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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

my bookmarks toolbar

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Hello and good afternoon, My English is not so good, im Write with translator….

I would like to turn to you after desperately, unsuccessfully, and extremely annoyed looking for a German contact person but not finding it, because I have a problem with your browser. I like to use the Mozilla browser because it can be used very individually. But every time you do a major update, my settings are gone. This annoys you massively and tempts you to change the browser for good. And when I use Edge, I have the German Microsoft support at hand to give them my opinion on the crap they are pumping out. Different with you, there is no German support that is there for emergencies, you look for the wolf and what do you find ??? Nothing .. that sucks ... and had to be said and described here.

Now to my problem ...

I have created a possibility for myself via an additional Chrome folder and other source text (through instructions on the net, since I am only a layman) to display the symbol bar in multiple columns, which class worked. You can structure, organize and do your work quickly. That's what I love about the browser ... but since version 82 was installed, my bookmarks toolbar can only be found on the left side and one below the other ???? I just write down my frustration about it here and yesterday, without receiving any feedback so far, instead of being able to work in a structured way ... do you think that's good, good for using your browser ??? Good for the users ??? No, it's really annoying .... and by the way, this multi-column bookmark toolbar could also be a work of your community ??? Why do others have to do this for you? You always report nicely what you have changed, improved, changed !!!! What I am describing here would be a real improvement, and no matter which version was updated to, the bars would remain part of the browser !!!! And what is it now ???? On my laptop everything is just left and below each other .. annoying .... And it will be damn well possible to finally integrate this permanently into the browser ??? Otherwise you are finally rid of me and I use other browsers, and now I am curious whether someone will reply to this mail and my problem that now, after the update, probably 1,000,000,000 other users will be exactly the same, just maybe you do not write I think I don't get a fulfilling, satisfactory answer for me either!?!?!?!?

Ama-screenshot ananyekiwe

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Dear frisco_02,

I do not know about your problems with Mozilla and their decisions, and as I am not a Mozilla employee, I do not feel responsible to answer to your frustrated negative accusations and questions.

Regarding your topic: 1. As you wrote you modified your browser with "an additional Chrome folder and other source text (through instructions on the net, since I am only a layman) to display the symbol bar in multiple columns, which class worked." As this is a user-based modification of the browser, please be aware that no one else except the user is per-se responsible in case of any problems. 2. I assume the attached screenshot shows the "old"/"working" behavior of your bookmarks toolbar with two rows? If so, could you please take a screenshot of the currently not-working situation? 3. I further assume that you are currently seeing your bookmarks toolbar inside the Firefox sidebar. Could you please try pressing "Ctrl + Shift + B" (German: "Strg + Shift + B")? This should make the original bookmarks toolbar visible between the address bar and the main content window. You can also use a right-click somewhere inside any original browser element (e.g., the empty space to the left/right of the address bar is perfect!) and then select "Bookmarks Toolbar" -> "Always". (At least this is the current setup as seen in my Firefox Nightly (84.0a1).

If I am correct, you will have no problem after going through my list.

And, by the way, as I am NOT a Mozilla employee but rather a Firefox end-user (as I assume you are), who tries to help others in his free time, I would recommend yourself thinking about the above accusations and maybe even contribute yourself to support others in their problems - as I currently do when answering to your question(s).

In case you need German help, please write in German (I am German).

Best regards, Patrick W.