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GPS malfunction after official update of ZTE Open to FFOS 1.1

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I have an ebay-bought ZTE Open. Before the recently released upgrade to Firefox OS 1.1, geolocation (in HereMaps, zMaps, etc) was working perfectly: very fast, and with a very small error. After the upgrade, geolocation locks in the wrong position and has a huge error circle. I've tried different GPS-using applications, being outside for a long time, and rebooting the phone but the problem persists. I know of, at least, one other person with exactly the same problem.

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Yeah, the GPS puts me into northern Kansas, Lat. 39.691, Long. -98.5968

The coordinates should be: lat. 42.191, Long. -122.700

Approximately, at least.

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Hi, can anyone file a bug with logs reproducing this and add it to the bugzilla bug below:

Steps to capture a log on a ZTE Open:

  1. Navigate to device info
  2. Take note of the build id and the version and attach that
  3. Please tap on Developer and tap on debugging mode
  4. Please open a terminal or command prompt and type adb logcat > text.txt or adb logcat
  5. when you see "Waiting for Device" you know it worked once you see logs in the text file or in the terminal/prompt

If you could add the steps that were taken while you produced the logs as well this will be really helpful. We really appreciate you taking the time to collect this information. I know that this can be somewhat time consuming, but it will help me to identify you issue quickly.

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I'd be more than happy to help, but you lost me at step 4. How do I open a terminal or command prompt on my phone? Sorry, I just don't know.

The steps I took are pretty straightforward. I installed v1.1, I turned on Geolocation. I started the "HERE Maps" app. It asked to use my location. I allowed that. It put my location in northern Kansas rather than southern Oregon.

Then I downloaded the app "Your Location" to check. It placed me in the same spot.

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I believe rmcguigan meant a terminal in your computer, but you will need to have Linux and adb (android development bridge)... I don't know if there's any Windows/Mac alternative for that.

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There are Android SDK libraries for Mac and Windows, MDN has the link to here from the Flashing phone page:

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I'm sorry. I'm not a programmer. I don't know how to do what you describe and get the information.

The bugzilla page you linked to is about preinstalled apps. I don't think it's a problem of the Here Maps app. I installed a different app from the market place that records the current location and it gave me the same incorrect location in northern Kansas. That leads me to think that something has changed in the way the OS get the data from the GPS unit. Both the Here Maps app and the location app used to be correct before the upgrade to v1.1

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I have an update to the GPS problem. I tried to track my location at various places using the "Your Location" app. At times the location was correct, proper long and lat. But then just a couple of minutes later, the location would be wrong. Here's the important bit: the wrong location was always the same no matter where I was.

Here's the info for the wrong location:

Lat: 39.619446 Long: -98.596802 Accuracy: 4900000 Altitude Accuracy: 4900000

The app usually displays the altitude, but doesn't when it get incorrect information.

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A file needs to get adjusted to the correct configuration for the GPS to work correctly. See:

Unfortunately, some phones got released with the wrong configuration.

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I believe the preferences are in the user.js file to put you all in the right direction.

In the Firefox Simulator- it is in the profile folder for curious developers.