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firefox 4 crashes constantly, on opening, different pages, etc. Old firefox worked fine

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I updated to Firefox 4 on my vista laptop. I am running no redirect and a script blocker, both compatable with firefox 4. Firefox 4 keeps crashing, will keep loading the "well this is embarrassing" page, even when it starts normally, I will load a page, and within a few minutes, firefox will redirect to that page, then crash

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Does this still happen if you restart Firefox in safe mode? For details, see Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems

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For me it's still freezing/crashing in safe mode.

I downloaded Firefox 4.0 yesterday. It worked fine then, but it keeps freezing today, from the moment I open it and on.

I tried using it in SafeMode, and it was doing the same thing there. So this isn't an add-on problem.

This is very frustrating, and obviously a problem on Firefox's end, as Internet Explorer and everything else works perfectly fine for me.

This happens on Firefox for me no matter what site I'm visiting (AOL Mail, Google, just normal websites I visit, etc., etc.)

Firefox is unusable right now, and I have to use Internet Explorer.

There's obviously some sort of bug happening on Firefox 4.0 for some users, as I'm seeing a lot of users with this issue.

What can be done? Others have tried reinstalling, and that doesn't work. Plus, it's a pain as it took me hours to navigate and set up Firefox 4.0 the way I like it yesterday (including coding things the way I having "open link in new tab" be underneath "open link in new window" like it was on the old Firefox). I do NOT want to do that again, especially since that remedy does not seem to be working for most.

Like I said, it worked fine yesterday, so this seems to be a recent issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

By the way, I am using Windows Vista. Just trying to include all info that may be helpful.

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If you have McAfee Site Advisor installed, you might need to download a new version to fix this problem:

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I don't.

A few hours later it was working fine again. I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I redownloaded Firefox 4.0 (without me deleting the 4.0 version that was already on my computer), or if it has anything to do with the fact that my Windows explorer crashed and rebooted itself. I doubt it's the latter, as I'd rebooted my computer several times in an effort to get Firefox to work, and one would presume your Windows explorer automatically reboots when you do that.

I think it might just have randomly started working again, just like it randomly stopped working. I am hoping that this doesn't happen again. I know there are still many users who need help, and to me it seems quite obvious that there are still bugs and problems causing Firefox 4.0 not to work properly for some.

Anyway, thanks. I'll be back if it stops working again.

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This is happening to me every single time I leave firefox unattended (minimized) for a a few hours. When I come back and open a new tab it just freezes out...

This is so frustrating and it never happened with old firefox.

I'm running on Windows 7.


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I was thinking... just a wild guess: Could it possibly have something to do with Windows 7 login? My computer locks down with screen saver so every time I come back to use it I have to enter my password, then I try to use firefox and bam! it freezes...

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Until I see a good solution posted here I'm gonna use chrome till a patch manifests itself...

BTW how did you switch the open link in a new tab / window order?

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I installed firefox 4 a few days ago and it was working fine until today so the crashing has just started and for those of you who have not experienced it yet then I hope you don't but if they do not address the issue soon they are going to have a very big problem. I think until they resolve this issue I will go and use the dreaded IE 9 so I don't lose what I am doing right in the middle of it and have to redo it all. I am sure if they get enough complaints someone will get off their *** and take a look into the problem, but until a substantial amount of people complain about it they won't do a thing.

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@at016mx same problem here on win xp sp3.

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FF4 crashes by me every now and then, installed on Mac OS 10.6.6. I can't find the reason, but it happens sometimes 10 time per hour on different pages.

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I had the same problem just now as I was trying to open a YT channel. Solved the problem only be clearing my cache and cookies from the options. Hope it helps :)

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i cleared the cache and cookies, i restarted multi times just to try and get it to stop freezing and crashing no matter if im on google or many pages! It alway's crashes, i dont understand it! i even reinstalled it... wish they just kept the last firefox at least it worked and at least if your gonna make something they should have tryed it out first!, one other thing i tryed reinstalling the old one and now it even does it, what gives? now neither works... this is the first time i have ever had a problem with firefox, And mozilla needs to fix it, mozilla is the only one i use. Now i gotto settle for internet explorer............. HELP!

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Yes!!! it crashes both in safe mode an "full featured" mode.

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I found Adobe Flash 10.2 to be my problem. Uninstall Flash from the control panel, and install 10.1. you can find the older version here

choose the archived version 10.1. In the zip file extract the


file and install. good luck ..........


Okulungisiwe ngu Vega

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To happened the same ppl, firefox4 worked fine in the last 2weeks until 3days ago it start crashing all the time, I tryed to use ur solution vega509 but adobe doesn't let me install that flashplayer10_1r102_64 version cus says it's not the most current one. I'm a long time firefox user since the 1st version, I don't want to change to other browser.

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I'm on a mac 10.5.8 system. Firefox 4 has begun to crash on me routinely, doesn't matter what page I am on (twitter,, it seems to be happening with accelerating frequency.

I like using Firefox because I like the Firebug utility, but this is really frustrating. Did not ever have this problem with previous Firefox.

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Crashes randomly, several times a day. Infuriating! AND often freezes opening pdfs -- the blue bar appears and then nothing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader. No change.

Also I am unable to use Yahoo mail in 4.0. The page never loads. Calendar is fine. What's with that? I hate using IE or chrome, but now I have to.

I have only a couple of add-ons, far fewer than I did with 3.6 -- which rarely crashed.

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I installed Firefox 4 today and it just keeps crashing so returned to my previous version of firefox which has no problems. The latest version of Advance System Care v.4 pro advises that there are no problems on my computer.

Bonner Martin

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How do I go back to the previous version if I can't get this one fixed?

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Your results may vary, obviously, but I've just managed to solve my "Firefox crashing as soon as it loads" problem by going into my profile, and moving out the folder called "GoogleToolbarData". Since doing that (and hoping I'm not tempting fate here), no crashes.

At this point, it's probably worth saying I'd used the Google Toolbar under Firefox 3, but not when using Firefox 4, which is presumably a big factor. Either way, it's worth trying.

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