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XXX: before website name in browser and tab title

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whenever i load my browser either it be firefox or IE the title at the top of the screen before the webpage name always has a XXX: before it and i'd like to get rid of it along with that when loading webpages another webpage will load with it i've ran AVs numerous times along with malwarebytes and spybot but its still there any help?

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I have this exact problem. I am currently in the process of running a few anti-malware scanners. It doesn't seem to affect my web browsing in any way but who knows what it is.

Any solution will be greatly appreciated.


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Okay, it is gone now. This could be Firefox's doing or it actually was a virus.

For the record; I followed the procedures on this page:

Seemed to work nonetheless.

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Your plugins list shows outdated plugin(s) with known security and stability risks.

  • Java Plug-in 1.6.0_13 for Netscape Navigator (DLL Helper)

Update the Java plugin to the latest version.

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thank you for the posts as for the update java post when trying to install i got two errors.

sorry about the longer image got duel screens not sure how to print screen one screen.

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i believe i have fixed the problem through getting another problem and fixing both i ended up with the antivir solution pro virus and it kept blue screening me not fun at 5am in the morning :P But then i started my computer in safe mode to not get blue screened and the windows emergency shutdown info told me where the files were for the anti vir solution pro virus, so i went to the folder and i deleted them. Then i went into the startup menu(run>msconfig>startup tab) and found the two programs that were causing my problems the first was some jibberish for the solution pro virus, the other had an a file name adiosxxxxxxxx/adiosxxxxxxxxxxxx.exe and with the x's in the name i'm assuming that was causing the browser problem which has now disappeared :)

Hope this helped for anyone still having the problem if it is not fixed i'll be posting back here :)

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Hi guys, i'm an amateur at this, but I've been dealing with this nasty for 2 days now and have just got rid! It came as part of adiosxxxxx.exe, which I found and deleted but the problem remained. I found a secondary from it in startup called mbaloakshdw.exe which I removed and then ran the top 5 virus/spyware/malware/trojan fighters. Also took some advice off forums and went into the HKEYs and got rid of the nasties there too. The only thing remaining was that darn XXX : Google! Started up in safe mode and found adiosxxxxx was still lingering as a hidden backup file in C drive. Changed my recycle bin settings so when you delete an item it totally removes it without sending it to the recycle bin. Went and deleted the shady adiosxxxxx in C, and did a restart in normal mode. And vermoose! It was gone!!! Hope you all win the battle too!

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yep i got this bug too.

I downloaded a nodvd crack from gamecopyworl or burn or something (for testing purposes) for the game wall-e.

AVG later found a couple of virus/trojans in the exe and delete them. later i also run spybot ans windowds defender plus regcleener and the rest and took out all the temp files and deleted the affected windows restore copies.

But still i get the xxx: before any website using firefox 3.6.8/windows xp etc etc.

Another thing is that internet explorer wont connect at all via my wireless connection.

bug me if i know the answer!


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morris. After much persevering i also deleted (almost) the offending culprit.

As mention by cassie jsl. Theres a virus exe that was in c drive but is well hidden. adios xxxx

I tried avg, superaaintispyware, malwarebites antispuware and windows defender and NONE of them finds it while searching.

But i started my pc in safe mode then did a basic search for the word adios and it was found in no time. I deleted the exe but for some reason its still there but windows just wont show it. (hidden folders enable and all).

Still the xxx is now gone. Dont forget to delete the prefech contents folder as well in safe mode. adios made itself a copy in there aswell.

see pic of what the virus name is.


Okulungisiwe ngu omac

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My girlfriend has this too!

And for the record internet explorer also has XXX: in the titlebar.

I think im going to reinstall the OS just to be on the safe side..

A little additional info:

There was no adios* file on the system. There was however a file named googlemapp.exe located in


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je pense que cela vient d'une modification de la base de registre! mais je n'est pas encore trouvé ou! bitdefender n'a rien trouvé spybot a corrigé 75 problèmes mais les xxx: restes :-( help for registry entrie!

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I had the same problem. You can fix it with Trend Micro online scan. It will also found a file in the windows prefetch . The filename contents "xxx". Delete this file Usually you will find this file with the date of the infection date.