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Stalled Scrolling and Other Problems

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Redo because not only does my thread seem to have disappeared, but also I wanted to start afresh.

First off, are my threads even showing up anymore? Usually I get fairly prompt replies, but my last couple of threads have gotten nothing. While I am sorry if I come off as rude or demanding, and understand that there are other people needing help and you all are busy, it is rather frustrating to not get a single reply on a thread, even if that reply is "We don't know" or "we are working on this problem". It might not seem like an important problem to you, but for me it is a problem and lessens my enjoyment of the Firefox product. Plus, having questions answered grants me more knowledge of the product, and thus grants me more ability to fix problems on my own.

Anyways, on to the issue:

Hello, Ever since I downloaded Firefox 25, I have had an issue with scrolling. If there was some way to record this, I would, but at this time I cannot, so a description will have to do. If someone knows a way to record what is happening, I will gladly do it to make what I am saying easier to visualize.

On some sites I visit, scrolling will be what can only be described as "choppy"- I will attempt to scroll down, but there will be a small delay before the page responds and scrolls down. Thus, the scrolling does not go smoothly. This mostly happens on sites (tumblr pages especially) with non-scrolling backgrounds (ie backgrounds that do not scroll with the page) on them.

First off, I do not think this is a problem with any extensions, my computer, or the sites themselves. When I open the same pages in Chrome, the issue does not occur and the issue does not occur in all pages.

I have tried clearing the cookies and cache, resetting my browser, disabling hardware acceleration, checking the plugins (problem still happened even when all plugins were disabled), updating my graphics card, and disabling website colors. The first few produced no lasting result/fix, and while disabling website colors did fix the issue, it made the rest of the site/other sites (ones that were working fine) difficult/impossible to use.

One interesting fact of note is this: If I downgrade to Firefox 24, the issue not only disappears, but stays away, and does not occur.

Another fact of note: I have written a previous thread on this issue, but ended up not getting an answer to a second question I had. In the first thread, I was given this possible solution, referring to a bookmarklet I could use/try:

So my questions here are these: 1) What is going on in Firefox 25 that makes scrolling choppy in that version, but not in version 24 or any other browser except version 25? 2) How exactly do I use that bookmarklet I linked to? Where do I need to place it? How do I get to where I need to place it? How would it work? Is there a way to/Can someone make it into a Greasemonkey (I have Greasemonkey) userscript, if it does work?

Also, is there a way to "bump" my thread without actually commenting on it?

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Please use your original thread,