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Browser change 14 times. Firefox would be selected and when a window from anywhere covered the section Firefox was replaced by Edge.

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I fought for over 3 hours to keep Firefox my browser. The second anther window would covered the section of the general settings Firefox was removed. It did not show what browser took its place, which is unusual. I had to go to my desktop to find out, and it was always Edge. Then once it became clear to whomever is monitoring me that desktop was helping me, It disappeared. Replaced by solid color. I could only watch YouTube videos with Firefox, but under it, instead of my desktop and icons were just solid colors. I arrange my window so I could see the moment my desktop returned but it never did. even the keyboard shortcuts did not worked. Call me crazy if you must, but I don't do drugs nor do I drink alcohol. Some of you, I hope, are familiar with Microsoft's intrusion in to our systems to "Improve the Windows for all". Equally, some of you would know that what that means is that Microsoft is using our systems as a Relay to get data in, get data out and get data through our systems. this improves their profits especial for steeling our bandwidth instead of having to pay like we do. I know that some of you are getting ready to have the guys come over and put me in a funny looking jacket. Hey I'm getting better in collecting evidence. In the beginning, journals, print screen shots, etc I considered proof. But then when I went to their folders they were gone. So I started using my cell to take photos and short videos of the strange happenings, documenting my plight. You see, only if my keystrokes were spied on would Microsoft know where to go and what to delete. I'm including a photo of another strange happening, where Microsoft uninvited stole about 6-7 GB of my storage for whatever reason. then that Ghost partition would move, appear and disappeared. I took 2 dozen photos of it. I was able to get in its Properties and verified it was a Microsoft created partition. When did it started that Microsoft can take even 1 byte of our storage. Does the stupid privacy agreement gives them such right? Nope I spend quite some time but nowhere does it say that for what ever reason Microsoft can steal chunks of our storage hard drives. That night I disabled my PC's WIFI, unplug it, remove the battery, Disabled the sync and turn it off. Then I did the same to my cell. Now this way Microsoft would not be able to access my system. Though I knew they left "tools in my system to prepared it for the data transferring, That night they would find the door closed. The next morning I turn my system on. Half way through boot up, I saw the same solid colors of the previous night. Without letting the boot up complete I forced a Hard Power off. I went to have my coffee, but I knew the watchers did not expect that, so they cast you wear on your arm and if you sneeze , Boom you have a mid size "Fat Boy" going off on your arm. were calling reinforcement or try to say Sorry, in their own way. After an hour I turned my system on waiting and watching for the solid colors. Nothing. My system boot up, my desktop was there, all my Apps and programs were where they're supposed to be. If there was a technical issue, there would have been some minor related issues left behind. But there were none. what Company on the planet can do that? Apple? Sure but Windows it's not their product, Elon Musk likes cars and space, Bezos (Amazon) loves retail, the Government? Sure but what for? Oh, yeah, I do have a photo of me and my wife in Hiroshima, Japan from July, 2005. It was Microsoft They had the means, the know how, and Opportunity. The pictures am sending you are in HD(large files) and I hope this program will let me send you at least one of them. I have about 2 dozen. I am so sorry for such long explanation but without it you would think that I lost my "Portofolio". You probably think that anyway. I don't blame you Thank you with all my heart. (Now I'm going to connect my cell and my P C and pick that picture. If you want more... Please, just whispered...) The Photo is too large. I'm going to zip it.

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It is so embarrassing. I have 7Zip and I think I zipped the 3 photos. But when I click browse from this page and navigate there the zip files are not visible. Now a folder inside the folder that I kept the photos, has a whole bunch of .txt files. I told you guys and girls. I'm not good. I never had to zip or unzipped a file. The 7 Zip I had It wasn't even installed on my computer. I had to install it while you were waiting for me. Thank you and I apologize. I won't waste any body's time further. I will work to zip these photos and hopefully get an opportunity to send them to you. Thank you for reaching for me and I'm glad you guys are monitoring The Firefox situation. Last attempt The limit is 1024KB and 1 photo is 4926KB. Way above my grade.


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