 8.1 remove utility. 3) ("")

I wonder if these abusive contractors ever survive the market indefinitely...~?

Okulungisiwe ngu Liberty Felix

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You can remove it manually. (Link removed ~J99)

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Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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Hi guys

We've had feedback from our user community that the browser tab setting, and the fact it wasn't being reset upon uninstallation, was annoying. It's being rectified in the next release due soon.

There is no need for anyone to pay services like those promoted on the link above, when our uninstaller and free support will provide complete removal. The claims made on that link are ridiculous and we'll take this up with the author.

Our support team are here to help anyone with issues.

Merry Christmas to all and respect to you for your provision of free support.

Many thanks Oscar OutfoxTV Support e:

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Oscar - OutfoxTV Support,

While we appreciate you weighing-in in this support forum, what right does the Outfox.TV application have in changing something like the users NewTab page to begin with?
An action like that is either abusive or malicious.

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Hi The-Edmeister

We didn't view the new tab idea as either abusive or malicious, and our initial small test user group didn't have an issue with it.

However as we've rolled out to more users, it obviously isn't a feature many people want in their day to day browsing. We're fixing it, and fixing the issues with the uninstaller which previously didn't properly restore the browser to its original state. We've helped anyone who's contacted our support team to revert their system to the pre-installation state regardless.

We appreciate your point of view. The next release will be a smoother experience and easier to both use and uninstall if needed.

Regards Oscar

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Thanks for your clarification about OutfoxTV's planned changes. Sorry if I came on too strong about add-ons changing users preferences, but with the number of support requests I see daily in this forum over that issue, it's a sensitive point for me.

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I don't know as I recognize's efforts as I was totally unable to reach any support venue of theirs.

I'm afraid my view on them will begin as malicious and intrusive. ...added to my already negative view of broadcast programming. sigh

Let me clarify~! It's called trespass. And the partners that infected me, are guilty of 'bait and switch'~!

Okulungisiwe ngu Liberty Felix

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How about full disclosure so I know which recent downloads need to be scrapped~? Or am I going to have to risk going through removal again~?

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Thanks The-Edmeister - having now spent some time in customer support I empathize with how you'd feel on this issue!

Libertyfelix, unsure if your comment is directed at us? The OutfoxTV version in testing now successfully removes all program components and returns all browser settings to their original state, upon uninstall, so it should be very simple.

Please feel free to email, we've responded with help for anyone who's contacted us, including through this Xmas holiday period. We're only in beta phase but will be setting up support forums and more comprehensive online help. In the meantime, we're only an email away.

Thank you, Oscar, OutfoxTV Support

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I'm not sure why I'd invite you back into my home after the initial trespass.

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Im wondering how this even got onto my computer. I never asked for this and suddenly its on my desktop, it installed onto my computer when i was asleep!! I actually had to go back thru my history to find out when it happened.

Signed up to Mozilla support just cause of this issue. i dont ever want this on my computer again.

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sorry but that is just not possible. Our program is bundled with other software programs but always offered with either opt-in or opt-out functionality per typical rules/standards. There is no possibility it was installed 'when you were asleep' unless you were sleeping through installation of a software package you initiated.

If you don't want our program on your computer again, it's a simple case of just not installing it. There is no way you will receive our application unless it's by a manual approval process on the PC in question.

If you believe you received it in any other way, please email, or post the detail here, and we will deal with it swiftly.

Thanks Carl OutfoxTV

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I'm also currently infected with the conglomeration of malware, junkware, virus types, etc. of which was installed. It was with the program "BetterDesktopTool". I was waiting for a "next step" of the installation process where I could see and opt-out of any malware, but it did not give the option, and along with "Conduit Search" were installed before I could opt-out. These were also OpenCandy pieces, another famous associated malware, along with some music malware which I successfully removed right away and forgot the name, maybe sweettunes?

This malware group changes the browser search, adds add-ons/extensions, changes start page, new tab page, for all three of IE, Firefox, and Chrome. It installs a program or two which you can uninstall with Windows' Uninstall Program feature, but this does not remove the infection. You can correct the browser search, start page, and new tab page. And you can go into about:config and search for these words and reset everything you find infected there. It infects the registry, adds startup programs and hidden name programs in msconfig, etc.

Microsoft Security Essentials fails to find anything. Malwarebytes does find some of it and remove some of it. JunkwareRemovalTool finds and removes some of it. I can boot into a Linux partition, use Malwarebytes to scan my Windows 7 partition and it finds even more deeply infected malware/virus bits of Outfox/Opencandy/Conduit which can then be deleted. HOWEVER, this still does not remove all bits, and on every reboot, the new browser tab of Firefox gets reinfected with, despite removing every trace from my deep search. On my employer's PCs, this is so difficult to deal with that they have to reimage every PC that gets this infection.

I hope they don't have the ability to monitor all my activity, log into this account, and remove this post, but remember this if it disappears.

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@CarltonH, your helpful answer has some of the hallmarks of the IT support websites that tout for business claiming to have found malware that doesn't exist. The Google search results are being spammed by one or two of these , because if the repeat the same BS often enough, they can cause widespread panic. Use enough scary sensationalist language and people will freak out and pay a fee for their 'support'. Ironic, because in this case the developers of the software they are making false claims about offer the same support absolutely free of charge.

"I hope they don't have the ability to monitor all my activity, log into this account, and remove this post, but remember this if it disappears."

- of course OutfoxTV doesn't have the ability to monitor your activity.  YOU UNINSTALLED OUR SOFTWARE.  IT CONTAINS NO MALICIOUS CODE. The only way your post here will disappear is if you or a moderator deletes it.

"HOWEVER, this still does not remove all bits, and on every reboot, the new browser tab of Firefox gets reinfected with, despite removing every trace from my deep search." - this is a problem in the beta release of our software. The new tab setting in Firefox was a feature we used and seemed ok in internal testing, but as we started receiving wider user feedback, people didn't like it. This has been fixed in the next release, our site will no longer be set in the new tab. IN THE MEANTIME, if you have uninstalled the software, it is as simple as changing the setting in Firefox - it's just a left-over setting, not a 'deep infection'.

As offered regularly, anyone having any issues can email for free assistance removing our program and restoring browser settings.

NO NEED TO PANIC !!!!!!!!!! Really!

Regards Carl OutfoxTV Support

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Gee Carl and Oscar. I will corroborate the fact that some of your partners did in fact have downloads that suggested we would be given opt out positions as the download was configured, but in fact did not.

You see. Many of us are serial victims of these types of abuse. And we really are pretty competent in watching to prevent crap from downloading onto our machines.

You talk like we're all innocent or something.....

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@libertyfelix - if you can provide an example of an install service that did not provide the opportunity to at least opt-out, we will take it up with them. We only have a small number of distributors and we have tested each of them anonymously and all has been ok.

When you received the success message for installing or uninstalling you should have seen a referrer ID ... if by chance you know what that ID was, we will investigate the issue urgently. At this stage we have not seen one proven case of an install that wasn't offered either opt-in or opt-out, but a number of cases where people have rushed through installations and clicked repeatedly without reading.

We understand the browser settings have annoyed people - but OutfoxTV is going to be a good free TV service and we think it's reasonable to have an initial install opening in the web browser provided our Terms of Use are/were agreed to. What hasn't gone to plan is the restoring of past browser settings when someone uninstalls - and we're onto that and fixing it in a release due in a few days.

I don't have an issue with being taken to task for things that haven't worked well and to take responsibility for fixing things. We want to build a great product.

What I do object to is people with a single-post in a trusting community being allowed to post absolute rubbish like raising the possibility we would "log into their account and monitor all their posts" here. That's just inflammatory and libelous.

Anyway, we stand by our commitment we're here to help and continue to improve our product so it pleases end users and adds to their online entertainment, rather than causing usability problems.

Thanks Carl e:

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Intresting discussion... Outfox, I installed your program on virtual machine and sometimes it's really annoying :) Full removal guide of this program is available here Also, there is additional info about registry keys and folders (in description to the video) created by outfox :P

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lol Oscar, your 'program' is a piece of sh*t. You honestly believe people will let your product abuse them with an automatically playing video ad 'every single' time they open a new tab?? At the very least the ad should be set to rollover to play, not to play automatically.

To anyone considering this program, don't. Unless you like an ad playing every single time you open a new browser page. The program wouldn't even work for me on a brand new machine. Go figure.

To Oscar, creating a product with a major bug like not resetting the browser start page upon uninstall has cost you dearly. Anyone who used your product initially most likely will never return. And changing the start up page in a backend way is certainly not going to win you any fans.

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@magnatolia, as discussed at some length, the issue with the new tab setting has been fixed. So has the issue with the uninstaller. The new version of Outfox.TV does not display the website when a new tab is opened, and restores all browser settings on uninstall.

Once using the website, ads play at the start of programs and then (very seldom) while viewing online shows. There are way, way less ads than broadcast TV alternatives out there. Of course we have to show some ads, but they're quite limited, intentionally.

Thanks for your product feedback. We already have a large community of users enjoying the product as far as we've got it to date, and we're continually improving it. We don't view this as a cost, just learning.

As they say, haters gonna hate, but we're going to keep trying to build the best possible online TV experience.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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