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firefox 18 crashes every time I close a tab

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I open firefox and it goes to my homepage (used both & I open a second tab. If I close the homepage tab, firefox crashes. If I open a third tab and close the 2nd or 1st, it crashes. It crashed so often, I reinstalled firefox 17 to make this report. I run Win7 32 bit. Let me know what else you need to know. Thank you. I love using firefox, but this is a deal breaker if I can't fix it.

I open firefox and it goes to my homepage (used both & I open a second tab. If I close the homepage tab, firefox crashes. If I open a third tab and close the 2nd or 1st, it crashes. It crashed so often, I reinstalled firefox 17 to make this report. I run Win7 32 bit. Let me know what else you need to know. Thank you. I love using firefox, but this is a deal breaker if I can't fix it.

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I have the same problem just started this morning (12/01/13) after the update. It crashes pretty much every time I close a tab and also if I close firefox completely. Seems to operate fine as long as you don't close anything!

these are the crash reports: (time is for Queensland, Australia)

bp-8f4a5e5a-70b2-4a50-a9d1-07ea02130112 12/01/2013 12:15 PM

bp-292cb9cd-bf3b-4510-8c39-0d84e2130112 12/01/2013 12:12 PM

bp-2b889609-3c1f-482a-bded-7647d2130111 12/01/2013 9:44AM

bp-9a31f472-b065-4e48-af10-4c0712130111 12/01/2013 9:43 AM

bp-771c8195-bc72-4663-b4c4-db69a2130111 12/01/2013 9:42 AM

bp-49d3369c-c608-4fce-b9f0-4b6672130111 12/01/2013 9:37 AM

bp-ca7122c7-bc4e-47cc-a735-13e502130111 12/01/2013 9:23 AM

bp-5f5bcc04-7446-4944-b144-7bf562130111 12/01/2013 9:23 AM

and it just crashed at 1:20 PM when I closed it after getting the crash reports.

Unfortunately, though I really really prefer Firefox I have gone to using IE as this is too annoying

Okulungisiwe ngu sarinapixie

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Hi sarinapixie

You have a problem with your Norton software, possibly Norton Confidential ([@ coffplgn.dll@0x3714 ]).
Make sure that you have the latest Norton updates.

See also:

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I am having this problem, too. Whenever I try to close a tab in Firefox 18 on my XP Pro machine, Firefox immediately crashes. I have checked Live Update for my Norton Security Suite and confirmed that I am up to date.

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Norton was the problem for me. Disabled both the Toolbar and Vulnerability Detection solved the problem. Might be fix in the next Norton update.

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Thanks for the help. My norton is up to date but I have disabled the norton addons and it's no longer crashing. They both said they'd been updated today so that is most likely the problem, not the firefox update. I'll look out for updates to them over the next few days.

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Norton was also the problem for me as well even though the 2 plugins reported that they had been updated today. It took a better part of the day to figure it out and I was completely upset that I went through alot of messing with it to figure it out. But then it was earlier than the 2 posts above mine so I had no clue up to that point.

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I had the same issue and initially disabled both Norton Extensions but was curious as to why it was not an issue on my wife's PC. Turns out I had Norton Safe Search set as my default search provider. Once I changed this to another provider (click on the down arrow next to the providers icon in the search pane) I was able to reactivate the Norton Extensions and I no longer have any issues.

Okulungisiwe ngu Askar111

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Have also been having this problem for days but have just tried to disable my Norton toolbar, but when I go to restart crash!!!

I'm thinking I'm gonna have to use different browser as this is taking forever to get anywhere and is also annoying. I use the internet a lot and having to go through this is just not an option :(

Okulungisiwe ngu pg_63

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I am still having the same issues, even after I tried some of the solutions listed.

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Finally managed to restart after disabling norton tool bar, and so far so good, seems to be working again, haven't had a crash................................ yet, hopefully this has resolved the problem.

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I switched from Norton 360 to Norton Antivirus (wrong product was ordered by mistake) but nephew says the latter is better anyway (less bloat). LiveUpdate has patches that fix Norton products but I have one plugin that is disabled (Norton Identity Safe Toolbar) and one that is OK (Norton Vulnerability Protection). I didn't use the disabled plugin anyway ... but at least Firefox 18 is not crashing anymore.

Pg_63, when you restart after the crash, keep going to your plugin tab and make sure Norton gets disabled. Sometimes it tries to restore with the plugin enabled and that's why it is still crashing. Instead of saying restore, hit "CLOSE" and then it will allow you to disable that plugin. That's what I had to do when I had Norton 360 and it kept crashing, even after I thought I had disabled the plugin.

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My problem with Firefox crashing after closing tabs started when I renewed my Norton 360 subscription 23 days ago. I arrived at a solution after reading the replies at this topic and searching MozillaZine.

I did not have to delete the Norton toolbar from Firefox but instead disabled both Norton Safe Web and Safe Search by right-clicking on the toolbar and clicking on the boxes to disable both. Now the tabs close without crashing the browser.

Here is a more severe solution that refers to the coffplgn.dll file mentioned at the reply by Moderator cor-el on Jan 11. Uninstalling toolbars

Okulungisiwe ngu rapost

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This situation may have been related to the problem but, at the time of this entry, the problem has gone away. Disabling all or a portion of your security system is unadvisable.

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Having Norton Safe Search set as a default search provider was not the cause of the problem. I had the default set to Google but I still had the problem. Whatever the problem was, it has gone away so please return your security system to its proper settings.

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yahoo!!!!! All Norton plugins are working and there are no crashes now. It must have applied the patches and now I like Firefox 18 again. Hope everyone else has success too.

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Still not working for me...updated and still crashing....what did you do?

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If it is still crashing, you have not successfully disabled the Norton Toolbar plugin. This is only a temporary workaround to stop FF18 from crashing and not meant to be a permanent solution. When it stops crashing when closing the tabs, then LiveUpdate will install the patch and it will automatically enable the plugin for you.

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I have just looked at my add-ons and both Norton toolbar and Norton Vulnerability Protection have:

*name* is incompatible with Firefox 18 - last updated Mon 14 January 

I checked for updates and it says none are found, so must be a fix coming soon from Norton, they usually do it at some point.

Disabling both I have had no more crashing issues, I was also using google as my default search.

I will do a norton update now and see

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My plugins said they were incompatible most of today as well. The patches will be *automatically* applied when LiveUpdate fetches them for you. That is the fix from Norton as stated on their site.

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Mizwiz your post wasn't there when I started typing,

Applying the patch now

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