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how can I get Firefox to "grab onto" and then "hold onto" the data signal until I tell Firefox to release it at the end of my session of internet browsing?

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ok, I hope that my description of this problem does not come out in such a disorganized fashion that it makes the description difficult to follow. here goes: every 30 seconds to 1 minute (or thereabouts, I'm estimating) my mobile phone's browser (whether Firefox or any other) loses the data signal, so that tje next time that. I click on something, I get an error message that the "data connection timed out, retry" or "network unavailable" or "check that you are connected to that internet", etc. etc. etc. I have downloaded many apps that are supposed to boost data connectivity and/or improve internet speed, blah, blah, blah, till I discovered that was a problem with the server being able to keep up with staying locked onto my browser. in one of these apps diagnostic screens, I found a notation that therr was something wrong with my cell's relative position. well, how could that be, I wondered, since I had "GPS tracking" "GPS reporting" and "location sharing" all enabled? but, then I noticed, on the image of my cell's location as represented by this particular app, that every half minute, or so, the blue dot which represented my cell's location would slip to the left about one quarter of an inch, or so, and in the longitude and latitude part of this app's diagnostic screen I saw that the numerical designations of my cell's longitude and latitude were zero and zero. it suddenly occurred to me that the server had lost sight of my cell because my cell had moved too far out of the range of that server's sight due to the rotation of the earth. well, blow me down, what am I supposed to do to fix that? how can I tell my cell phone's OS to send out some kind of identifying info on a constant basis, so that the server could keep track of it (and I would not lose the signal)? or, conversely, how could I get my cell phone's browser to grab onto the signal and not let go of it until I was done with that internet session, at which time I would then manually release the signal myself? I hope that my explanation of the problem made enough sense that you could follow it and that you can come up with a workable solution for me. oh yeah, my phone is an LG OPTIMUS ELITE 696. thanx, from the enragedkangaroo.

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I'm afraid I don't think there is going to be much we can do to help you here. The description sounds like an issue with the phone rather than with Firefox specifically.

I don't think the problem can be caused by you moving out of range of the cell, due to the rotation of the earth. The cell towers (that provide phone signal) are sitting on the earth, just like you, and so move at the same speed as you. This might be a concern with satellite phones using Low Earth Obit satellites but this isn't the case here.

I think the best thing to do would be to get in touch with your Phone Operator or Device Manufacturer for support. If you are out of the support period or can't get support from them for some other reason then a standard 'cure-all' for mobile phones is to do a Factory Reset. This will return your phone to its default factory settings and wipe all of your data / modifications off the phone. This tends to solve most problems and is probably what the official support team would tell you to do. I can't guarantee that it will help but it has a good chance.

There are instructions on resetting your phone here:

I hope that helps.