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How do I get rid of sponsorship tabs that open automatically?

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I already have ABP Adblocker installed, but this one tab keeps popping open for some reason. The name of the tab reads Sponsorship, and the url it sends is:

I'm getting pretty sick of it because I thought I was going to get away from pop-ups on firefox...

Note by a moderator (This is an important thread it currently has had >21k viewing hits) ~J99

Some of these problems are due to unwanted software creating scheduled tasks. Besides the initial replies you may wish to look particularly at comments in this thread by by resident expert troubleshooter jscher2000 that summarise the current knowledge. Including

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After a long search, during which I renewed my virus checker, ran MalwareBytes and repeatedly checked for add-ons, I reckon I've finally cracked this one - two days and no recurrence of the problem.

First thing to do is to go into Folder Options and make hidden files visible. Then delete the dsite folder from c:\users\[yourname]\AppData\Roaming.

There's a discussion on the Google product forum about how this works, but it's too deep for me. I'm just delighted that it has worked! (See!topic/chrome/igbSzHF7Vzo).

Okulungisiwe ngu Angiebop

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That's great Angiebop! ... go into Folder Options and make hidden files visible. Then delete the dsite folder from c:\users\[yourname]\AppData\Roaming... Many Thanks for that. Given it a try and so far have not had the annoying random "sponsorship" trojan pop-up. I don't know who creates this kind of hassle but they need a darn good seeing to!

Okulungisiwe ngu Wingsmith

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In the Google thread Angiebop referenced (!topic/chrome/igbSzHF7Vzo), a poster associated the unwanted software with an item in Add/Remove Programs named "Update for Zip Opener". Does anyone else have that? Is there any indication of how it got installed (with something called Zip Opener maybe or some other freeware)?

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OK, finally; I think I have the correct list this time!

This problem has not popped up for a couple days.. though I can't say why or that it will not pop up again at some time later.

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I've had this problem ever since I added firefox add-on Ad Block Plus....look for it or other similar add-ons in the firefox...add-ons...extensions list....

Look in its options....and then under that filter preferences button.... will see in here a option to allow unobtrusive avertising....turn it off!

Think some other add-ons from same companies are going the same if not this add on then check the others for similar.

Annoying for a bit of revenue adlinks will generate!

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My tech support service has advised that I re-install the OS because, currently, my system has been so severely corrupted that they cannot recover it.

Whether this is the cause they cannot say but there is a very strong suspicion that it is.

Okulungisiwe ngu Michael

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That's rough, Mike. I've had no more problems since deleting the dsite folder 4 days ago.

I thing jscher2000 has hit on the source of the problem. I tried to install a DVD copying program a while ago and recall that it prompted me to unzip it with a program I'd never heard of. Shame I can't remember the site.

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Thanks for this f/u; I missed that post /-: I just went into AppData and removed that folder.

It will not fix my corrupted OS but maybe it will stop these pop-ups. My OS is corrupted but it's still running so I don't have to re-install right away, so I can backup and prepare without this issue making things worse.

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Thanks. I'll try this. I've scanned my computer several times, and the have cleared it but occasionally stuff would pop up. I hope you're right with this one. The only thing AVG has been picking have been cookies, which obviously isn't the problem. I hope this works!

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This bug not only appears for the Update for Zip Opener but also under Update for Codecs. I reinstalled my K-Lite codecs last month because my media player stopped playing m2ts files. I thought I was downloading the latest K-Lite codecs but apparently got this instead.

Update for Codecs did show up in the Control Panel's Programs and Features menu and appeared to uninstall the software but a double check of the c:\users\[yourname]\AppData\Roaming...folder showed that the dsite folder was still there with all of its contents intact. At least it removed it from the active programs list. I manually deleted the dsite folder and will wait and see if the problem goes away.

One more addition, after you have deleted the dsite folder, make sure you go to your task scheduler, (My Computer, right click, manage, Task Scheduler, Task Scheduler Library) and delete the dsite task. This should clear up the problem once and for all.

Okulungisiwe ngu rcfalcon56

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I believe I have figured out how to stop this annoying Popup program from opening. The Virus itself I found last week (08/12/13) in my registry under the name "sweettooth" also goes by the name "FunMods".

But the little bugger also likes to create in your task in the Task Scheduler, for me it was called DSite. This opened up that random page in Chrome (works the same if FireFox is your most commonly used browser). Everyday for 1 hour and repeats is how the "trigger" was set up. So my suggestion is to open up Task Scheduler and disable the triggers and remove this from the task after you track down the virus itself in your registry you can get their by opening RUN and typing in "Regedit". Now I have done all this in Window's 7. I figure most of these steps would work the same for Window's XP and 8. And no you cannot just block this virus, so far I haven't found any other issue's caused by it other than a nuisance. Thus going full circle if you have the time and you feel comfortable making changes to your computer track it down and destroy it.
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Blind_Spot, could you give detailed instructions on how to find these viruses in my registry? What folders they can be found under?

Also, I read a post by kansagramv: "It is no good. You computer might be hacked by Black Hats. Black hats are illegal hackers. If it is really. Then you need to perform restore factory settings. If the problem continues then there is nothing you can do about it.


Is this true? Or will deleting them in my registry cure the problem?

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Hi StealthTurtle, there are forums on the web dedicated to cleaning up persistent malware and supporting the use of advanced tools. I think it's worth trying one of those before rebuilding your entire system from scratch.

Malware often will add new items to the set of instructions in the registry for what programs to run during Windows startup. Because the programs may have other ways to start and run, the most important things you can do is remove them from your system, either using an anti-malware tool or by deleting them manually. If you remove the programs from your hard drive, then there's nothing to run so those registry keys have no effect.

You still may want to review and clean up your startup list. For example, you can use Microsoft's Autoruns utility:

Registry changes made by malware also can block the functioning of some parts of Windows or other software, or relax the security restrictions designed to protect you when you use Internet Explorer, but these may be scattered around and difficult to track down.

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Found a task in task scheduler which ran at exactly the time that the new browser windows opened. Searches for Dsite produced no results, but in add/remove programs I found Update for hoolapp. When I removed it, it said Do you want to delete Dsite? Hope that is it.

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Sorry Actinidia for taking so long to reply.

 To your question what folders is it under well 'any' folder in the registry's the virus can hide under. Finding every cell took awhile but to assist me with my search for some of them I used Malwarebytes Pro (Full version is only $20 and as long as you're not a corporation you don't ever have to pay again unlike other company's). 

Then I ran complete scan (all sub-folders, hidden folders). This gave me a starting point. Now after doing this and since my last posting I haven't had anymore issue's.

Just for other information this computer I have been using is about 4 years old the SSD drive is 3 years old, and over this whole time frame that is the most annoying virus I have yet to come across in all my years. My point to this is Malwarebytes has saved my hide and has been a very useful tool.

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Thanks for your reply. After I deleted hoolapp, which must have been the program which introduced the virus to my computer, I then found the Dsite folder in owner/taskscheduler. Before I deleted Hoolapp this folder had been invisible, and file search showing hidden files did not locate it. There is nothing in task scheduler now, so I think I have got the little beggar.

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I would just like to say that I have been a firefox supporter for a long time. I have donated and believed in firefox. while the ethic remains the same, im not to sure about the efficiency of firefox anymore. this issue of tab pop ups has driven me to the point of using a different browser. I created an account and posted this for the reason of frustration. I have been on the forums looking for answers. I have had this problem for about a month now. mosilla isnt what it used to be. Im sad to say i am extremely disappointed and will be forced to use chrome becuase of the extreme annoyance of tab pop ups. no one else seems to have any answers so I must say sorry firefox, youre not the same anymore.

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Hi ridiculous, for a personalized solution, it's best to post your own question. To ensure that volunteers have as much information as possible about your add-ons and configuration, you'll be given the opportunity to install one more during the question flow to collect that information.

You can start at the following link, and scroll down past the suggestions to continue with the form (I think it has 3 different screens).

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