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How do I revert Back to Vs 6.0.1 from 6.0.2 Which has no Google Bookmarks or Toolbar?

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I updated to Firefox vs 6.0.2 and it no longer supports Google Toolbar or More importantly, Google Bookmarks. Sneaky on your part, no warning of this change, just let us find out after the upgrade.

I could perhaps live without the toolbar but not the bookmarks. What are you thinking of, killing off Firefox.

Is there a way to revert back to vs 6.0.1? If not, I will try reverting my computer to an earlier time and if that does not work then I'm off to Chrome or Safari or Heaven help me Internet Explorer.

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Common Questions after Updating Firefox

Add-ons are Disabled after Updating Firefox

Check and tell if its working.

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I set my computer back to an earlier time to try and get vs 6.0.1 working again. After completing that, Firefox refused to start up. I guess they have fixed it so that we cannot go back.

I reinstalled vs 6.0.2 and imported the Google bookmarks into Firefox. What a mess, they are mixed up with my old bookmarks imported from Internet Explorer a number of years ago (totally out of date). After a couple of hours deleting the old IE bookmarks I got everything back to a semblance of vs 6.0.1 but without the main purpose of Google bookmarks, to make the bookmarks available to all my computers wherever I go. (I am a Canadian and frequently visit Colorado and Nevada).

I have not yet tried the fix add on at provided by the-edmeister, (Thank you very much). However I will do so when I find the time, and let you know how it works.

The information is not entirely true. I was able to get the Google bookmarks working just fine on Firefox vs 6.0.1.

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Sorting Bookmarks using Firefox

Sorting Bookmarks extension - SortPlaces

Okulungisiwe ngu Hasan

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I'm fairly new to Firefox and am disappointed.

I'm totally reliant on Roboform, and when Firefox 6.0.2 was released I noticed, somewhere, that Roboform didn't work with it yet. So I avoided it for a while.

Ten minutes ago I went through the release of 6.0.2, including known issues etc, and couldn't find any mention of Roboform. (If it is there, it wasn't obvious). So I installed it.

At the end of the installation it told me that Roboform, as well as other addins(?), extensions(?) - or whatever groups they are called here - don't work either.

So I come to this page to find how to go back to 6.0.1. The thread title gave me a clue.

I see that 135 people are looking for the same information there are some replies. The replies that don't ask questions give answers to OTHER questions.

Once bitten, twice shy. I'll recover my system drive, then stay on 6.0.1 forever, if needs be.

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ROBOFORM Version 7.4.2

RoboForm Lite Password Manager 2.1.0

Check and tell if its working.

Okulungisiwe ngu Hasan

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I have managed to get the Google Toolbar and all my Google bookmarks working again and working as they should. I'm not exactly sure how I did it. I think I signed in using an existing Gmail account that I had and then installed the Google Toolbar followed by the Bookmarks. I did try a number of other things and perhaps something I did fixed it accidentally. So when Firefox say that the Google add ons are no longer compatible, they are wrong!

I will now continue using FF 6.0.2 but will not upgrade to the next version unless they can show that it works with Google. I am not in the least interested in their efforts to improve FF at the expense of dumping Google. I would much rather they continue to improve their market share by giving us what we want, not what they want us to have. That was Internet explorers downfall. Chrome is still not anywhere to my liking.

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Google Toolbar – Bookmarks – Login issue in Firefox 6.0.2 solved.

It is due to change in google login link. The solution given at works perfect.