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Firefox browser constantly lagging and not responding

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It does it on any site I visit. I have tried clearing my cashe and cookies. It has gotten to the point I can't do anything becasue it stops responding. This started when I had version 3.5 and has continued since I upgraded to the newst version. It is only Firefox and not my other browsers so I don't see how it is my computer. Anything I can do to make it stop and work properly?

The reason mine was doing it was becasue of the add-ons. I deleted them all and only reinstalled AdBlock Plus, no script, request policy, and the video downloader. I have not had a problem since. It was either Mr Tech Toolkit or the personas. :(

Okulungisiwe ngu ika_hinotama

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Make sure that you allow the plugin-container in your security software (firewall). It may be necessary to remove the current permissions and let the software ask for new permissions.

You can also try to do a clean reinstall of Firefox and make sure that you delete the Firefox program folder (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\)

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This problem has been frustrating me for ages now. I have tried every "fix" I could find and nothing helps. The lag is unbearable! Firefox used to be a good browser, but hasn't been up to standard for a while now. Not sure what they've done to it! If it's not broke don't fix it!!! Anyway I've switched to Google Chrome and surprisingly it's a good browser and much faster! Sorry Firefox, but you've lost me... (The only add on I was running was Ad-Block Plus. Was the same lag with or without it.)

Okulungisiwe ngu katshiver

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Hi its not good solution , You should open task manager / proces / find plugin container for firefox and end THIS one proces ! cy hf your firefox back to life ;)

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I am also having this problem. I have never had an issue with my Firefox. I upgraded to 7.01 and now I can barely surf the internet. I have now downloaded Opera and I am using it off and on. Unfortunately, all my passwords are setup in FF so I hate to use something else.

PLEASE, is there a fix for this yet?

Kim Huff

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Plugin container is intended to stop firefox crashing, by isolating plugins. It is possible to turn that behaviour off by changing a preference. It may be an idea to find out why that is running in the first place, it will often be because you have flash Player playing something on one or more of your tabs. Some users have reported firefox behaving better without plugin container in some circumstances.

There is also a known bug were the issue is unnecessary multiple copies of plugin container may start up on clearing cookies/history.

By all means try stopping plugin container, just be aware of what it is.

See also

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I have used FireFox for quite a few years now and I honestly really like the browser. However, since I installed the newest (or second newest) version, it crashes so frequently that I simply can not ignore it. Oftentimes it doesn't take more than clicking the new tab button for the program to freeze up and display that annoying "not responding" message in the title bare. I'm sorry, FireFox, but I have switched to Chrome. I can't say I like it as much as FireFox (though it certainly has a significantly shorter boot-time), but having my browser crash 5-10 times every day is simply driving me insane ...

Okulungisiwe ngu Dragonion

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Upgrade to a new version, and then disable hardware acceleration in the Advanced Options menu.

Firefox > Options > Advanced

Uncheck hardware acceleration, worked for me!

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Everything ran SLOWLY. Once I disabled FastestFox 4.7.2 ALL my problems seemingly resolved. Hope it's as easy for you.

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I'm getting a constant hanging (for about 15~30 sec) with Firefox 7.0.1 Tried safe mode/disabling addons. Tried with a reinstall and a wipe of profiles. Hardware acceleration off. Updated plugins/tried without plugins (infact java and flash keep running when the browser stop responding, although, can't interact with either one)

Suffice to say 'nothing' is working and I'm starting to get really peeved.

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@ Dragonion
if you get plugin crashes that are not site related it may be worth submitting plugin crash reports, as mentioned previously in this thread. At least that adds to data used by developers who investigate bugs.

@ Trew
turning off hardware acceleration is certainly worth trying. There is also an option to turn it off for Flash Player using the Flash Players options. Using safe mode disables hardware acceleration BTW.
It may also be worth checking drivers are up to date

@ Draylyn
you have tried some of the obvious troubleshooting steps, you could start your own thread see if anyone can sort out your own specific problem. Other possibilities include

  • malware, background tasks, or bad internet/wifi connections
  • prefference setting on number of connections, if a Windows machine.
  • places.sqlite/bookmarks problems

There are major problems
as can be evidenced by the 6000 plus votes of this thread! some of which are still unresolved and may be firefox bugs. As general rules of thumb

  • look at related threads, you may find solutions have already been posted
    (there are several potential reasons for hangs)
  • it is best to start your own thread for each individual problem if you need to ask a question.

Not sure if I mentioned it in this thread: Mozilla Firefox are trying to add automated reporting to detect problems with hangs in the hope that will then get picked up and resolved pre-Release. Obviously things have gone wrong and problems emerged that were not then addressed quickly.

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Had this issue as well for about a week. Firefox would just randomly hang on any website or doing nothing, every few minutes.

I resolved it. though it might be annoying to do.

i backed up all my bookmarks completely uninstalled firefox and restarted my com downloaded the latest installer, ran it and installed all my add ons as well addblock, noscript, etc

running perfectly now.

2 things to note: the browser interface changed a little even though i was "supposedly on an updated" firefox.

this one looks entirely different says version 8

and the second part: i also updated my graphics driver, i was on AMD Catalyst 11.7, updated that to the latest version just to make sure.

sure enough, works excellent now, loving the new layout as well.

hope you guys resolve your "not respoding's" as well

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Firefox 8 has caused this.

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No, it's been going on since version 5 or 6.

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@ ika_hinotama

As long as it's patched and up to date, there is nothing wrong with IE's security. You are just spewing fear and propaganda.

@ vfiduccia

People are suggesting IE8/9 because they work fine, and there is nothing wrong with their product design. If you can't get them to work, your computer is what's apparently screwed up.

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1 Year old threads are not always the best ones to post in, IE may well have improved, Firefox will certainly have changed since this thread started.

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My firefox keep on not responding for few months!! As i started surfing internet for 5 minutes , it would begin not responding and it did cause a lot of trouble to me! And also my download item (about 1gb) had finish 98% and suddenly not responding , I neeed to redownload again . I am going to use google chrome now

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SOLUTION: Uninstall Firefox 8 and Install an older version. The result is a browser you remember to work perfectly. Why update when you know there is no need to.

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Please remember if installing an older version that only firefox 3.6 is still supported and considered secure. Using other old versions increases risks to your System & to your personal data.

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I can't believe I've got to revert to an earlier version to fix this. This is the first serious issue I've had in years of Firefox use, come on dev's, sort it out - please!

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