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The new version of hotmail is not working on Firefox

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Hi There

Hotmail have this week updated their website, since then on Firefox I can't seem to open, delete, compose or do anything with my emails. All I can do is get into the inbox and that's it. I have been on Safari and seem to access all my emails as normal. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem??

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Moderator Edit: This issue is caused by the current version of the Foxit Reader. Foxit is aware of the issue and are working on a fix. At this point, you must roll back to an older version of Foxit to fix the issue. See this related thread:

thanks rick. i found out the long wayvyyy. are you having the same problem too.

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Here is a thread on the Hotmail site. The first post shows the new requirements for using Hotmail.

There are also instructions for posting in that thread about any problems you are having with Hotmail.

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It might be time for extreme measures:

And make sure you let hotmail know.

Power to the people.

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It really is too bad that the new version Hotmail doesn't work using Firefox. Firefox is my favorite browser with all the themes and bookmarks on the tab bar are easier to control than other browsers. The only way I can really use Hotmail is by using Google Chrome or IE. I hope a fix is on it's way. Chrome and IE aren't bad but I really haven't used the others because Firefox has been my default browser for years.

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To me, I don't think it's the issue between Hotmail and Firefox. I am using the latest version of Hotmail with Firefox 3.6.8 and haven't had any problems so far. Everything works fine except I am still not used to the new format, which I am still trying to adjust and like.

If you have problems with Hotmail, you really should post your problems in Hotmail forum since, I don't think, anything Firefox can fix.

Just my opinion.

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Just one more note. I am using Windows XP SP3. I understand the author of this thread is using OS X and I am not sure if all users or just some that posted in this thread are using OS X.

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Yes, my hotmail when using Firefox 3.6.10 don't worked too. Cannot open and scroll down messages. Not working since 2 days ago.

I run the latest MAC OS 10.6.4.

Hotmails works on Safari surfer like a charm.

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I've had this happen as well. Use another program, Chrome, Safari, Gmail... (yes, even IE, yuck...) and it works. It's something to learn from (that's fer the FireFox programmers....) God Bless FuzzyJoe

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All, yes I have the same problem and I'm using Firefox 3.6.12

Can log in fine into my hotmail account but cannot open up and new or old messages in my inbox. I can access emails through the IE browser.

Initially thought it may be an issue for hotmail to sort. After I posted this issue on their forum, their reply was that hotmail is compatible with the new version firefox.

So its really a firefox issue to sort now. Something so fundamental like this really needs to get sorted...


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After Hotmail site updates, you sometimes need to How to clear the cache

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The problem I have is that when I try to send a message or delete one I see a piss yellow banner that tells me that I have no connection with hot mail at the moment. and to try again. My work around is to use the IE. tab and switch rendering engines and view the tab as an IE. tab I normally do this as soon as I decide to do anything with my mail. Hot mail runs fine for me once I do this. Geek Boy needs to be shot for allowing such an inferior product to be released!!!! That windows is, I will never have another system that runs windows I also refuse to support the arrogant jack ass from Cupertino I will simply install Linux and be done with them both.

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silkphoenix...nuh uh!!! Went there, just ran me in circles. I believe in FF and who they are, but I'm beginning to hate them if they can't get their stuff in order.

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I am also experiencing problems with mail2world. I cannot reply to any emails through webmail. I get a blank page when I click on "reply" or "reply all" link. Basically this is not isolated to hotmail. Other email providers are getting affected.

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I assume the Hotmail issue has been resolved. As of 4-8-2011, my visit to this site worked flawlessly (w/FF4). Well, I'm happy.

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Ugh, I just got this problem today. First it told me hotmail updated or something, or that I had new emails, and then it just stopped recognizing the /# links. If i click the new folder link, then click my inbox or my folders with new mail (from other email addresses) it'll go to that inbox but it won't open any mail, old or new. It's not recognizing these links. I think it's some Flash conflict.

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  1. I disabled all the plugins in Firefox (Firefox - Add-ons - Plugins). Then restart FF.
  2. Hotmail then became fully functional again.
  3. I enabled each plugin one by one until I worked out which one was causing it. Restarting FF each time.

I discovered my issuse was caused by the plugin:

mFlowBrowser Plugin

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Per the hotmail forum..I downloaded the new version of FF and now everything seems to be working

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It was the mflow plugin causing the problem for me - now disabled and sorted. Cheers jj72

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im having a problem with hotmail too i can sign in to hotmail and it takes me to my inbox but when i click on a email to have a look at it it dont do any thing im using the lastest firefox 5.0 Web browser and my os in windows 7 Home premium 64 bit and i dont have any plugins Enabled i have them all Disabled and still i cant click on a email to read it please help as i dont really want to use internet explorer 9 please please help thanks

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Is a hotmail problem/feature, they detect firefox and reduce the site functionality, it's not another answer. If you are using a extension like User Agent Switcher, change it to Netscape 4.7 and hotmail will work, you will get a warning of browser unssuported but go across that I view the code and blocking |$Live.SiteContent.MicrosoftAjax/3.0.31123/release/MicrosoftAjaxCompat.js with adblock plus enable to work with hotmail without changing the UA

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