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After upgrading to Firefox 6, Netflix freezes on full screen, while audio still plays on Windows 7.

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It works fine on IE. I disabled all addons 1 by 1 and problem still existed. I then uninstalled Silverlight and Firefox completely clean and reinstalled and problem still exists. It's definitely a Firefox problem since Netflix works fine on IE-6 on up and other browsers. This has to be fixed ASAP or I and 1000,s of other users will be forced to use IE which we all hate and despise. Other posts show that since Firefox 3.6 update that the problem occurred requiring a hard restart. I also had that problem and it was Antivir Antivirus causing a conflict. People posted that adjusting Flash Player fixed the problem. Yea it did when viewing Youtube but that has nothing to do with Netflix since it doesn't use Flash Player. If Silverlight is uninstalled and reinstalled then the problem is gone until the 1st few times of watching Netflix full screen then the problem of full screen freezing reoccurs ASAP.

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Yea I've contacted Neflix and they just tell you what there reading from the manual that is on their screen like to uninstall Silverlight, etc. They tell you stuff that you obviously have already tried you know. They will no way admit it's a problem on their end.

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okay.. good to know

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