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Lolu chungechunge lwavalwa lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

Who is getting fired...

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for the awful piece of garbage being passed off as an update to what was once the best browser around?

This pos is wrong in soooo many ways and the patronising statement that Mozilla is 'listening" is just an insult.

Downgrading isn't an option because previous versions aren't available. Windows yes, Android no. That must be because no one would stay with the latest version, so we're forced to stay with it. NOT Me. After 20 years I'm dumping Firefox. This latest version is crap and I'm not willing to settle for reduced productivity or ease of use out of blind loyalty. I had to install Opera to do something that FF couldn't. It's faster than FF, less page conflicts, shares bookmarks between devices and is far better than the crapgrade that is FF80.1.x - far better.

The best thing is for Mozilla to go bust, that way there's a chance that whoever buys the remains realises that satisfying customer needs rather than their own weird ideas is what's important.

Maybe if enough readers vote for this post it'll send a message that this crapgrade isn't fit for use and is hated. They would do well to abandon it and reinstate the previous version, but that would mean admitting their mistake, and Mozilla has never done that, preferring instead to brainwash us that we'll like it when we're use to it. Bull.

Time is running out. Market share has fallen consistently and the competition has improved whilst FF has deteriorated. This crapgrade could be the straw that breaks it. It is for me. I'm importing my bookmarks into Opera and configuring it on desktop and Android. Sadly, after being with FF since the beginning (at work and home) and with Netscape Navigator before that, it's the end of the road for me. The world needs a variety in apps, but whatever this one has to offer, the price is too high.

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The people who answer questions here, for the most part, are other Firefox users volunteering their time (like me), not Mozilla employees or Firefox developers.

If you want to leave feedback for Firefox developers, you can go to the Firefox Help menu and select Submit Feedback... or use this link. Your feedback gets collected by a team of people who read it and gather data about the most common issues.

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Seburo Thank you for your input. It may seem strange to some moderators and readers that someone who has used Firefox and other Mozilla products for 20 years or so actually DOES KNOW the support system for Mozillas products. Hence, it's not necessary (in my case) for you to make the automatic response to inform posters that you are all volunteers, and not connected with Mozilla Foundation. I would hazard the quess that I've been using Mozilla products at least as long as any moderator, and longer than most. Indeed as I started with the first version of Firefox, it's not possible to have used it significantly longer than me, maybe a few weeks or theoretically a few months. I can assure you that I am VERY well acquinted with support from different sources.

In any case, you're making the assumption that I wanted to give feedback to the developers. Why? Why would I waste my time? Mozilla has consistently, and persistently shown it's contempt for user feedback ie complaints about broken functionality and changed UI going back many years. It has for a long time ignored any comments or complaints that does not fit it's own agenda or policy. Hence, they have continued down the road that leads to extinction, losing market share and being over-taken by 'new kids on the block'. I wouldn't waste any more time trying to 'educate' or 'inform' anyone at Mozilla that they are killing practically their only product. Their contempt for the user was shown when they dumped Thunderbird. Thunderbird goes on though, failing to make as many improvements as would be possible with proper support, but at least being maintained by people who actually care about the product for what it is, rather than by people who appear to be simply using FF as a vanity product, to show how 'clever' they are at introducing 'new' 'innovative concepts' simply for bragging rights or to experiment to see if they actaully work (and to hell with the consequences).

My post wasn't aimed at the idiots at Mozilla HQ, as I've said, they won't listen until the company goes bust and new management is forced to examine what the user actually wants. By that time though, FF will be dead. New users won't be attracted to some 'minority' resurrected product, and old users will have made the transition elsewhere, settled in, probbably made that new product work as well as or better than FF and have no desire to go back for even more helpings of contempt pie.

The purpose of my post was to firstly let off steam about the work I have to do to set up my new browser and secondly maybe to prompt comments from others about how the majority feel. I suspect the majority will simply continue to eat the poop sandwich that Mozilla offers them without considering if they can do better elsewhere.

As for your links, well, if I remember correctly, 'submitting feedback' simply provided a dialogue box to make comments. Your name, email or other contact details are not collected, no response is ever received from your submission, and in all my years, I've never known ANY unpopular change to be reversed other than via add-ons or other 'hacks' publicised by various communities. IMO the 'feedback' is simply ignored if it doesn't fit in with their policy. In support of that, 3 times in recent weeks I've been asked to complete a survey by Mozilla. The first stage of that is to choose how I felt about FF, ranging from 'very disatisfied/disappointed' to 'very satisfied' (or similar). The first two times, I ticked 'very 'dissatisfied' and never received the link to allow me to do the questionnaire. The third time I said I was 'very satisfied' and received the link to the survey within a few minutes. That PROVES that Mozilla just wants to cherry pick the feedback that suits its agenda. Eveything else I suspect is simply ignored.

As for the latest Android version, maybe they left the feedback submission out by mistake because it's not there now. So, maybe you check your facts next time before patronising someone by saying they don't understand how things work. In this case, you don't understand things. The only thing in FF Android help is a few articles and a button to get help. That button goes to ...... this site. NO facility to send feedback at all. Not surprising really, their servers probably couldn't cope with the angry feedback.

Nevertheless, I don't have any argument with any user or moderator on this or any site. I've received a lot of help from various communities, including some excellent suggestions when my eyesight started to fail. The suggestion I got helped me make changes to enable me to see the menu and URL etc. I may now need to look for similar support with my new browser. However, it's impossible to deny the connection of this site with Mozilla. If Mozilla wants to signpost this site as the ONLY way of getting support (as it is and has done for many years), it can't hide behind you being volunteers, and neither can you. This site however you may feel, and however Mozilla may want to paint things, is the de facto support site by virtue of being signposted from the application. It's naive and rather disingenuous for the people here to hide behind "we're all volunteers and not connected with Mozilla" when you're on Mozilla's domain and are signposted for the software. I understand you don't want to take criticism for something you didn't do, are not responsible for and cannot change, but that's life. If you hanf around with ducks and look like a duck, people will assume you're a duck, and if your site is on Mozilla's domain and you talk about Mozilla products, people will assume you're Mozilla. The fact that you're volunteers is irrelevant. Would it be any different if you were paid for providing support? You'd still deal with things you didn't do, are not responsible for and cannot change. What would your defence be then?

I feel you'd appear more human if you acknowledged user disatisfaction and anger and said something like "I agree, I don't like it either, I think it's crap, but that's the way it is, we here cannot change it because we don't write the code and are not even asked for our opinions, we just try to help where we can" rather than saying "we're volunteers, not connected with Mozilla so submit feedback somewhere else". The first method acknowledges that things are not perfect and also the fact that you're shafted like the rest of us. The second, well, it makes it sound like you don't care (which I'm sure is not true at least for some of you), and it makes you sound even more a part of Mozilla - the same uncaring attitude.

Anyway as I said, I'm in the process of moving over to another browser. I'm very impressed with it so far. Much faster than FF, less page display problems and it's a growing browser on the up. I would simply suggest that if users want to stand a chance of stopping FF from becoming unusable, complain on here, support critical posts and start exploring other browsers. Oh hang on, you said no one at Mozilla actually looks on here.... so, their own 'support site' (LMAO), full of reports that people have, ie problems in their product, and no one at Mozilla actually takes any interest.... does that sound like a company that is actually interested in the user experience, or inquality control? Sure as hell doesn't to me.

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Thank you for your feedback, but please appreciate that this is a support forum. I am going to close this thread, but if you do have a support question, please open a new request and we will do out best to help.