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Firefox opens new tabs to spam sites randomly?

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I've looked into this, but it's not the redirect virus that sends to to a different spam site, and it doesn't happen when I refresh or open a new tab myself. Every 15 minutes to hour Firefox opens a new tab by itself sending me to a spam site(most common: Earn a living online ads and those sites that have a pop up asking if you really want to leave). I'm not sure what's causing this, and my AVG isn't detecting anything. Please help, thank you!

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I don't remember if I downloaded something, but I only download from trusted sites. About a week ago is when this started happening.

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Hi Guys, I'm not actually from Mozilla Firefox, but I've had this problem before, and I've solved it with the help from another website.

What you need to do is download a programme called "tdsskiller" from here: scroll down the page and you should see a link. (I know the article itself seems irrelevant to your problem, but trust me, the programme they recommend works on this virus too.) It's only 1.3MB or so, so it doesn't take up huge amounts of space either! :)

I can safely say that it is COMPLETELY safe to download this from, as this website is a free website which helps people with viruses on their computer. If you ever have another problem with anything to do with computers, go and have a look on, they should have something that might help you.

Before anyone wonders why I am singing its praises so much, no I am not advertising them for any personal gain, but they have helped me get rid of some pretty nasty viruses on my computer before, so I am very grateful to them :)

SO, anyway, after you've downloaded the tdsskiller, you should run it, and it may find some infected files, in which case let it repair them. After rebooting your computer, the annoying opening tab thing should be gone!

I hope this works for anyone who's stuck :) If it doesn't, I'm really sorry, but it has definately worked for me!

Good luck! Yashmeee :)

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ROUTER ROUTER ROUTER, this guy is right. I can't believe it. I was tearing out my hair. Utterly stupified, thinking that malware had got me. I plugged my laptop into my router, went to, admin/admin (or no user and admin as password for older Linksys routers), and saw that my DNS had been manually entered.

I set to default factory settings, changed password on the router, and BAM, no more popups. Unbelievable.

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I too had DNS addresses manually entered in my router. Set it up to pull them automatically from my ISP and no more problems. Also changed the router's password. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Hi everybuddy, I had same problem last week - tried to check router - no, tried virus scan software of suggested types - did find crap, but did not fix it.

Finally it was fixed by running TDSSKILLER.EXE freely downloadable from kaspersky. It could not scan my c: drive due to the virus blocking it - very clever software!

So I connected my laptop drive as a slave to another PC via a USB caddy. Then ran killer, which scans the boot drive and then the slave drive boot sectors - it found and killed the root virus in 5 seconds flat - problem solved!

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I figured it out!!!!! I got rid of the random spamness!

I uninstalled Firefox including the settings. Then deleted all the Mozilla folders in Application Data & the Application Data under local settings, deleted all registry items for firefox, then reinstalled the software.


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For me this was a "poisoned DNS server" So there was nothing wrong on my machine. I went into my router, and manually configured it to use and as DNS servers and the problem went away.

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I am getting a greek website promoting some iPhone thingie opening up all the time as I type emails or whatever.

I have never had a problem like this before.

I use AVAST and it is finding nothing.

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i dunno if i'm right or not, but i went through my add-ons and plug-ins turning a few off at a time until the pop-ups stopped happening. i finally stumbled on the plug-in that did it for me. here it is:

Microsoft Office 14.0.4730.1010

i disabled that plug-in and have been random tab free for a good hour now. just re-enabled my add-ons, i'll see where it goes by the end of the day.

update: okay, so it's not that plug-in. trying out the starlight one now.

Okulungisiwe ngu feifiefofum

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