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Why doesn't firefox 26.0 doesn't show download window/box!

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Why doesn't Firefox 26.0 doesn't show my downloads anymore!!!!

In the last version of firefox 25.0.1 still showed the download window when using downloadhelper, now in version 26.0 I no longer see the download box. When I go to about:config my setting are as they were in version 25.0.1 but there is still no download box opening. Will this issue be fixed and or will I need will downgrade to version 25.0.1.????

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Hi! So, basically the developers have crippled FF by removing one of its features and now are trying to advertise it as an improvement? Good one.

I guess I'll switch back to 25 for now and in the meantime will try to find another browser that suits my needs. Nice job, devs, in taking another step to becoming an inferior Chrome clone!

Mozilla is removing useful features despite the users' opposition, while Microsoft is adding new features in response to users' feedback. What has the world gone to? This is madness! :)

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The new download manager has been the default since Firefox 20.0 as you must have been using the temporary workaround in meantime.

There are some Extensions on first page that you may have missed.

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I stiil can't see anyone actuallly giving a reply to the threads question.

WHY doesn't FF26 show the download window?

So I'll try here - Deleting an item from the download list didn't delete the corresponding item in the history list and that was just how it should have been, but that wasn't good enough for some paranoid persons. So, to please the few who shouted loudest, the functions of the dowload manager were further integrated in to the downloads page in the library and withdrawn from the downloads window. Now with FF26, the downloads window has been totally removed, without thought to the thousands who simply accepted that a simple change in the about:config gave them what they still wanted.

There was much fuss made when this first came to be with FF20. However, there was a way of bringing back the old downloads window, and after about a week, everyone who 'disliked' (read - hated) the change, or wanted to know how, could find out how get their downloads window back, with very little effort and clear instructions on many different sites. Because the option remained, there was not the same fuss as is being made this time.

The fact that the downloads list has been available in the "library" since FF8 is irrelavent, the old original download window has been available from FF1 and last updated with FF4. The Library cannot be opened in multiple windows, so you cannot see your downloads next to your history, next to your bookmarks. Every time you open a view in the library, Firefox tries to pre-load the pages listed compounding the terrible memory issues which are getting so bad that I need to restart FF every hour or so of running time.

For those saying this is not the place, the thread is for a question, not for feedback. On the feedback page it says if you have a problem or question to go to support, ie HERE.

Firefox's simple goal has been long forgotten and what was the best of FF has slowly been deleted over time.

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Hi random_access, if you want to open the downloads list in a new window by itself instead of in the Library dialog, you can create a bookmark for about:downloads and either Shift+click it or right-click > Open in a New Window. I'm not saying that's convenient, just that it's possible.

I don't understand this part:

Every time you open a view in the library, Firefox tries to pre-load the pages listed compounding the terrible memory issues which are getting so bad that I need to restart FF every hour or so of running time.

I don't think that should be happening. There might be a problem with your places.sqlite database (history + bookmarks database). That may be worth a new thread.

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Please return us the classic download window in version 26.0

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I have the same problem!

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here is link for downloading claaic download window

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thank you

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so, up above someone said you can report a bug to report this as a problem to the idiots that removed it where do i do this before i uninstall this stupid program and simple go to chrome, or even back to explorer (which i have hated since like version 5.0

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Mozilla appears to be in secret collusion with Google to drive people from Firefox to Chrome.

Developers that make these kinds of decisions degrade the entire experience of using their product.

This was a perfectly good feature, that was then hidden, but still available. Now it is no longer available.

What was accomplished, other than making one of the most commonly used features less convenient to use?

You have no idea how much you have angered and alienated a large portion of your users, users who choose to use FF in the face of growing reasons not to.

I feel as though I need to approach Firefox updates the same as I would a link to download from a source of unknown trustworthiness.

I would say more, but I am not sure what kind of language is allowed in this forum.


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I am not seeing any kind of download arrow indication in the upper right. All I see is the flashing on the FF task bar button during download indicator.

Why might this be? I have customized the Navigation toolbar. Could that be inhibiting the appearance of the arrow?

What a dumb move.

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The Open Containing Folder feature of the old Download window was extremely useful for managing downloads. I used it many many times a day.... which was easy to do, because every download either opened the Donwload window or brought it to the front, where a right click could not have been easier.

Now, you need to manually open a dedicated window that is shared by other unrelated functions, most of which call for a window of a different size and position than the simple Download box.

How could this possibly have been seen as an improvement? What unseen benefit is there to this?

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Hi MadGirlDisease, I'm just speculating here, but it seems to me that over the course of the past few years, the user interface designers have tried to remove everything that pops up and place it on the toolbar, or in a tab, or in the Library dialog.

The small panel that appears when you click the green download arrow, and the integrated (and admittedly tiny) progress bar that appears in place of the arrow while downloads are in progress, are the results of applying that philosophy. The intended design is shown in the video in the support article: Where to find and manage downloaded files in Firefox.

If the arrow is missing from your toolbars, check the Customize dialog and/or other bars where it might have moved. This article has the steps: Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars.

To return to a pop-up window, you will need to use an extension such as the one linked above:

As you can see from the developer's comments, lots of suggestions are in the process of being incorporated now or are expected to be implemented in future versions, so this is a good time to test it out and engage in making it what you want it to be.

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I hate new download because you don't know a corrupt file. It's stupid to show only filesize. It look like the programmers have power mind to know which files are really 100%.

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My Firefox does not show anything in the downloads, even though my history is showing for the past 6 months and beyond.

I do not set a specific folder for downloads as I have Firefox ask me every time and that may be why it does not show.

But, the downloads are not tied to History in my case.

Okulungisiwe ngu jeffw224

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Do you see the downloads if you open the about:downloads page in a tab?

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After over a year before getting flash to work properly again, we have this mess..

I don't know about anyone else, but I now find that to download a file I have to right click it and 'save as' where previously all I had to do was click it. Now, if I simply click, it opens the file in Firefox.

Tell me I'm missing something [please!]

I vote for getting the old download box back..

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Go to the Mozilla Add-ons Web Page and look around. Using one of the add-ons, this is what my downloads looks like;

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ok folks, i have managed to get my download window back, and it was thanks to someone named ungram. he made the following add on and it now gives me just the download file 'box'

download windows 0.3.3 by ungram

i still think the firefox devolopers should actually send out polls to people or something to determin what the users like or dislike about the product before they trash it, but well, they probable went to the same school that the devolopers of the big mmo's went to and they do the same stupid stuff 'oh lets do this, everyone will love it' and never even bother to check the feedback of how much its hated

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"Do you see the downloads if you open the about:downloads page in a tab? "

Only the one I file I downloaded today, which is now what I see when I click the arrow (or Ctrl-J).

I do not erase any history. I can still see yesterday, last 7 days, this month and 5 other months as well as older than 6 months in History. But I can not find anything but the one download of today in Downloads.

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