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Copy and Paste of Images NOT working.

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  • Igcine ukuphendulwa ngu jscher2000

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When I right click on an image and choose 'copy image' and then try to paste it into my editing software, all i get is a string of text that is the location of the image as if I had chosen 'copy image location' instead. what gives?

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

Hi eros143, if you are having a problem with images pasting as URLs, the fix is in Firefox 13. If you can't wait for the official release, you can install the beta version.

If you are having any other kind of problem with copy and paste, please start a new question here:

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tonglu 1 I had a simillar problem I was using FF3.5 and upgraded to FF12 to my regret I have just installed FF13 bete and my problems have dissapeared give it a try

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I can confirm that the fix is not working as intended (I'm using the latest FF Beta 13, just updated today), at least in Windows Live Writer.

Pasted images from Firefox used to be pasted into WLW as native PNGs, the same way, say, a screenshot using PrintScreen would be pasted. However, with the latest beta (and FF12, same thing), images copied from Firefox still paste as hotlinked tags.

For example: <img src="">

Okulungisiwe ngu archon810

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eros143, thank you for taking time to post and thanks for your suggestion. However, as archon810 noted above that the problem is still there in his case even by going to beta 13. That is why I'd rather wait until official release before installing v13. I just hate installing something and then have to re-install older versions.

I hope Firefox would soon release their official version 13 - after verifying that it works!

Okulungisiwe ngu tonglu1

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I googled Mozilla Firefox 13 and downloaded the beta version and the problem of copy and paste was solved immediately.....fairly simple..and I am a expert.

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Hi archon810, you wrote:

Pasted images from Firefox used to be pasted into WLW as native PNGs, the same way, say, a screenshot using PrintScreen would be pasted. However, with the latest beta (and FF12, same thing), images copied from Firefox still paste as hotlinked tags.

Firefox 12 added new formats to the clipboard when you copy an image. Unfortunately, some applications were choosing a plain text URL rather than the bitmap (image data), so the change in Firefox 13 is to remove the plain text URL from the clipboard.

However, both Firefox 12 and Firefox 13 include some HTML code on the clipboard, to embed the image. This is needed to be able to paste images into Gmail messages, which was the whole point of making the change in Firefox 12.

The receiving application chooses its preferred format from the two choices available. If Windows Live Writer shows a preference for the HTML code when choosing formats, that could be because it was designed for blogging. I haven't tested it myself. Whatever the reason, you might be able to work around this using WLW's Paste Special feature.

You can access Paste Special either from the right-click context menu or by clicking the downward-pointing triangle under the large Paste icon on the Home tab of the ribbon. Based on how Paste Special works in Wordpad and Office, you should be given a choice of pasting either the HTML or the bitmap.

Does that work?

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Hi tonglu1, which receiving applications (applications into which you are pasting) are a problem for you? Hopefully Firefox 13 users can test those specific applications and let you know whether the problem is solved.

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jscher2000, What I had trouble with FF 12 was to copy an image and paste it on a simple wordpad document page. I use it often as well as am dependent on this function. And I've never had any problem doing it prior to v12.

Now, I have reinstalled v11 and I'll only upgrade when it works again as I consider this image-copy/paste as very important for me. I do hope FF13 will solve this or any other issue.


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Hi tonglu1, thanks for the additional info.

I checked Firefox 13 beta 6 + WordPad on Windows 7 and it just pastes the image. If I check Paste Special using the drop-down triangle under the Paste button on the ribbon, bitmap is the only available format.

(I can't check Firefox 13 with Windows XP since I still have Firefox 12 on my XP machine. However, I would expect it to behave the same.)

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@jscher2000, I tried Paste Special now and before with the same result: it still pastes the same img tag.

Here are the choices offered, none of which work:

If Mozilla can make this into a setting/about:config entry, it would be ideal. I'd immediately toggle it to the old way it was before. This is turning out to be a huge pain for my whole 12-person team who used to be able to easily paste images without hotlinking them.

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Hi archon810, okay, I gave in and installed Windows Live Writer.

I noticed that if I right-click Copy (in IE8) or right-click Copy Image (in Fx13), in both cases after pasting into WLW I get a link. This is from the Source tab:

<p><img alt="Google" src="" width="275" height="95"></p> <p><img alt="Google" src="" width="275" height="95"></p>

I cannot find a feature in WLW to convert the linked images to local images. There might be such a feature, but I don't see it.

I did find a workaround, however, which involves a plugin for WLW named Clipboard Capture. It adds a control to the Insert tab, so this does involve an extra step.

After copying the image, click where you want the image inserted, then click the Insert tab on the ribbon, click Clipboard Capture, and name your image. Then the Image tab appears and you can remove the link (by default, WLW seems to display a thumbnail of the inserted image with a link to a local copy of the full image rather than just the image).

You can tell from the Source view that you are seeing a "local" image rather than a link. Hopefully this will be a tolerable workaround until a more streamlined solution is discovered.

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Hi jscher2000, there indeed isn't such a conversion in WLW, and both IE and Chrome insert img tags. Firefox was the only one that used to work, before FF12 - if you tried to paste a copied image in FF11, you'd see it as a native image paste in WLW.

I have tried the plugin (thank you for your recommendation), and it indeed worked as described, though is far less convenient in usage and requires everyone to install it.

Okulungisiwe ngu archon810

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Hi archon810, thank you for confirming that. Hopefully someone will find a more streamlined workflow. At least the plugin has the benefit of inserting JPEGs in native format for larger digital photos, since in that situation JPEG compression should be much more efficient than PNG compression.

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Firefox 13.01 has still a bug related with that ugly implemented Copy Image function. I copied a picture (doesn't matter from what page or does not matter what image type) from it and tried to paste it in Lotus Notes (RTF fields). I got an embedded picture presentation in Lotus Notes, looked like an URL pasted into a small frame. This was definitely NOT the case before FF 12. But this is still the case with FF 12 and above, even with FF 13.01 - please fix it or offer an additional copy image function without copying that f*cking URL. Thx.

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Hi PeterSmith123, according to some posts I read in a web search, Lotus Notes has a Paste Special feature that allows you to select among the formats available on the clipboard. If you can find it, it will allow you to override the Notes editor's preference for the HTML format.

I don't know whether there are enough application issues to prompt the developers to change the built in Copy Image function again, but perhaps someone will develop an add-on.

To recap: The applications reported to paste HTML in preference to the bitmap image in Firefox 13+ are:

Microsoft Office - built-in workaround is to use Paste Special
Wordpad - built-in workaround is to use Paste Special
Windows Live Writer - no built-in workaround, add-on available
Lotus Notes rich text editor - workaround TBD

Okulungisiwe ngu jscher2000

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Yes, that's correct - Paste Special and later on selecting "Device Independant Bitmap" will result in inserting a "real" bitmap instead of something html-alike. But why using workarounds again and again just because somebody decided to change the working "copy image" functionality in FF 12 and above ? Or in other words - what the heck are they smoking and/or what was the reason to change it in that way html is the default when copying an image (so they should NOT copy the whole html element) ?

Okulungisiwe ngu PeterSmith123

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what was the reason to change it in that way html is the default when copying an image

I think this was mentioned earlier, but it was changed so that Gmail users (and other webmail users) could paste images from the web into mail compose windows in the browser. HTML is not the default: the receiving application chooses its preferred format from the ones available on the clipboard. As far as I know, before Firefox 12, Firefox was the only browser that didn't place alternate formats on the clipboard, so this changed made the behavior consistent -- much to the regret of those who used to use Firefox to work around the behavior of other browsers.

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Ok, but it would be still *really* nice to get an option (in about:config) to change it back to the behaviour it was before FF 12...

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Problem solved...Are you kidding me what idiot posted Problem solved? Ratten frackin dag`nap FireFox !!! Gettin mighty tired of Firefox ! I have Firefox 14.0.1 and can't "Copy" any images and paste them into my Office-Outlook messy'gees anymore. I'm dedicated to Office-Outlook my version is 2007. WHY? What the Sam Hills happen? I'm about blast the flea bitten critter to Kingdom`come that caused this here problem there some varmint inside Firefox that's a causin this here problem? WHATS GOIN ON Dag`nabit !!!! What's the FIX ?

Okulungisiwe ngu Yosemite Sam

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Hi MUTHR, the person who posted the question marked it solved; it's their thread. Can you start a new question and list your system information and add-ons?

If the various suggested articles don't help, keep scrolling down to continue posting a new question.

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