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version 3.6.8 crashes all the time

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Firefox hangs, the download basket hangs and this is the worst I've seen it

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I upgraded to verion 3.6.8

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

Add-ons are the collective whole of extensions, themes and plugins. It's impossible to uninstall all add-ons from inside Firefox because plugins cannot be uninstalled from inside Firefox. Again, your probably mean extensions. Uninstalling extensions, and, in fact, uninstalling add-ons as a whole is not necessary, since you can easily simulate an environment without add-ons by either disabling them manually (extensions, themes and plugins) from inside Firefox (Tools > Add-ons) or through safe mode. Remember to use safe mode, or be sure to disable all plugins and themes, to check if the problem is with an add-on.

If you want to use an older version of Firefox, 3.5.11 is the one to use, yes. It's supported and fully up to date, so if you don't have any problems with it, it's a good solution, while you don't get around to check your installed add-ons for something that may be causing this problem. But please don't update to future versions of Firefox 3.6 in hopes that it magically fixes this issue. This is not a known issue with Firefox, is very likely created by an add-on (either an extension, a theme or a plugin), so please get around to check those previous to updating. You can also check which bugs are fixed in each release by checking the release notes of the release you want to check, to see if the bug you were experience was fixed (it won't be fixed if it's a problem with an add-on, since it won't be a problem with Firefox). Thank you for your understanding.

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Ditto much of what's been reported, plus a couple of additional points. Two desktops here with Vista 32 Business have acted precisely as reported on this thread and #711085 (v3.6.6). Force-allowing various * and a couple of other automatic image load exceptions reduces the freeze rate, but this trick carries the fix only so far.

However, a laptop with Vista 64 and another laptop with Win7 64, both Home Prem, never freeze. Same extensions, same add-ons, all set up identically.

Enough already. We've moved the desktops over to Chrome until FF gets this fixed. By now, after weeks-into-months, this should qualify as a known issue that has nothing to do with add-ons, extensions or user quirks. This fix should be in the current beta; has anybody tested if the beta resolves the problem?

Okulungisiwe ngu Lingohocken

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Somethings is seriously wrong with 3.6 series. I've tried disabling extensions, plug-ins but it makes no difference to slow loading of flash videos (eg from BBC website), opening new pages might not happen at all, opening multiple pages simultaneously is now well nigh impossible and for a long time user (from v 2), it's disorientating and fast becoming incredibly annoying. My only decision now is how far back in the Firefox series should I go to reload a browser without compromising security.

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PS I'm running Vista Business on a Lenovo T61.I have installed the Flash update.

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I've just reinstalled 3.5.11 and the flash videos on BBC website and elsewhere are now loading much faster again.

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Use about:crashes in the address bar to review your submitted crash reports to get some clue as to what is conflicting/crashing. My particular problem was with sqlite3VdbeExec in sqlite3.dll which is compiled in with FF to handle local storage of things like your bookmarks, history, ect. After doing a little research, I found out that previous versions of FF had problems when you deleted more than 32K worth of history data, and it corrupted the database index of places.sqlite in the applications folder (XP). I had just recently deleted my history which I haven't done for a long while, so I deleted it, and FF rebuilt it from backups when I restarted FF. Although 3.6.8 isn't supposed to have this problem (sqlite was supposedly updated by this release to fix the problem), and I cannot say this absolutely WAS the problem or YOUR problem, I can say deleting my apparently corrupt places.sqlite file fixed MY problem.

Okulungisiwe ngu Shad

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I was having all of these problems (see []) and I have not deleted anything from my local storage, I don't have loads of crazy add ons or anything else to cause these issues. about:crashes was no help as the crashes don't get logged as the browser still seems to think it is running! (see above link for screen shots)

After trawling this site, finding nothing solve the problem, and seeing that it was an issue effecting hundreds of people I upgraded to 4.0b4 Beta 2 days ago and I have had no crashes, no failure to close and all of the Java script problems have vanished. Normally I'd not advise people to rush out and try beta versions but this one seems more stable than the official release!

While I accept that Firefox is Open Source and free I don't think that version 3.6.8 and the lack of a bug fix will have done anything to enhance it's reputation

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CONSTANT CRASHES no matter what I click on....ebay, REI....changing from 20 items to 100...CRASH! Pain in the butt.....Mac user.

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Firefox will only open in safe mode and other issues in Firefox 3.6.8

Rig / Set-up:

Win 7 (U.S.) / Ultimate 32bit • P.O.S. Internet Explorer not installed… • Firefox Default Browser

This Event: 1. Firefox will immediately close after opening 2 blank (Untitled) tabs and /or 2 (Untitled) windows. 2. Firefox will not open a 2nd time. 3. Firefox will only open in Safe-mode (.exe)) 4. Firefox excruciating slow Start-Up 5. Firefox web –surfing unbearably slow 6. Firefox unpleasant web page hanging behavior 7. Firefox awful flash content behavior / Obnoxious Adobe Flash Player has always been and will always be crap.

The Cause:

Session Manager = Corruption …!!! o This issue was created by faulty M$ Win 7 Intellitype -Pro 8.0 software.  The Keyboard / Hardware would generate a separate session manager event with the Web key.  Firefox and/or TabMixPlus session manger were corrupted in the event process.

The Source:

A: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate32-US Version = substandard legacy device handling :

B: Hardware/Keyboard (shortcut) Customization Software Conflicts causing Corruptions of Firefox-Session Manger.

The Fix..!!!

I. Remove from Add and Remove Programs (Win7) Hardware/Keyboard Software “only”. ..Special note: Win 7 Updated- Hardware/Keyboard Device driver does not have to be removed...!!

II. Clean and remove all Instances of Keyboard software. a. The “Best-est and Safest” Registry Cleaner is jv16 2010 Power Tools. b. Restart Computer.

III. “If” available install an older version of your “Hardware/keyboard software” compatible with Win 7 that will allow some customization of Hardware/Keyboard-keys.

Confirm fix by:

1. Restart Firefox from Hardware/Keyboard key (shortcut). 2. Clean-up Internet crap and corrupted session managers... 3. Test Launch keyboard shortcut of Firefox.exe [“after” a clean-up of all internet crap]… 4. Test launch keyboard shortcut again / use Firefox extensively or normal use for any recurring bad web behavior.

If Corruption events occur again:

i. Use different and / or Older Keyboard “software” with win 7. ii. Or you will have to wait for a Win 7 Hardware/Keyboard software update for keyboard installed.


“Do not use the hardware or keyboard shortcut-key for Web Browsing… Or else: // This Event (See Above): …Will Continue..!!!..”

And it is “not” a Firefox 3.6.8 issue. 

So, look elsewhere.

Look @ the main culprits:

a. Substandard legacy device handling: Micro$oft Windows Operating System in combination / with.

b. Customization Software for your keyboard or other hardware that generates web functions and web sessions. / Hardware driver may not be the problem.

Add-on: Flash Switcher Win / 1.0.2_ DownThemAll! / 1.1.10__ Personal Menu / 4.3.2__ Tab Mix Plus / Theme Font Size Changer / 0.2_ MR Tech Toolkit / 6.0.4__ Menu Editor / 1.2.6

It is with hope that this solution may help someone.?

Happy Foxing..!!!

Okulungisiwe ngu muggle2

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Add me to the loooong list of Firefox evangelists who cannot use the 3.6 versions without crashes while loading some screens. I try each new version that is published to see if the problem has been solved. I just tried 3.6.9 with the same hang-up result. So for my "working" browswer I am using Google Chrome until Mozilla produces a Firefox that works like it once did.

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First, please make sure you follow all suggestions in this post. Then please report your results.

As always, if an issue is not caused by Firefox itself, it will never be fixed by just updating Firefox. Of that, you can be absolutely sure.

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Given that this problem seems to be combined with the advent of the plugin container, and fixed currently by downgrading, it seems highly unlikely that this issue is not at least partially the fault of Firefox.

I suspect the two problems are related--the problem is likely with one of the plug-ins that has been shifted into the container and there is some form of leak in the container.

A potential fix--or, at any rate, method for checking to see if it's a bug there--might be to have it possible to restart the plugin container separately. (This also might become a very useful feature as more plugins are shifted into it; the possibility of being able to do some updating/installing/uninstalling/disabling of plugins without having to restart Firefox itself should be explored.)

While the issue might not be caused by Firefox itself, it is as unreasonable to not provide some sort of workaround as it is to expect an update to fix it!

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Same thing here, for me it changed in a strange way, after wiping FF completely and doing a fresh install with 3.6.10 No more stupid crashes sometimes, only if i try to link to a file. Be it a picture with "save target" or a file on a server, FF stalls immidiately. Any hints for this? (system is clean and runs a lot without any troubles) chris

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Morbus, my crash report indicates that firefox.exe is the issue. The plug-in container hangs. Every time Firefox upgrades we have these issues. Plug-in container, Flash. I am going to Chrome since Mozilla can't seem to put out a product that I don't have to go out and find a "fix" for.

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How do I get and older version of the Adobe Flash Player I am having it constantly crashing on me in Fire Fox and it drives me insane (it never crashed before and I dont know what to do) It was working before and now it is not working at all it seems to be crashing alot in fire fox and IE

I really dont do a whole lot on here but the things I do on here needs Adobe Flash Player like games,
etc please help  if you can 

My e mail is

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