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Firefox loads many sites after 5 minutes, other browsers do not

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Good morning everyone, for at least 6 months now I'm having a lot of problems viewing some sites with Firefox. I have not been able to find common points between these sites, I only noticed that many are made in Wordpress.

Anyway when I load these sites Firefox takes 3 to 5 minutes to display them. Sometimes the screen is white, other times the wheel turns. Any other browser, of course, plays the same sites immediately.

To complicate things I have to add that the same sites sometimes start loading normally again, and then stop loading. But not all of them. I mean that one starts working again, another one continues not to work and vice versa.

I've done dozens of tests without being able to solve the problem in any way. I list them:

1. Deactivated all the extensions, even uninstalled, loaded Firefox in safe mode and nothing to do. 2. Uninstalled Firefox completely (cleaning %appdata%, windows registry and program folders) and reinstalled clean, no go. 3. Installed various versions of Firefox Developer, 32 bit, ESR, normal, even portable, always without extensions and with standard configuration and nothing to do. 4. Unplugged the network cable and connected in thetering / wifi with the 4G of the cell phone and nothing to do. 5. Tried a neighbor's wifi and nothing to do. 6. Wiped the pc, registry, uninstalled any software that wasn't absolutely necessary and nothing to do. 7. Started Windows in safe mode and nothing to do. 8. Uninstalled Eset Antivirus (I have a friend who has the same antivirus anyway and he can see any site perfectly with Firefox), deactivated Windows Defender as well and nothing to do. 9. I've followed the advice of dozens of articles modifying about:config in various ways (always making a backup first) and nothing to do. 10. Checked the pc with 4 different antivirus, antirootkit, antimalware and it was perfectly clean.

At this point I don't know what to do except give up using Firefox after a decade, because the problem seems to increase, in the sense that the sites that I can't load are more and more.

If someone can help me to avoid it I am very grateful...

Okulungisiwe ngu Andrew