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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.


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I uninstalled Firefox 10 because so unstable -wasted hours of time trying to get online & weird problems.

I reinstalled Firefox 9 & back to normal & works great.



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Sorry you had problems with Firefox 10, but that wasn't the experience for most Firefox users with Firefox 10.

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I an inclined to agree with Lavone. I downloaded and installed the Firefox 10 update, only to see it crash when opening. After multiple attempts and after going online with Safari to the Firefox help site to get clues how get past the program's failure to open, I restored Firefox 9.01 from Time Machine. The old version works fine.

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I uninstalled Firefox 10. I thought I would have to hunt for Firefox 9. I found a copy of Firefox 9 in my download load file - clicked on Firefox 9 & loaded it. No problems since I am using Firefox 9.

If they automatically update me to 10 again I may have to repeat the process. I wish they will give us a choice to update or a NO button. Anyway I know what to do now.

I still prefer Firefox to Internet Explorer or even Goggle Chrome.

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I've been using Firefox for many years. I've never had crashes until 3 days ago when version 10 was automatically installed. Now it's 10.0.2 and it has crashed 4 times today. The only other version I have to install is 3.6.12 from long ago. Can this be installed over 10.0.2? If so, will all the updates come and be installed, and then I will be right back where I am now??? Is there a website where version 9 can be downloaded from?

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I believe there is a conflict with McAfee' site advisor which McAfee is working on.

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For me, the McAfee advisor was deemed incompatible a couple of Firefox version updates ago, so it's no longer a factor. I just found version 9.0.1 in torrents and installed it over version 10. So far, so good. In Options/Advanced, one can specify to NOT install updates automatically, and that's what I've done.

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Hi! I resolved my problem by uninstalling Firefox. I went to my download file & found Firefox 9 & ran it. I have been using Firefox 9 for several days & no problems.

When Firefox wants to update...... just CANCEL & your current version will be unchanged.

If you can't find Version 9 in your downloads... go online & ask for it.

Hope that helps you. LaVonne

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Every time I log on to Firefox it asks to update or CANCEL. I always CANCEL. I believe it is safer to uninstall Version 10 & then install 9.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks, LaVonne. I also have now installed version 9 over version 10 and will reject future upgrades. I've lost count as to how many times it has upgraded for me over the years without incident, but the lucky streak has apparently ended.

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Good. I still believe it is best policy to Uninstall Firefox 10 & Re-install Version 9. It is easy enough to do. Just be sure to do it from Programs & Features.

We need upgrades for lots of programs But they don't always work as planned.

I have to check my Programs & Features periodically especially after a Windows update. They add on programs & things I don't want & some cause conflicts. (i.e. - XminViewer Gadget. I don't have one & don't need the program. Silverlight caused conflicts. Just be sure to check on the Internet - what is this program & if you need it. WebEx was installed by something. It is another browser program so I was able to delete it as I don't want another browser. And on & on it goes.)

Seems the more I learn, the less I know or at least learn how little I do know.

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I really don't know why Firefox seem to think there is no problem with v10. You only need to Google "Firefox 10 keeps crashing" to see how widespread the problem is. Mine is crashing repeatedly every day. Unfortunately I can't find v9 in my downloads, and every link to download Firefox 9 that I click on by Googling "Firefox 9" just takes me to a Mozilla page which says the link is no longer available. Does anyone have a link to Firefox 9 which will work and enable me to roll back to that because Firefox 10 is driving me mad! Thanks.

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As stated above, I went to torrents for version 9.0.1 and installed it over 10.0.2. I have had no crashes since. However, the frequent reminders to upgrade are annoying. Here is a link to a good torrent: Hope you don't have to go back to IE! Good luck!

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Thanks very much Brian. Not having the first clue what a torrent is I was a little reluctant to download ;o.

However, I found another solution on a different posting here link text, which has a direct link to all of the Firefox releases. Have re-installed Firefox 9 and will give 10 a wide berth until I'm sure these issues have been sorted out!

Okulungisiwe ngu carolyng

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That looks like a good link, and I have bookmarked it. I notice that 9.0.1 is the last non-beta version issued, and I guess that says it all. I see in tools/options/advanced I can tell it to not even check for updates, so that annoyance is now eliminated too!

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Just un-install 10 with "Add-Remove Programs", then install 3.6.

This is what I did, and things are now working just fine again!

All your bookmarks will stay in place through the un-install, and 3.6 will pick them up.

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Try starting FF 10.0.2 in safe-mode by holding down the shift key when clicking on the FF shortcut. Don't check any boxes, just continue. Does FF still crash?

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Hi dad7732. I've now uninstalled 10 and reverted back to 9 so haven't tried starting it in safe mode. However, given I've never previously had to use updated versions in safe mode I can't see why I should start doing so now. It's clear from all the traffic out there on the web that 10 has a problem. I'll stick with 9 until I'm absolutely sure it's been sorted ;o

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Problem is that users keep uninstalling without trying all that we advise. We understand the frustration but it's not helping the cause if we can't pinpoint the reasons for the crashes, etc. There may be something in common being experienced by users that is causing the crashes. 8 workstations here running 10.0.2 and no crashes. Four more workstations running the various betas, etc.

Try starting in safe mode and report back here with results, we're here to help.

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I need it to work TODAY because I run two businesses here.

I don't have time to test your buggy software.

I'll run the older version until you figure it out.

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