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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

i have asked this question several times, and keep getting shunted back, about not being able to add a bookmark to a folder in the bookmarks menu

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I made a folder to hold bookmarks of one type. when i tried to add another bookmark to this folder the folder will not show up so i can add this bookmark, the box only extends down a short distance, none of the folders are in the order they are supposed to be, and the one i need i can not access.

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There are two little drop arrows in the Add Bookmark dialog to the right of "Folder". The first one (from left to right) lists the five most recently used folders. The slightly larger second one lets you access the full list. Does that seem to match how it works for you?

Okulungisiwe ngu jscher2000

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Hi elfanton.

click bookmarks >manage bookmarks >bookmarks menu.

you can put your bookmarks in the right order by >right click draging to where you want. if your new folder is not here , it might be in> unsorted bookmarks

If it's here >right click drag , over to left panel 'Bookmarks menu'.

then go back to bookmarks menu and put in position.

hopefully helpful.

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hi, thanks for replying. I do not have anything that says 'manage bookmarks" when i click on bookmarks i can "bookmark this page" or (sometimes) "subscribe to" or" Bookmark all tabs" (??) or "Organize Bookmarks" At first there is the list of folders i have made: if i choose "Bookmark this page" a small menu of (I guess) most used folders or i can "Choose" but this too is a limited list and i have not found a way to get the whole list of folders. Aaaaargh!

Thanks if you can help


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thanks for your help, but no, i still only get a blank box with none of my folders showing and a 'choose' option which gives me the option to make a new folder with tags. but none of the folders i had set up are there... does that make sense?

(I have never had this issue with firefox, but i used to play Farmville and there were these dialog box issues on that, one reason i quit playing - too much time wasted trying to deal with it...)

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Use this add-on to "open up" the Bookmarks box:

After installing the add-on and restarting Firefox, click Tools > Add-ons > Extensions, click "Add Bookmark Here 2", click "Options". In the BMH2 Options, click "Panel", check mark everything. Look at the other options while you are there, but be careful.

Then, click any one of the following:

  • the "star" in the URL/location bar,
  • click Ctrl+D, or
  • right-click and choose "Bookmark this page".

Then click on the 2 buttons that I have outlined in red on the attached screenshot so that the "arrows" point upward to fully expand all sections. The Bookmarks panel will remain expanded for all future use unless you click on one of the buttons that I have outlined in red making the "arrow" point downward.

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Hi E, My mistake, >bookmarks>'organize bookmarks'.

should give you left panel' headings' of which bookmarks you want to see and organize. and a big area that will display your bookmarks that you choose from the left panel headings.

then you can look in (click) each heading to find where you have put your bookmarks , then drag and drop to where you do want them.

you can drag and drop from the 'right hand' work area ,over to the left panel 'headings ' to put your bookmarks in the right place .

then drag and drop up and down in the 'right hand ' work space to 'order ' them .

you probably want your bookmarks ,and bookmark folders you have created, to be in 'bookmarks menu' .

hopeful  !

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The first reply from jscher should work for you if you are using Firefox. I tried to use Screengrab to give you some pictures of it but it would not keep the Bookmarks tab open.

If you hit the Bookmarks tab, then you should be able to see all of your folders. If your folders are not visible there then they are not located there and that is why it is not working for you. If your folders are there, then click on BookMark This Page (it should be first on the list), a smaller box should open up, you need to click on the Folder tab which should currently read Bookmarks Menu, clcik on that tab, a new box should open, click on "Choose", another new box should open which should show all of your folders (you may have to scroll down to see them all). Pick the folder you want to put the bookmark in and it should be there.

Again when you first click on Bookmarks, if your folders are not listed on that drop down box, then they are not currently in Firefox.

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Hi, thanks for answering. Yes, my bookmarks folders are there when i first hit "bookmarks" When i click "Bookmark this page" i get the smaller box with five (yup 5) folders showing, not the one i wanted, so i hit "choose" just as you say and there are NO folders listed, just a little box at the bottom where i could make a new folder. But i already have made the folder i want - it showed up in the first box. I can not scroll down in that "choose" box. this must be a glitch, because three of you have given me exactly the same advice but it does not work! Woe is me, what can i do to fix this?

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Thanks for your reply, thanks to all of you. i wish i could report 'fixed' but i still have this problem.

Shouldn't Firefox do this without an add-on? I'm kinda leery of covering errors with add-ons, besides i get a scary message that asks me if i trust this site, and i don't know... (lol)

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> i hit "choose" just as you say and there are NO folders listed, just a little box at the bottom where i could make a new folder.

It sounds as though something in your settings, or an existing add-on, might be interfering with Firefox's normal behavior.

We can go on a journey of discovery, but first, make a backup of your computer for safekeeping. To back up Firefox, see Backing up your information.

Next, try starting Firefox in Firefox Safe Mode. Be careful not to "reset" anything permanently if you didn't back up.

Does it work in Safe Mode with add-ons temporarily disabled? If not, try creating a new (blank) profile: Managing profiles.

If it works there, then it must be some other setting. These can be a bit hard to track down, so if it's worth the hassle, you could instead move key settings like bookmarks from your problem profile to the new profile, see: Recovering important data from an old profile.

Hope this helps.

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"Shouldn't Firefox do this without an add-on? I'm kinda leery of covering errors with add-ons,..."

The Bookmarks panel was not well designed in my opinion. Too many boxes and expansion arrows, etc.

Not an error, just a lack of forethought and planning when it comes to user-friendliness. If Firefox were perfectly designed (an impossible task) so that anyone and everyone could use it without outside assistance at some time (no such browser exits), then user forums would not be necessary.

"...besides i get a scary message that asks me if i trust this site, and i don't know... (lol)"

That sounds like a warning from your firewall or from a security toolbar that you have installed (i.e., McAfee, Norton, etc.). It is the official Mozilla downloads site, and it is a secure site (note https://)

I turned off Add Bookmark Here 2 to show you the panels you should be seeing. If the above explanations and attached screenshot do not help you, then I have no other suggestions to make.

Good luck.

Okulungisiwe ngu Helper7677

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How did you do that? (o gee, another issue!)

I do not get a list of items when i hit 'choose' just a blank box with "new Folder" at the bottom.  If i make a new folder my bookmark goes into that but then i can't move the bookmark, right-click and it asks if i wanna move it there but then it's not there when i check.   I also installed that add-on - the only change is a new box with many little boxes for checkmarks next to tags i have used before.  i still don't get to put my bookmark in the folder i want.  well i get that you spent a lot of energy here - thanks very much for trying.
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yeah, i think it's gotta be a glitch. that sounds scary - have to gird my loins for that.

Could it be stumble-upon do you think?  my only other add-on.  Windows 7 is new to me too - just when i thought i got the hang of xp... thank god i didn't go with linux i would be plastered all over the universe by now lol

thanks for all your effort - i'll try - my bookmarks are very important to me

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I have Stumble Upon and it is not affecting my Bookmarks links. DO you have any add-ons that are Bookmark related add-ons? Maybe one of them took over and you can find your folders in that add-on application?

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Not sure if you ever got your problem solved or not but, I just myself had that issue and then remembered how to do just that. You go to bookmarks and when the drop down window drops, choose show all bookmarks, you will get another window and it will show all of the bookmarks that you have on the left side and if you scroll down to the bottom it will show unsorted bookmarks and if click on it on the right side you will see all of the ones that you have yet to put in order. You just simply click and drag to the spot where you want it to be. Hope this helps you and others who may have this same problen