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Firefox 12 is very slow to load pages and if two tabs are opening it lags.

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Firefox 12 is very slow to load pages and if two tabs are opening it lags. I've tried everything (e.g virus, defrag, I've created a new profile in "run", etc). I've had my router/line etc all checked and after 2 weeks of cleaning/testing etc its all pointing to Firefox as the problem. Please help as it's driving me nuts.

Okulungisiwe ngu NoahSUMO

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I've no idea whats happened but I've done a system back up thingy to about a month ago and it seems to be better, I can now open five tabs at one time to games sites in approx 10 seconds which is great. maybe I've done too much fiddling with the system. I think I'll be content with it now and stop bothering you madperson ;-) Next job now is to find out why half my FN keys don't work. Cheers for all your help.

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Seemingly I've vista 64 bit system and sony don't do drivers for that so plenty of work ahead, thanks again for your help

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I am having similar issues with v12. Switching between tabs, typing, screen scrolling, opening a new tab, saving bookmarks, minimizing, etc are all done after a brief pause of about half a second and occur every 1-2 seconds, especially noticeable when typing and getting quite annoying.

I'm using Windows 7 Professional, Core i5 quad, 4GB RAM.

Currently I have 15 tabs open and FF is using over 1GB of RAM but even when only one tab is open I am noticing these delays.

I have tried almost all of the solutions offered in this thread with no discernible change in performance. I have been a faithful Mozilla fan for years but am considering a change to something else if the quality of Firefox continues to degrade with each successive release.

Okulungisiwe ngu CanonFodder

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Cannon Fodder,

Sorry you are having problems. I am sure Firefox should not have those sorts of delays and problems on a modern quad core machine. In fact I would go as far as to say it is completely unacceptable with a single tab open. (The Original Poster seems to have an older system and that may be a contributory factor.)

I suggest after reading suggestions in this thread you start a new thread and give full details of what you have tried and your problem.

Even with Firefox using 1GB maybe there should not be noticeable problems on a 4GB machine. Possibly part of your problem will turn out to be third party software interactions or background tasks.

Have you enabled the submission of telemetry results, that allows firefox developers to see (anonymised) details of real users having problems, it reports things like startup times and hangs. The system was brought out after Firefox developers missed some big problems and realised some method was needed to get data on problems that slow firefox without it crashing.

It is sometimes not easy to determine if a problem is affecting a large proportion of Firefox users or not, and often problems may have more than one cause and not necessarily actually be due to a Firefox fault. On the other hand we do no want to miss investigating and fixing genuine problems.

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Well, admittedly the problems aren't quite as bad with one or two tabs open but it is still noticeable.

I have just installed Google Chrome and there is no apparent issue with one or several tabs open.

I will enable the telemetry in Firefox and continue to use it and have a read of those links you posted.


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If you wish to try looking further at your problem & hopefully discover a solution I suggest you start a new thread, (and post back in this thread if you do so; readers of this thread may be interested in the outcome.)

To start a new thread, use this link:

Okulungisiwe ngu NoahSUMO

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I agree and am getting closer and closer to finding a new browser to use.

New versions should ALWAYS be BETTER not WORSE!

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ilblackhawk & anyone else with problems similar to those of the thread title
Please read the information in this thread and in particular my last two posts just above.

Please start your own thread by asking your own question and providing full details. (The thread is otherwise locked.)

To start a new thread, use this link:

By all means post back in this thread to cross reference any question you ask. Currently over 500 people have registered an interest with similar problems. Lets see if we can get full details of some of those and get them solved.

Please also allow submission of telemetry data, as I suggested in the post above, that helps developers get an accurate picture of how well or otherwise Firefox is performing.

Edit: Notice from moderator
This thread is being locked due to its large size which is making it hard & confusing to give support to specific individual users. So to avoid a unorganized situation like this, it helps us give you one-on-one support if you post in a thread of your own.

To start a new thread, use this link:

If you do have a problem with Firefox being very slow to load pages and lagging, once you have started a new thread, if you have a strong desire for it to be mentioned in this thread please send me a Private Message.

(The thread is otherwise locked, but I will add cross references if necessary. This is a thread currently still attracting a lot of me too votes)

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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