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finding Sync Recovery Key

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I have a working Firefox Sync account with 3 computers synced. That is, I already have working 3 computers with a working Sync account across them. I want to add a 4th computer, but I need my recovery key. I don't have it. The instructions say, To get a copy of my Recovery Key, I need to "At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button and then click options, then Sync, then Manage Account." I can't find a Firefox button with any choice of Options. There is an Options choice under Tools, but under Sync, but there is no Manage Account button. I can't start over and re-register because Firefox says my email account already has an account (I agree). Please, where is this Manage Account button?

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Sorry, but I don't understand: what does a file hosting download have to do with sync on firefox? I don't see any mention of sync or firefox at the site and am always reluctant to download unknown executable files. Can you just send me the fix?

Regards, don

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You can install the original extension from the Add-ons site and edit the synckey.xhtml in the content folder of the xpi file (an xpi file is a zip archive) if you really do not want to download this small extension.
Change Weave.Service.passphrase to Weave.Identity.syncKey That is all that is needed to make the extension work again.

<script type="application/javascript;version=1.8"><![CDATA[
window.addEventListener("load", function onLoad() {
  window.removeEventListener("load", onLoad, false);
-  let synckey = Weave.Utils.hyphenatePassphrase(Weave.Service.passphrase);
+  let synckey = Weave.Utils.hyphenatePassphrase(Weave.Identity.syncKey);
  document.getElementById("synckey").textContent = synckey;
}, false);
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So is there a solution to this general problem for everybody? I have it too. I syncd all my data on the firefox server before I reinstalled Windows and now I can't login again. I can't login because I don't have the Recovery Key, but I can't find out the Recovery Key because I am not logged in. Please give us the solution, we're all losing our history, data, bookmarks for a minor bug.

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Rather than a continuous string of me toos by a growing number of users, perhaps it is time for Mozilla to correct the problem in its source code.

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Daridan003 said
I can't login because I don't have the Recovery Key, but I can't find out the Recovery Key because I am not logged

You are the only person who has the Recovery Key (aka Sync Key); it is not stored by Mozilla with your Sync data.See the screenshot below for the message that you were given at the conclusion of the initial Sync set up procedure.

On the desktop where you have Sync installed, open up Options > Security - > Passwords --> Saved Passwords - then hit Show Passwords

In the Search box at the top enter chrome://weave - under the 2nd entry labeled chrome://weave (Mozilla Services Encryption Passphrase) look at the Password field, minus the 5 hyphens (a hyphen after the first digit, the after every 5th digit). That is your Recovery Key (aka Sync Key).

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I've tried the recovery key and it doesn't work

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Does Firefox say it is the wrong key? If so, does Firefox say that with the first digits which are typed? If that is the case, can you ignore that message and type the complete "key" to completion?

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No, after I enter the key it says it is not the right key.

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Are you using the same sync account (email)?

Can you access that account here?

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No, I have the same account and yes, I can access both site. I'm assuming that you're suggesting that I can clear the sync data and re sync from my current computer configuration. Is that so? And, if so, I could have solved this problem long ago, had I known.

Regards, Don

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A Solution: After reading the forum and suffering through many trials and errors, it occurred to me that it might be best if I just started over from scratch. That meant deleting my "Sync Account" on my computer. I did so by launching:

You'll need to log in. Then Click on "Delete Your Account" Type in your password Click "Delete My Account" to confirm. And done.

Now go back to the Preferences panel and select Sync and set up a new account. During set-up, you'll be presented with an opportunity to view "My Recovery Key". Make sure you either take a snapshot or write it down.

Once the account is set up, Firefox will inform you that it's building a data file and that you can continue to use Firefox. Allow some time and go to your mobile device and following the procedures for "Syncing Firefox". You'll be presented with the 3 codes that need to be entered into your computer when you initial the Sync process.

This worked perfectly for me the very first try and I completed syncing all my bookmarks, history, plug-ins and passwords for Firefox to my mobile device. And for good measure this involved an Intel Macintosh and a Samsung Galaxy Tablet (Android based), so even cross platform was not an issue.

Good luck.

Okulungisiwe ngu KenikaNJ

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Thank you SO much! I have been trying to resolve this same problem for months now. I could kiss you!

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I too gave up and deleted my account, thanks

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Don't know if this has already been posted but it is as simple as this:

To find your Recovery Key, complete the following steps in Firefox on a computer that already has your Sync account set up. If you don't have any synced devices close to you, see I've lost my Recovery Key.

   At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP) and then click Options
   Select the Sync panel.
   Click Manage Account and then select My Recovery Key. A window displaying your Recovery Key will open.
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