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Why has the green Trusteer Rapport Icon disappeared in Firefox 17 ?

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With the upgrade to Firefox 16.01 my Firefox frequently began to crash, so it was either regress to the previous version (which seemed to be relatively stable), or upgrade to Firefox 17, which I understand is still in beta?

To avoid security issues I decided to upgrade to 17. Can't say if this has eliminated the crash problem yet, but I've noticed that when you start Trusteer Rapport the green icon in the address bar no longer appears.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Can it be patched by either Firefox or Trusteer?

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I've never used Trusteer Rapport, but it looks like it's security software that probably installs an Add-On in Firefox. Add-Ons all tell Firefox which versions they're compatible with, as incompatible Add-Ons can make Firefox act oddly or crash. So probably, Trusteer haven't yet updated their software to say that it works with Firefox 17 beta.

If you rely on Trusteer, your best option may be to re-install version 16. If version 16 is still unstable for you, Firefox has a 'reset' function that keeps your important data (bookmarks, history, etc) but resets everything else. Just open a new tab and go to "about:support" (without the quotes). You should see a button to 'Reset Firefox to its default state'.

Hope that helps!

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I've checked, and there is no trusteer rapport add-on in firefox. Rapport is not a firefox extension or plug-in, itls an independent software security program to protect you while you access your banking sites etc.

I've experienced this problem before (the green icon disappointing) and it's usually resolved by either trusteer or Firefox updating. I guess because FF 17 is still in beta mode there's a possibility that trusteer aren't aware ofr the problem of haven't developed an update yet. That is assuming that the problem lies with trusteer and not firefox.

It's annoying, as when you open trusteer and forget to close it, it can cause your system to slow down, and without the icon you don't know if rapport is still running or not.

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If Trusteer Rapport is a separate program you have to start every time you need to use it, perhaps it's modifying Firefox as it runs, rather than installing an add-on. A quick Google search suggests that your problem is a common one, so the program probably depends on looking for a "known-compatible" version of Firefox.

Either way, it's likely that Trusteer focus on the "official release" version of Firefox (currently version 16), so it may not be Firefox 17-compatible until that moves out of beta.

If you don't want to try going back to Firefox 16, perhaps Trusteer might tell you if they're making a new version for Firefox 17?

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I just visited the Rapport site and discovered (as I had suspected) that they only support the Firefox browser up to version 16.01, so version 17 shall probably remain unsupported until, like you say, it comes out of beta. But I distinctly remember having the icon disappearing problem in previous versions of FF, and indeed Chrome, and with official release versions.

It's a bit similar to some extensions going out of date and becoming incompatible with every update of Firefox. One minute you have a great theme, then with an update and a browser version the theme becomes defunct and you have to begin searching for an alternative.

I just hope Rapport updates quickly to accommodate FF17, as this has left me vulnerable as regards online banking.

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Hi Colin07,

Please be advised that Rapport does not support beta versions of browsers, such as Firefox 17. When a stable version of Firefox 17 is released, a version of Rapport that supports it will be released.

You are welcome to contact our support team 24/7 in case you need more assistance: