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Digitally signing emails, and [hopefully] one day using encryption

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Encryption might be a bit of a pipe dream, but I'd like to be able to encrypt all emails. I am aware that it requires cooperation from the receivers and most people's eyes just glaze over when you say "privacy" or "encryption".

But at least digitally signing messages seems to be an option. I actually had it working with Emigmail and GPG4Win. But there is a bug somewhere on the GPG4Win chain and everyone in the chain just points fingers at everyone else (and often get grumpy when they feel they've been targeted as the cause of the issue).

When the GPG4Win passphrase is requested (Despite setting it to never being requested), a folder called C:\nVidia Corporation\umdlogs is created. Always empty. So, after rebooting the PC or closing Thunderbird and restarting it, sending the first email of the day with the "Never ask for passphrase" (or even setting it to any value), the folder is created.

GPG4Win say it's nVidia's fault. nVidia say it GPG4Win's fault. People on various forums say it's because I enabled a setting forcing the folder to be created (Which is untrue). Just goes round in circles. No one is going to fix it.

After a few weeks I just got sick of having to delete the folder every time I sent my first email every day.

So.... Is there an alternative to GPG4Win to be able to digitally sign emails in Thunderbird?

Note that I am using 52.9.1 because later versions break some or all of the addons I use, some of which seem to be no longer developed.

The only other [ugly] alternative I can think of, which I haven't been able to get working it to set a trigger task in Windows task manager that fires when the folder is created, running a script which deletes it, without popping up a console window, and without impacting system performance - but I'd rather have a working solution where the folder doesn't get created in the first place.

Any ideas?

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S/MIME has been in Thunderbird for many many years. But it uses different certificates to PGP which tries to do everything without third parties.

I get my free 12 month personal certificates for s/mime from

They were a one time the only fee personal provider I could locate.


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Wow. So much less hassle than enigmail/gpg4win. And it doesn't create bogus folders on the root of my C:\ drive.

Seems to work. I have two email addresses so I created 2 certs. Emails say they are digitally signed and have valid signatures. So far so good.

I was reading the documentation on, another certificate issuer, and when talking about encryption it says that you cannot send an encrypted email to someone without their public key. But how do I get their key, or more to the point, how do I sent them my public key.

I saw in the account settings under security on the certificate details it shows the public key, and I can export that, but how does the recipient import that public key?

Also, thinking about reinstalling Windows; I placed the certificate files on my server for safe keeping and imported from there. When/if I reinstall Windows do I need to only copy my profiles folder, or is there something else I need to make sure I now backup/restore for these certificates?

I know, noob... Just starting out.

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Sorry. Did I cross a line somewhere asking about baking up my Thunderbird with the certificates, or asking about how to send/receive public keys?


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