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Nectar tool bar disappears after Firefox 12 installed

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I installed Firefox 12 and my nectar toolbar disappeared.

I have reinsted it several times to no avail. All I can see is a blue toolbar where the nectar toolbar should be.

Any thoughts?

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The problem is probably that they havent updated the toolbar to work with Firefox 12, you should contact them so that they know about the issue.

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I have been in constant contact with the company that maintains the toolbar and they are just as flumoxed. Interestingly, the toolbar did reappear for a few hours yesterday but, despite me making no changes to any software or hardware, promptly disappeared again!

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Tried it several times and it made no difference. Tried disabling other add ons as well and it didn't help.

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copied from:

I installed the Nectar Search Toolbar, but I still do not see it. What should I do?

The Nectar Search Toolbar is Hidden (Firefox)

In your Mozilla menu bar, go to the "View" menu and select "Nectar Search Toolbars." Next to the " Nectar Search Toolbar" there should be a check mark. If there is no check mark, the Nectar Search Toolbar is hidden. If it is already checked, Mozilla may not be recognizing the Nectar Search Toolbar. Try unchecking it and checking it again. If you still do not see the Nectar Search Toolbar, the Nectar Search Toolbar is not properly installed. Go back to the Nectar Search Toolbar download page and try installing it again.

If the above doesn't work try reinstalling it again via the Nectar Search download page on

thank you

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I have tried this solution so many times over the last few days it is unreal, and all to no avail.

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I am using FireFox 14.0.1 - Nectar toolbar was fine yesterday but has gone today and although it appears as an add-on it does not appear as a toolbar which I can use for searching! Tried clearing everything and downloading again but no change! Any one have any thoughts?

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Same here. Firefox 14.0.1 reinstall doesn't help. New install on another machine Doesn't help. Point of interest, It's not working on IE8 either.

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Same as Jake 5 and cjar - I am also using Firefox 14.0.1; I also used it yesterday & it was fine and today it has gone; I have also re-downloaded it without any change. I have an Apple iMac, Snow Leopard - OS X 10.6.8; I don’t have any microsoft OS system to check on that. Don’t know if this helps anyone with finding the solution but hope so.

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I am having the same problem today and I am using 14.1. It was fine yesterday and is gone today. I can see it in my extensions and I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. It doesn't show in Toolbars either.

Does anyone have any suggestions please

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I have exactly the same problem with Firefox 14.01 - the Nectar toolbar shows up in add ons, but not in view toolbars - it was ok yesterday. I have tried re installing, but to no avail - any suggestions from anybody? please

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Same problem here, I am using 14.1, the toolbar was fine a few days ago but has now disappeared. It appears in add-ons but not in the toolbar list, so the suggestion from nectar to re-tick it is useless, it's not possible to re-tick something which isn't there. I have tried reinstalling from nectar website and I have tried disabling and re-enabling the add-on but makes no difference - help anybody?

I understand why there is no facility to contact Mozilla but it's a shame when there are problems like this when there is clearly a systemic problem with a version of firefox - how do Mozilla find out when there is a problem that needs a patch - does anyone know if they monitor these forums? Hammy

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There have been a number of "Tweets" with this problem on the Nectar website. Nectar Support are advising emailing

If and when Nectar/Freecause resolve the issue, how do we get the updated extension?

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Hi jianean - It does still appear to be working on IE9!

Okulungisiwe ngu Jake5dadff

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Same here Firefox 12, The search vanished about 2 days ago, Serveral attempts to re-install and no luck.

Upgraded to Firefox 14 and tried to install it again and still nothing.

Not showing on the toolbar menu either.

Comodo Firewall and AVG Anti Virus. Whats everyone else using?

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Hi MrMarty, I'm using Kaspersky for AV and firewall so not connected to the problem I think. To be honest I had the same problem on my Mum's PC a year ago and have never been able to get the toolbar back again.

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Well I am using Norton 360, can't be that, everything was fine since I installed Nectar toolbar about 2 weeks ago until yesterday morning, when it disappeared

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Windows 7?

I went on ebay not long ago and the red bar popped up. So Nectar is in there somewhere.

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At least three people have "lost" the Nectar toolbar in this household in the last few days. I have tried numerous times to download it again to Firefox and have had no luck - so I tried to see how it worked with Google Chrome - no problem and it showed all the previous points I had been collecting on Firefox. I think the problem may be with Mozilla Firefox!

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XP Pro. Avira Antivirus. Hardware Firewall.

Firefox14.0.1 No Toolbar Search.. No red bar on ebay etc. IE8 No Toolbar Search.. Red bar appears for ebay etc. Chrome..Search "Toolbar" appears. Red bar appears for ebay etc.

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