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Override "Dangerous Directories" (for mail storage) [Linux]

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Dangerous Directories provides no resolution for use cases where durable profile storage is neither required not desired.

On our Linux Thin Clients, we really don't want applications writing _much_ to users' home directories in writable Flash. Firstly because it increases image size; secondly it leaves behind (or adds to the problem of clearing-up what's left behind by one user), and thirdly, we've seen Thin Clients that use cheap Flash eventually fail from heavy r/w.

Seems we either need a way of overriding Thunderbird's deprecation or at least disdain for /tmp or better-understand the intentions of Thunderbird's developers for handling this use case.

To us, /tmp seems "just right" -- i) faster r/w performance for potentially huge MBOX format files ii) cleans itself up; iii) doesn't trash the Flash.


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Dangerous directories has nothing to do with this, why you mention it I have no idea.

Thunderbird is a fat client. That is something the developers are very clear on. A part of that is there are local and per user copies of a lot of data. It is not a thin client and is not meant to be.

If you want a thin mail client, you will need to look elsewhere.


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While it can't be done by environment variables or command-line options to Thunderbird, the storage locations can be changed in the internal settings. So for example, (for others having this issue), wherever you see: modified string /writable/home/user/.thunderbird/gznhsrlc.default/ImapMail/mailhost.domain

edit all instances so that ImapMail is wherever you want it, for example in /tmp or on a scratch share.

Once you see the mechanism for changing the location (in my case, off of /writable -- which is the thin client's internal flash) you will know what to do and where you want the local-to-thunderbird-mua copy stored. YMMV, but moving to /tmp and with an mbox file of 10,000+ messaages that otherwise was very slow to open, moving to /tmp speeded-up the initial access, and, importantly kept it from thrashing the flash.

I'll intend to use a launcher script that sets HOME to /tmp and copies genuine profile stuff like the incoming and outgoing server and account details from (in my case /writable/home/me) to the equivalent in /tmp so that they don't have to be entered each time.

All perfectly doable. You may want to ignore intemperate responses that supply non-answers.


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