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How can I import my bookmarks and RSS feeds from Flock?

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  • Igcine ukuphendulwa ngu Dave.

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I just switched over from Flock because it's too sluggish to use anymore. How do I import all my bookmarks, passwords, and RSS feeds? If I have to do it all by hand, I'm going to cry.

Also do I need a separate RSS reader to get my feeds in a nice list like Flock does it? I don't really get how Live Bookmarks are supposed to work.

Thanks. I used Firefox before moving to Flock, so hopefully switching back won't be too painful.

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Please see these articles:

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Okulungisiwe ngu Xircal

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Hm. This was somewhat helpful. I got my bookmarks moved (although now that I see how many of them I had backed up, I'm not sure that was a good idea).

Still trying to figure out the passwords... I have my Flock profile folder and my Firefox profile folders open... it looks like I need to copy the key3.db file and the signons.sqlite file from the Flock folder to the Firefox folder, does that sound correct?

As for the RSS feeds, it looks like I'll need an external reader to make any use of the .OPML file that Flock exported for me. I'm still not really clear on how Live Bookmarks work, exactly. I see how to create and manage them, I just don't get how they function day to day. I have a ridiculous number of RSS feeds, some of which still have half a hundred posts I'm working my way through.

Any recommendations for a good Firefox compatible feed reader?


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Yes, copy those files you mentioned into your Firefox Profile folder.

If you want to see how your Profile folder looks right now, click the Windows Start button and go to Run. Type: %appdata% and click OK and then open the Mozilla folder.

If you don't have the Run command on your Windows 7 start menu, see this article: Enable Run Command on Windows 7

You can install this add-on to assist with your RSS feeds:

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Feed Sidebar! That sounds promising. Yeeeees, that's more like it.

Now how do I get my feeds into it? *EDIT* I found an OPML importer add-on, I'm going to try that. I'll whine again if that doesn't work. Thanks! */EDIT*

Thanks so much for the prompt replies, knowing someone helpful is out there really takes the edge off the frustration for those of us who are no longer as tech savvy as we were in our youth =\

Okulungisiwe ngu Dave.

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I don't have it installed, but I would imagine it creates a menu so that when you click on an RSS button, you see the option to add it to that app.

Does it have a "Help" or an "Options" menu? You could also try dragging one of your feeds into the sidebar to see if it supports that.

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Well, the OPLM manager doesn't appear to be supported in the newest version of Firefox... I may end up having to import by hand, which is a huge pain, but hey, I don't live under a bridge, so it's tough to complain too much.

Thanks for the help!

  • EDIT* Hm, I may have found another one, I'll try that and let you know if it works, so you'll know in case anybody else asks */Edit*

Okulungisiwe ngu Dave.

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Well, the Sage add-on will import the OPML file, but doesn't seem like it does a good job organizing and letting me know what's read and unread.

I may just stick to using Flock exclusively as my RSS catcher, it can still do that much at least.

Anyway thanks for all your assistance.

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Dang. I found the Bookmarks Library and then lost it. I know I've seen it a couple times but can't remember how I got there...

AH! There it is... "Unsorted Bookmarks" brings it up. That's not confusing at all. I think I might be able to get that first OPML importer to work now. I'll give that a shot.

Okulungisiwe ngu Dave.

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Hm. Yeah... it sort of worked. Ish.

Maybe if I better understood how Live Bookmarks are supposed to work this would all be a moot point.

For now I'm just gonna stick to what I know. Thanks, though. Sorry I've been such a pest.

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You're welcome.

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Many thanks in anticipation of your cooperation.

Okulungisiwe ngu Xircal

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Hm. I... don't know that I'd say my problem is "solved" exactly, so much as I just gave up on it. Parts of it are solved, I suppose. Maybe I should have broken it down into separate requests? If someone else were to come along at some point with a new suggestion, would that be a bad thing?

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No, you're welcome to leave it open if you wish. That's entirely up to you. But I'll be deleting it from my notifications list since I don't think there's anything else I can contribute.

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Fair enough. You've been a great help, thanks very much.