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I cannot log into Hotmail using Firefox 4.0.1

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Although I can log into Hotmail using Internet Explorer, I can no longer sign in when I use Firefox.

A message box comes up saying "You have chosen to open default.aspx which is an aspx File from"

It also prompts me with "What should Firefox do with this file?", making you have to choose between "open with/Browse" or "save file".

Afterwards, another message pops up which says:

C:\DOCUME~1\xxxx\LOCALS~1\Temp\d0Z4TvxE.aspx.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

I attempted a system restore several times but the problem still persists.

I tried to find information about it on the Internet, and I found this page which might explain the problem:

Is there any way to fix this situation aside from erasing my Hotmail account? I asked the help forum on MSN and they told me to contact the Firefox forum about this problem instead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Okulungisiwe ngu qiang_to

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I am using Firefox 3.5 (refused to update it caused too many conflicts with Windows and MSN and Skype...) but this is now happening to me since 16 June 2011...I believe that it has happened because of the latest Windows update yesterday...I tried a system restore to last Monday but I still have the problem. It was working fine yesterday whenI logged in and works perfectly when I use IE to access Hotmail but Firefox is a dead duck right now and obviously Microsoft has caused it

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I am encountering this same issue on two separate PCs. One is running Windows XP Pro, SP3, the other Windows Vista Home Edition SP2. Both have FF4.0.1. I began encountering the issue after each PC had 14 Windows updates applied. Hotmail works OK on IE8 on both PCs.

When I attempt to log-in to Hotmail, I receive message,” You have chosen to open default.aspx which is an aspx File.” I clicked Cancel.

Rather than backing out my Windows updates in both PCs to determine the errant one, I tried sodagreen’s solution. Entering “” in the address line received the same results. However, I was able to enter "" in the address line and gain access to my account.

Okulungisiwe ngu ladybugh

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I have this issue too, but I'm using Mac and Firefox 3.6.17. It started on June 16 as well.

When logging into hotmail, I get this message: "You have chosen to open default.aspx which is an aspx File. Would you like to CANCEL or SAVE."

I always click cancel. Then the page doesn't load, so I type "hotmail dot com" into the url bar again, and I can access my account. (The dot symbol . and not the actual word)

Not sure what's going on. I hope this is just some kink from Firefox that will fix itself, and not something dangerous.

Okulungisiwe ngu sodagreen

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I'm having the same issues, running Firefox 3.6. After downloading Windows Updates for Vista, Hotmail has stopped working. I can log on, but can't click on any messages. None of the buttons work at all in Hotmail; it's completely frozen. I have to log on using Internet Explorer. I had the same problems with Firefox 4.0; Norton 360 wouldn't work properly with it, so I deleted it, and went back to Firefox 3.6.

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I'm having the same problem. The problem occurred after I ran CCleaner and cleaned up some files on my laptop(Windows 7). Firefox can no longer open .apsx files as .html files. But I can't find a way to fix the problem.

I can still log into my hotmail account with Chrome and Internet Explorer. I hope someone can fix this problem.

Okulungisiwe ngu Anou6

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Started June 16th. Sure it had something to do with latest update. Would sure like to know what the fix is! I can still access Hotmail via internet explorer but not joy with Firefox.

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Wednesday night Hotmail added a new Java script to its page:

If you have NoScript you need to unblock the new script. (Yeah, took me hours to figure this out too.) Also the new script seems to only run with latest Java version/update. So, if it's not blocked try updating Java.

(From what some people has said, the updated hotmail likes FF4 better than older versions but that might be because they updated Java while updating FF.)

There might be other bugs in the update too, but getting the new Java to run seems to solve a lot of peoples problems.

Okulungisiwe ngu JMM1

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Hotmail is rolling out a server change at their end which might be causing this problem. Mozilla has spoken to them about it and they are trying to fix it. I won't be able to provide you a time estimate by when it will be solved but hotmail/mozilla is certainly looking at this issue.

I will let you know if get any updates!

Okulungisiwe ngu brinda

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We at Hotmail are investigating the 2 issues reported here:

1. I've confirmed that the NoScript extension for FireFox is unaware of a new script domain we're using That is a valid domain, so please enable that in NoScript if you're in the case where you can log in but then are unable to use your Inbox.

2. If you're experiencing the issue where you're completely unable to log in, I am looking to see if there's a particular extension that could be affecting it. If you have any other particular extensions would you mind sharing what they are?

Thanks for the reports and for using Hotmail.

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I am having the same problem with Firefox and Hotmail as everyone else is having. Also,I use Robo-form for my passwords and sometimes Firefox will allow Robo-form on the tool bar and sometimes it doesn't. Everytime I open the browser I never know what I will find. Firefox 4.0 is a royal pain, I want an older, more reliable version. I am uninstalling Firefox and am not re-installing until they make some improvements.

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I don't use NoScripts as an add-on, so that's not much help to me.

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Do you use ad block plus? If so, you need to create an exception rule for @@||^ Then reload the page and all buttons should be functional.

The changes to hotmail over the last 6months or so are pushing me closer to using gmail all the time.

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The only Firefox addon I have is ABP. My java is up to date and I have no intentions of switching from FF 3.6.17 to 4.0 any time soon. Seems there is too much prob with the new version for me to go there.

It's still a pain trying to log into Hotmail. I still get that aspx prompt. So I have to highlight the entire url and then drag it back into the url bar. After several times, the inbox page will finally load. Once there, I can access my emails just fine.

I took note of the aspx prompt again and this is what I see: "You have chosen to open default.aspx which is a binary file from http://bl127w dot blue127 dot mail dot live dot com

Would you like to CANCEL or SAVE."

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My hotmail account on firefox is now locked out as it's saying i've attempted too many times to input username/password which is bullshit. It is also no longer working on my andriod phone which is linked to my hotmail account. I'm also unable to login to youtube which also says my username/password is incorrect which is also bull. However I opened my Explorer browser and it says I am already logged in to my hotmail account where I can access my emails fine! What the hell's going on? Any ideas anyone?

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June 20 -- I went to hotmail and logged in with no problem at all. No aspx prompt or anything. I did see 15 postmaster failures notices in my inbox and a couple spam in my DRAFT folder.. which is odd. Needless to say, I trashed all of them.

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  1. I've confirmed that the NoScript extension for FireFox is unaware of a new script domain we're using That is a valid domain, so please enable that in NoScript if you're in the case where you can log in but then are unable to use your Inbox.

Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen, l0l. :P :D

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I avoid upgrading Windows for weeks and weeks because every time I do I lose function on my computer. This time it was my access to Hotmail from Mozilla but not IE (and I do NOT want to use that!). I am getting the same error messages as others have listed, but one thing I've noticed is when I go to my sign-on page the portion of the page that says "Messenger Friends" is stuck on "loading". It never loads, I can't get to my Inbox, and I've never used Messenger Friends. Whatever is wrong, it seems to have something to do with loading that part of, at least for me.

Come on, MS! It's time to play nice with others and stop this nonsense.  : > {

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Oh, and I upgraded to Firefox 5.0 hoping something might improve, but it hasn't.

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I was also getting the .aspx message with no recourse (no run, no save). I have NoScript. Adding "" to the Whitelist did not help, however calling "" versus "" did allow me to access my account.

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If you're still seeing the "default.aspx" error and would like to help the Hotmail team investigate what's going on, we'd love to hear from you.

Send us a quick note at, and include the Hotmail address where you're seeing the error and a way for us to reach you.

Thanks, Sam Windows Live Hotmail

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