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Firefox hangs, stops working, have to restart it

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I use Firefox all the time and really rely on it. I hate using IE. Lately, though (just in the past month or so) it is really annoying me. I will be using it just fine and then all of a sudden, clicking on links or putting in a URL will not work. It just hangs there, and the little round thing spins at the top of the tab (like the hourglass) and it just hangs forever. The only thing that works is if I close down Firefox and then restart it a little later (or reboot my pc). This is getting really annoying. It happens several times a day. Thanks! I am using Firefox 8.01 with Windows XP. I just reinstalled Windows a few months ago, so everything is clean and fresh and new :)

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A new version of Firefox has been released since the last time you were asked if you upgraded Firefox.

When Firefox hangs, have you noticed if it was after a specific time of having it open or on a website, or if you've been running any other programs?

This is usually a common cause as well.

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I've using Firefox 10.01 for a while - it told me to upgrade ages ago (it's set up to let me know when I need to upgrade).

Fixing the Firewall settings didn't help--it just happened again this morning.

No, it's not a specific time, it just happens randomly whenever I click on a link (any link), or do a search from the Google toolbar, or try to post something. I use Google a lot, but it's not just Google, it happens for any site I try to go to, including Facebook and Twitter and this site. It hangs for a while and then eventually it works again (I haven't timed it, but it's quite a few minutes at least). I don't bother restarting Firefox any more since it eventually works...

I always use the same programs and have for years, so I doubt this is it unless something in Firefox has changed that would cause it.

Running in the background is Desktop Calendar, Webshots, McAfee Security Center, Keyboard Express, and Webroot Secure Anywhere. I also usually have Microsoft Frontpage 2003, Notepad, Pegasus Mail Version 4.62, and sometimes IE or an image program open.

If it's another program interfering with it, then there is no point in my using Firefox because I would not want to have to keep closing my other programs... even IE, which I hate, is not that messed up...

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So now what can we try?

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Does FF start normally or does it hang when trying a web site, any web site? If it hangs on any/all web sites then disable McAfee just for the sake of seeing if that solves the problem.

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No, it just happens sporadically, not all the time, and not on start up. I will be working just fine and then all of a sudden, none of the links work. I click on a link, and I expect it to go to the site immediately (I have high speed DSL), but it doesn't, and the little circle on the tab just goes round and round (similar to the Windows hourglass), and I wait, and I try clicking other links but nothing works.... eventually it works again. When that happens, it's usually all sites, not just one, but it is not any one site that always does it.

There is no way to disable McAfee that would not endanger my computer. It doesn't happen right away, so I'd have to leave my Firefox open, exposed, and work on it for a while before I could see if it hung up again. That's not a good risk to take.

I really doubt it's McAfee because you would have millions of people complaining about this, not just me. Plus I've been using McAfee for many years and never had this problem. Plus I have it on all my computers and this is the only one where I have this Firefox problem.

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Just disable McAfee for a short time which won't endanger anything. If it works then we know where to go from here. Keep in mind that we would not suggest anything that would do harm. Have you tried deleting cache and cookies? When you're on a page that continues to run so to speak, hold the shift key while clicking the reload button and see what happens.

Okulungisiwe ngu JayGarcia

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I explained above why that won't work. In order to test out Firefox I would have to use it for a while and click on lots of links... and I can't do that without the safety of my antivirus program. It doesn't just happen right away. I would have to wait a while and keep using Firefox. And I couldn't even tell you how long I would have to do it, since it is sporadic. You may not be intending for my pc to come to harm, but you are telling me something risky nonetheless. I am not some newbie. I know how easy it is to get a virus or worm etc. I have been online since 94. I don't get viruses and that sort of thing very often because I am extremely careful. I use plain text email only, ok?

I reinstalled Windows and all of my programs on this computer in late November, so I doubt it's a caching problem. But sure, what the heck, I'll try it...

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The main thing your virus scanner does is scan files that are downloaded. As long as you don't download new files you are completely safe without 'protection'. Anti virus software can sometimes do weird things with your system because they want to integrate deeply in the OS.

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We are not telling you something risky. Firefox will not allow an intrusion by a virus or malware unless you agree to be infected. If you don't want to follow our advice and recommendations then it's that much more difficult to continue the help. Good luck.

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I did say I would try the cache thing. I cleared out my history, cache, cookies etc. as you instructed. I have followed all your advice here except for the antivirus one.

This is not solved until I know it is working, so please do unmark it as solved. My internet was out (phone line was messed up) since last night so I couldn't test it out until now.

McAfee Security Center does a lot more than just scan downloaded files. It lets me know if a site I'm going to is unsafe and blocks attacks from the net (I know because it has a little popup thing that tells me when it is blocking something bad). It has its own firwall. You need to read up on it if that's all you think it does.

Okulungisiwe ngu Suzanne Lanoue

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I know McAfee and I also know it's shortcomings and the hundreds of support issues it is responsible for creating. If you don't trust those that are trying to help then there is nothing else we can do to proceed. I can undo the solved flag.

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Thank you for removing that.

As I said, I did follow your other instructions so we'll have to wait and see if clearing the cache etc. work.

If I take off McAfee and I get malware, will you then replace my computer? Can I get that guarantee from you in writing and notarized?

If I listened to you and got rid of McAfee and still had the trouble, what then? Would you give up still or come up with another possibly solution? If the latter, then why don't we just skip the McAfee thing and go to that one?

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Currently, McAfee is protecting you from downloading malicious content, and other things. If you disable McAfee and don't download anything, you will be fine because we have worked really hard on Firefox to keep you safe. We would never suggest this if we didn't believe this.

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It's not that I don't trust you guys or think you are purposely deceiving me, nothing like that. I jam just very careful about internet security. Sorry....

I will let you all know if the last thing you suggested (clearing cache etc.) works or not. So far tonight I thought it was doing it twice, but it did not last as long so maybe, keeping my fingers crossed... will give it until tomorrow night as well because I wasn't on the web as much today as usual.

Thanks for all the help!

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Basically, if I have to choose between using Firefox, a free program (as much as I love it, there are others) and McAfee, which I paid for, and which protects me, especially since I won't know for sure that it is McAfee causing the problem... I'll have to choose the latter. I'll probably start using Slimbrowser full time if Firefox messes up on me again.

And just a reminder, I have four other computers in this house with Firefox and McAfee and they all work fine.

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OK, it messed up again, so I give up. I'll be using Google Chrome for looks pretty good. Thanks for all your help anyway.

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