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Leaving a single webpage open for an extended period of time causes progressively more memory usage to the point where Firefox becomes unresponsive

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I've observed that leaving certain websites open seems to consume an ever-increasing amount of memory in Firefox over time. The large resource usage eventually causes my system to become unusably slow.

For example, I was keeping an eye on Firefox's internal task manager while reading this Encyclopaedia Britannica article. Initially, the page only used about 100 MBs of memory, but as I left the page open longer (~20 minutes) and scrolled down to load more content, it eventually grew to greater than 3 GBs. Since I only have 8 GBs of RAM available on my computer, this causes Firefox (and the computer itself) to become slow and unresponsive until I close the offending tab or Firefox altogether.

Encyclopaedia Britannica isn't the sole website I've observed this sort of high memory usage issue with, but I seem to be able to replicate the issue consistently with some longer articles. Could anyone confirm if they can replicate this behavior? I'm using a relatively new install of Windows 10 and Firefox (with no add-ons installed), but I'd much appreciate it if someone could confirm this isn't something specific to my computer.

I've attached an image of the Windows task manager showing the high RAM usage. I've also attached an image of Firefox's task manager after closing the tab using so much memory to demonstrate that I only have a couple other tabs open, and they are not resource intensive.

Assuming this is an issue with the website, would an AdBlocker or NoScript help to mitigate the resource usage?

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