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error logging in to email account

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I'm unable to log into my email account. I get the message "login failed enter password" I enter a password but I receive the same error message again. I've tried several troubleshooting solutions without success. What can I do?

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How/where do you login into your email? (Browser/Thunderbird on PC/Smartphone?) NB: Dit you change your password lately? Did you change other details? (Server name/ TLS or SSL etc.) Did you install a new Add-on or App lately?

Please, try to find out the difference(s) since last time your email inlog was okay. Describe since when this started and what happened just before that.

Elementary, Dr. Watson. ;-)


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I login via Firefox/Thunderbird and had no problems until November 16 2021 when I tried to login and the problem started. I changed the password only after I had the problem but the problem still existed Didn't change any other details TLS or SSL I did install Security Suite (Windows) on 11/16/2021, but after encountering login problems with Thunderbird, I thought I uninstalled that App.


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I login on a PC


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The password you use is generally the same one you use to logon to your webmail account via a browser.

If you can logon to webmail account then you know the password is good. If you cannot do that then password is wrong, so Thunderbird will not be able to use it - you need to use the 'Forgotten Password' link when trying to access webmail account to regain access.

However, different servers have different requirements when it comes to authentication, so you would need to tell us what server you use. It would also depend upon whether you have an IMAP account or a POP account. So tell us tha information as well. For example : gmail POP or IMAP accounts using Authentication Method: Normal Password would need the webmail account to have the 'less secure apps' option selected. Alternative for IMAP would be to set up Authentication Method: OAuth2, but you would need to make sure the preferences in Thunderbird will allow cookies.

For example: AOL/Verizon - they have changed how they allow third party clients to access server, you need to logon to webmail account and set up 2 step authenitication and then generate an app specific password to use in Thunderbird instead of naormal password.

So when posting a question please supply information to help us help you because no one knows what OS you use, what version of Thunderbird, what server, what type of mail account. For responses to be more accurate - more tailored to your needs please tell us a bit more about your set up.


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I'm using Windows 10 and Firefox to access Thunderbird Version 91.5.0 (64 Bit) SMTP Server Server description - RoadRunner/TWC Server name - MAIL.TWC.COM Server type - IMAP Server name - MAIL.TWC.COM Connection security - SSL/TLS Authentication - Normal Password


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You need to check that your Firewall actually allows Thunderbird to use the internet.

Does your Firewall have Mozilla Thunderbird set up as an allowed program ? Thunderbird must be an allowed app. Exit Thunderbird if it is running. Access Firewall. The 'Firewall' may be the default Windows 10 Defender or controlled by any other AV program you installed. Links to info: Read Section : 'add or remove an app from the list of allowed apps. If Thunderbird is already allowed app, then remove it or block it and then add it back again - just in case an updated Thunderbird is not being registered. Norton AV did that to me.

Then restart Thunderbird.

When Thunderbird is an allowed app..............

You mention: I changed the password Passwords can only be modified via the webmail account. Are you able to logon to your webmail Spectrum account via Firefox browser using that new password to see email on the server? If unsure then test it now because if you cannot get access using that password then Thunderbird will not get access using it either.

When you have confirmed that you can use the password to get access to webmail................... Check the stored passwords in Thunderbird and modify:

  • Menu app icon > Preferences > Privacy & Security
  • Under 'PAsswords' section
  • Click on 'Saved Passwords' button
  • Click on 'Show Passwords' button

You should have two lines - incoming and smtp for the account. Both lines need editing.

  • Right click on line and select 'Edit Password'
  • Completely remove the current password.
  • Carefully type the correct password - note it is case sensitive.
  • When both lines have correct password click on 'Close'

Exit Thunderbird, wait a few moments for background processes to complete then Restart Thunderbird.


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I have been able to log into webmail from the start, but even after following the recommended procedures above, I still cannot log into Thunderbird. I keep getting the error message "login failed"


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Need to be certain that Thunderbird can access the internet.

How to find out what Firewall you are using: In windows search type: 'Firewall' select 'Firewall and Network Protection' Who's protecting me - click on 'Manage Providers' Under 'Firewall', it will say which Firewall is turned on or off.

Please confirm: Are you using the Windows Defender Firewall? Or have you installed an Anti-Virus product which is currently providing the Firewall? Does it have Thunderbird actually listed and selected as an allowed program? Did you completely remove/block and add again? Please post image as it may help to explain what you see.

Is Thunderbird in 'Online' mode ? Look in 'Status Bar' bottom far left icon - hover over it with mouse to get pop up tooltip. Q:Does it say 'You are currently online' If it is in 'Offline' mode then it will never connect. Click on that same icon to go from offline to online.

Q:Is Thunderbird set up to always open in Offline mode or use a proxy? Menu app icon > Preferences > General under 'Network & Disk Space' on 'Settings' Q: What are you currently using? Select 'Use system proxy settings' and click on 'OK on 'Offline..' button Q:What is selected? Suggest you use 'Automatically follow detected online state' click on 'OK'

For incoming and smtp is the 'User Name' your full email address? You mention: SMTP Server Server description - RoadRunner/TWC Server name - MAIL.TWC.COM

Server type - IMAP Server name - MAIL.TWC.COM Connection security - SSL/TLS Authentication - Normal Password

But this information is incomplete.

Please Access the 'Account Settings' and double check all the settings because a full stop in wrong place or incomplete user name etc can also get a login failure.

I would expect imap incoming settings to be

  • Server name:
  • Port: 993
  • Connection Security: SSL/TLS
  • Authentication Method: Normal Password
  • User Name: full email address

outgoing smtp server settings:

  • Server name:
  • Port: 587 then use Connection Security: STARTTLS
  • Authentication Method: Normal Password
  • User Name: full email address

Double check: Make sure you are using all correct settings.

Then completely remove the saved passwords, just in case the error is not the password but is the user name etc. Menu app icon > Preferences > Privacy & Security Under 'PAsswords' section Click on 'Saved Passwords' button Click on 'Show Passwords' button select each line and click on 'Remove' click on 'Close'

Exit Thunderbird now. Wait a few moments for background process to complete and then restart Thunderbird.

Check the Status bar -far left icon shows you are in online mode.

At prompt - enter password - select checkbox to remember password and click on OK


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So far I am still not having any success. I believe that at my age (85) and without much tech knowledge, I had better call in a computer person to try to resolve the problem before I create some additional issues


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