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My bookmarks toolbar is not showing up

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I upgraded my firefox browser and since the upgrade I cannot find or reinstall my bookmarks toolbar. I have tried reinstalling firefox but nothing has brought it back.

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Select the View menu, then the Toolbars sub-menu, then click on Bookmarks Toolbar in the list of toolbars to toggle displaying it.

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I'm having the same problem as Tina: my bookmarks toolbar is toggled as being displayed, but the icons within the toolbar are still not showing. If I go to customize the toolbars, the Boomarks Toolbar Item is clearly showing, but when I am done with customizing, the bookmarks will not show.

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I have done that and actually you can see the space where the toolbar menu should be which disappears when you deselect it in the view menu. The space is there but the icons are not so you can't navigate to a page in one click. Very annoying and may force me to go back to Safari.

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I have the exact same problem! what's worse is now the navigation bar is gone too! this issue needs to get fixed soon... what happened to firefox!

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I just had this happen to me - Bookmarks Toolbar was on, the bar itself was there, but no icons were showing. Turns out in the "Customize Toolbar" Menu, there's an "item" labled "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" - I had mistakenly moved the item over to my Google Toolbar and then hid my Google Toolbar, which made it disappear.

Basically, I had the Bookmarks Toolbar, but lost the "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" item that actually made it work.

So double check your "Customize Toolbar" menu (right click around your navigation buttons and choose "Customize..." at the bottom of the pop up menu that appears), and scroll through that to see if it's in the list. Move it back to your Bookmarks Toolbar if so.

If not, activate all your toolbars (right click around your navigation buttons and make sure everything is checked), then choose "Customize...." THEN look around your Toolbars to see if "Bookmark Toolbar Items" appears somewhere. Again, move it back to your Bookmarks Toolbar and you should be set.

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Tried it. Did absolutely nothing. I can check the box to toggle bookmarks toolbar on or off, but nothing actually happens.

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You can try:

This can also be a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

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@bodega1027 Thank you! You are a genius. This was so irritating and now I am so happy to have my bookmarks back in the bookmarks toolbar.

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I had the same problem as described here: the bookmark bar was on but the bookmarks where not there. There is a simple solution on it. As my firefox is in Polish and I don't know what the buttons are called in English, I am attaching screenshot to make it easier.

After adding the bookmarks bar, please follow the instructions in the screen-shots attached.

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This really is bleedin hopeless. Here we are in May 2012 and this bookmarks bar disappearing business is STILL happening. Do the Mozilla programmers expect us to fart around for a couple of hours while WE find out how to fix bad behaviour while they carry on creating new (faulty) versions, in ever-increasing numbers? That's the way to lose market share, it said in my business administration course...

Now, it's time to find out why 'last session' is lost after upgrading versions. I can't see that you're long for this world, Moz...

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Try this:

check your "Customize Toolbar" menu (right click around your navigation buttons and choose "Customize...") at the bottom of the pop up menu that appears click on "add new toolbar". Type in the box that comes up "bookmarks toolbar".

It came back for me when I left the customize screen.