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Why Do JavaScript DisableThreads Get Closed ?

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Why Do JavaScript DisableThreads Get Closed ?

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Please explain?

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how do i enable javascript if there is no option to enable javascript

Okulungisiwe ngu MKULTRA

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That thread was closed because the solution (how to enable and disable Javascript) was given, solving the support issue, and the thread had turned into a series of rants.

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Question threads about the removal of the JavaScript "switch" in Options > Content in Firefox 23 which have been answered and marked with a Chosen solution by the Owner of the thread are many times "closed" when that thread went off-topic. Or the thread had received multiple complaints about Mozilla removing that preference after a support contributor posted that feedback should be posted here - or by using the Help > Submit Feedback menu item in Firefox.

If you have a support question please use Ask a question at the top of the page and start your own thread. If you wish to provide feedback to the developers or to Mozilla staff, please use the feedback options that I mentioned above.

Thank you for using Firefox.

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As mentioned by another user, the new mozilla policy is "we must protect users from themselves" and remove JS disable function.

This justification is not credible, there are other ways for newbie FF users to stuff things up.

What is the real reason for this clearly unpopular modification ?

Anything to do with the fact that disabling of JavaScript allows more anonymity online ?

Did a govt request FF do it ?

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Threads usually get closed because they are old or not within the scope of the forum. i.e. They are not direct single user support questions about Firefox problems.

Please read the replies above. You are asking about development decisions This is forum is not the place to discuss development decisions.

Locking the thread.


 there are other ways for newbie FF users to stuff things up.

Agreed some listed in
and have been or are being addressed.