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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

What does: "A license has expired on the Proxy, and your request is not permitted: "The SGOS license has expired" " mean?

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I have an intermittent problem with trying to access and, I just can't seem to access the sites and get the message:

A license has expired on the Proxy, and your request is not permitted: "The SGOS license has expired" == I have tried restarting both my laptop and my ADSL router-modem, but to no avail. Yesterday, I had no problem accessing either site, this just seems to have started this morning.

I do not seem to have this problem with any other web sites, including popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! or BBC News.

URL of affected sites and

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Exactly the same problem.

My ISP is Tiscali (TalkTalk) in the UK.

All 4 laptops in the household are having same problem both with Firefox and Internet Explorer

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I'm with TalkTalk/Tiscali (originally Tiscali) too.

I've just sent a message to their tech support describing the problem in depth, but if you're having the same problem, then this suggests that it really isn't our fault and it's something they've done wrong.

Bloody ISPs.

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Okay, now in the last few minutes I can get on Google again and search, but as I said, this problem is intermittent, so it may come back.

It's like someone pressed a button somewhere.

I'm not saying this problem is resolved until I get an answer from TalkTalk (Tiscali).

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And as soon as I posted my last reply above, the problem came back again.

I haven't changed any of my settings on my ADSL router-modem, or on my laptop. Conclusion: the ISP is fudging things up.

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And having just washed my hair, access to Google is back... but for how long?

This is def. not something I'm doing wrong.

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Same here. With tiscali as well. Any luck with their reply.

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Having the same problems here too, also on Tiscali/Talk Talk.

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Same problem just can't access google this morning, then tried google adsense and that came up with the same message. Google working yesterday and so far it's the only site I can't access.

Tried updating the internet Options so as Not to use a proxy but that had no effect.

Firefox and IE both produce the same result. I'm with talktalk via the tiscali takeover. Can't see any comments on talktalk's service update page.

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Currently Google is working again for me, and may do so for ever more, but it seems that TalkTalk/Tiscali don't want to employ people to reply to tech support messages over the weekend.

As I've previously said, I won't class this issue as resolved until they give an answer. However, from all the replies I have seen on here, one thing is certain: this problem is not due to user error. And should anyone here try to call them up in the coming days, or if it happens again, I suggest referring them to here so that they can see that it is not down to user error, and also to stop them from putting you through a bunch of steps to improve matters when the problem is in fact on their end.

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And since my last reply, access to Google is once again fudged.

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Just wanted to add a P.S. I've also sent a report to talktalk technical support

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Same problem here (SW England) today.

Our ISP is talktalk (previously Tiscali)

Cannot access Google or Youtube via Firefox or I.E. on either our XP Home PC (LAN), Vista Laptop or Win7 laptop both wifi).

Yahoo etc. seem to be working as usual. No problems with OE or Skype.

Our XP Pro laptop is however able to access Google using the same wifi...very strange.

Spoke with talktalk customer support who were not at all helpful, merely suggesting that we contact a computer technician.

We are baffled.

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Okay, I say again that due to the number of customers affected that this is def. not something we've done wrong.

Also, Gary, I've noticed that I have intermittent access on my laptop to Google, and so you may have just done it at the right time on your laptop.

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Im having the same problem!! Is it worth me contacting Tiscali?????

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Same problem : tiscali user now talkTalk+ silence silence. Is there an ombudsman? This is the first time this has happend. Dover area where BT still in bundles which they won't unpack. Also broadband here extraordinarily slow. Jo

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I agree totally with Emily, it's only affecting talktalk/tiscali customers, and it also only seems to be affecting them today. This is there problem and the only way they'll sort it out quickly is if everyone contacts them about the problem - because Gary's experience is the usual 'the customer doesn't know anything, and I only know what's in my script'

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can someone give me the correct phone no.for tiscali and also their email?

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removed number -MJB

As to e-mail: go down to broadband online help and go from there.

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sorry if last reply was no good if you are originally a talk talk user.

Go to and navigate through to Help, then look around sections to with customer help.

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many thanks Emily,trying now,no surprise they are having a high volume of calls!!!

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