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Firefox always loads previous session despite the option set to show hompage on start up.

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Last night, a problem began occurring when I launched Firefox. Every time I open my browser, it launches the previous session from when I last closed it. The problem persists despite many attempted fixes.

The option "When Firefox starts" is set to "Show my homepage". I've restarted my computer and ended the process, so I know that Firefox doesn't have a window or process still running.

I've tried deleting sessionstore.js and sessionstore.bak but that only works once and then it goes back to opening whatever tabs and windows I had open when I last closed Firefox. I've reinstalled Firefox with no results and cleared all private data except history and it didn't do anything.

I didn't install anything or update any add-ons or extensions, but it just started occurring after a normal browsing session. I've tried to find other solutions, but nothing I have found has worked. Does anyone have any new solutions or suggestions?

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Hi JasperJ21, see Corrupt or damaged prefs.js file

thank you